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MS804 Crash: EgyptAir Wreckage Found In Mediterranean Sea

Egyptian investigators have announced that wreckage of the EgyptAir flight that went missing over the Mediterranean on May 19 has been found.

A statement said “several main locations of the wreckage” had been identified.

It added that a deep sea search vessel had also sent back the first images of the wreckage.

Photo Wikipedia

Photo Wikipedia

There were 66 people on board flight MS804 when it crashed while flying from Paris to Cairo.

The Airbus A320 plane vanished from Greek and Egyptian radar screens, apparently without having sent a distress call.

The Egyptian investigation committee said that investigators on board the John Lethbridge search vessel, which has been contracted by the Egyptian government, would now draw up a map of the wreckage distribution.

Search teams said signals from one of the “black box” flight recorders had been detected.

Signals emitted by the recorders are expected to expire by 24 June, experts have warned.

The cause of the crash remains a mystery.

A terror attack has not been ruled out but no extremist group has claimed the downing of the plane.

Analysts say human or technical error is also a possibility. Electronic messages sent by the plane revealed that smoke detectors went off in the toilet and the aircraft’s electrics, minutes before the plane’s signal was lost.

According to Greek investigators, MS804 turned 90 degrees left and then 360 degrees to the right, dropping from 37,000ft to 15,000ft and then 10,000ft before it was lost from radar.

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