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Become Anything You Want to Be With the Help of the Internet

The internet is the true land opportunity. Almost anything is possible on the internet thanks to a mix of anonymity and constant technological advances. If you want to study online and obtain a degree in something you love, you can. If you want to become a celebrity known for gaming, then you can do that too. If you want to roleplay as someone of the opposite sex, then there are places to do that as well.

For all the shady things that the internet offers, you can’t deny that there are countless opportunities waiting for you somewhere in the digital realm we refer to as the internet. However, there are of course some limitations to this, but when it comes to legitimate beliefs and dreams you have, there’s almost nothing stopping you from doing something wild or productive.


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Studying online is easy

If you want to stay on the academic path but can’t due to expensive tuition fees or your current location blocks you from doing so, then there are plenty of online resources that can teach you anything from driving a car to designing a website. For instance, you could attend an OLOL college online to learn how to become a nurse. This is great if you want to get a headstart for medical school, if you want to test what it’s like to care for others, or if you’re looking for a career change to something more compassionate. There are countless things to learn online and you can do it for the sake of fun, to start a job, or even to learn new skills for your current choice of career.

Become known for something strange

If there are people on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of subscribers for diving into bathtubs full of slime and hot sauce, then you can carve your own niche and become known for something ridiculous as well. For instance, the infamous HowToBasic channel involves a man behind a camera that throws eggs, makes a mess, and puts his thumb up to indicate his satisfaction with what he’s just done. And the best thing about it? These aren’t just hobbies or silly side activities they do, but they’re actually jobs because of the amount of YouTube views they get. So if you want to do something ridiculous and get paid for it, try starting a YouTubing career.

Live a second life (literally)

There are people who love to play video games not just for fun, but for the sake of escaping reality and sometimes even living a second life. For instance, there is a well-known multiplayer online video game called Second Life which came out in 2003 and has yet to be dethroned despite its somewhat dated appearance. Second Life allows players to not only play as a character but also create their own worlds. It enables players to buy and sell virtual fashion items, become a monster, a fantasy creature, or even a person of the opposite sex. They can dress up, play games, meet people, and quite literally live a Second Life. In the past, there were even talks of Second Life becoming a new frontier for educational uses, such as showing exhibitions inside the game or even starting lectures.