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5 Startup Problems Video Conferencing Can Fix


Building a business from the ground up is remarkable. It’s not just about reaching for your goals and sticking to a vision. Rather, it’s about knowing how much hard work you still need to do and what problems you must learn to deal with to keep the company going. That’s how growth happens. Growing pains, though, can hurt a young company if they aren’t managed properly. Not sure how to keep the company growing without spreading your resources thin? Here some some of the most common challenges startups get that you can easily solve with video conferencing:


Lack of Talents

Plenty of companies in the U.S. have trouble sourcing for the right talents. U.S. News says America’s lack of STEM students spring from the fact that the education system focuses more on basic proficiency instead of training students for academic excellence. That leaves a lot of low-ability talents with nowhere to go, contributing to the country’s unemployment rate, while job vacancies for high-skill positions in many industries remain. One way companies are circumventing the gap is by widening their talent pool through online video solutions. By interviewing and getting talents from all over the globe, Human Resource teams can now have their pick of qualified applicants without needing to shortchange their hiring goals and standards.

Go Big with Videoconferencing

Go Big with Videoconferencing


Managing Offsite Teams

The apps also make it easy for you to handle all your remote teams. You can set up your management team anywhere in the world—so long as there’s steady, reliable internet to back you up—and hire the rest of the team from all over. Daily face to face meetings or huddle sessions can happen online. If you need to beef everyone up on new security protocols, have a town hall meeting or do a quick one on one with a staff member, you can easily do all these things via handy communication tools. Wherever your team is, you won’t have a problem getting and staying in touch with them.


Stress for Your IT

Enterprise video for IT from Blue Jeans is one of the best things to happen for your IT team. Remember the days when IT experts had to deal with everything—from keeping your communication channels running without a hitch to setting up a phone patch for you? These days, using online conferencing for your business doesn’t mean you have to use up all your IT resources on installing and managing the system. With easy to use solutions, you can even download, install and use the app yourself, all with little to no assistance from your resident experts. That means you can deploy video at your company, all without having to add more work and stress for them. This gives your startup incredible advantage, allowing you to do so much work for less.


Lack of Trust and Teamwork

It makes for an excellent way for your teams to meet and see each other regularly. That helps tremendously. After all, everybody knows people work better when it’s with someone they trust. And they trust people they see more than they do a name off their email contact list. A likely reason for that seems rooted in how we communicate with each other. Susanne Jones, University of Minnesota’s associate professor of communication studies says that about 65 to 75 percent of what we say is non-verbal in nature, Small Business reports. So there is a huge loss of non-verbal messages and cues when people resort to emails, chats or calls. That’s what the system’s face to face contact brings back to the table. With online interactions, you help foster camaraderie and teamwork among your staff, essential to a lot of companies and exceedingly vital for startups. Because startups start small, there’s a need to rely on a core group. If yours is strong, then you have a much better chance at lasting long enough in the business to gain success. Helping trust develop among your staff allows you to move a few steps closer to your goal.


Storage Problems

Companies of yore used to rely on expensive servers to store and manage data. These can come at a hefty price tag. Hardware upgrades, too, could cost an arm and a leg. That posed a lot of problems for many startups, at least until online storage was invented. With cloud applications, it’s easier to store and keep your data protected. There’s no need for fancy hardware or costly upgrades, and there’s less stuff to worry about. With an efficient solution, rendered at incredibly low cost, you can keep your startup’s operating expenses low, allowing you to leverage your capital in a better way.



Startups have a ton of challenges to overcome, but these video conferencing apps help you deal with those challenges in the best way possible: one that’s efficient and cost-effective. It’s a great start.

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