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Finding the Right E-Cigarette as a First Time Vaper


Once you’ve decided to give vaping a try, you’re faced with a decision — which e-cigarette should you use? The question can feel overwhelming as products pour into the marketplace in response to the growing popularity of vaping. Before you start shopping, you need to know the basics. What kinds of e-cigarettes are available? Which accessories are right for you? And what should you know about vaping before you jump in?

The first step in choosing an e-cigarette is deciding which style you want. Models basically break down into three types:

Photo Flickr Joseph Morris

Photo Flickr Joseph Morris


Simply put, these e-cigs are designed to look like traditional cigarettes. The yellow/orange section, which looks like the filter of a cigarette, contains a disposable e-liquid cartridge and atomizer to heat the liquid into vapor. (One e-liquid cartridge typically translates to one-and-a-half to two packs of traditional cigarettes.) The longer white section is the rechargeable battery.

These e-cigs are popular with new vapers. They’re small, lightweight, low-maintenance, and easy to use. Just pop a cartridge onto a charged battery, and you’re good to go. However, they have a relatively short battery life, and offer little in the way of flexibility or variety.

Mid-Size E-Go

These cigar-sized models are a step up from cigalike-style e-cigs. The battery is larger, for more vapor and longer life. The atomizer and the e-liquid tank are separate, so you can change or replace them separately. The tank is refillable, so you’re not limited to pre-filled cartridges.

Mods/Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

These advanced e-cigarette models are for experienced vapers. They offer the most power and flexibility, but require a detailed understanding of the vaping process and component parts.

Options and Accessories

No matter which style you choose, you can then choose from a variety of e-liquids. One of the biggest benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes is that you can select an e-liquid with your desired level of nicotine. The wide range of e-liquids on the market makes it easy to experiment and find your favorite.

Expert vapers can customize almost any aspect of the experience. Popular vaping mods include:

  • Variable voltage and/or wattage, which allow you to control vapor volume and temperature.
  • Atomizer elements, such as coils, wicks, and cartomizers.
  • Batteries of different types and sizes.
  • Tanks of different sizes, materials, and styles.

Factors to Consider

This is one of the most exciting periods in the long history of vaping, all the way from the first e-cigarette in 1963 to the Vaporcade Jupiter smartphone which incorporates a vaporizer. Choosing the right e-cigarette among the varieties available today comes down to how you intend to use it. Think about how much and how often you plan to vape. Will you mostly be at home, or out with friends? How much are you willing to spend? Are you someone who values convenience, or do you like to tinker with things and make them your own? Give some thought to your lifestyle and personality, as the answers to these questions can help guide you as you shop for your first e-cig.

Vaping is generally less expensive, more convenient, and healthier than smoking cigarettes. And as you can see, there’s no end to how creative you can be in designing your own perfect vape.

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