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How To Deal With Loneliness In The Age of Social Media


Today at the age of social media technologies one can hardly believe that loneliness still exists and flourishes. Nevertheless, as the recent study shows Great Britain has the highest rate of people feeling lonely in comparison with other countries of the European Union. The result is rather sad, to put it mildly, and proves the fact that this problem has not gone away.

This feeling is comprehensive and appears by many reasons.

  • Death of a wife/husband, parents, siblings and close friends is hard to get thorough and leads to loneliness.
  • A divorce is another trigger often staying behind loneliness.
  • Constant failure to find a future spouse makes feel person unhappy and desolate.
  • Social networks are aimed to connect people more, but indeed, a person who is online all the time fakes one’s real life.
  • Aging is a biological natural reason that makes human beings less energetic, strong and beautiful. It is hard for people feeling loneliness to experience these physical and mental changes.
  • Scientists have found a genetic component responsible for loneliness.

The thing is that a body of socially isolated person is not happy with such a state of affairs. Its respond will be not long in coming. High blood pressure, dementia and depression are just few of possible consequences. This disease should be treated as soon as possible. Read on how to cope with loneliness.


  • Acceptance is half the battle. This may sound too simple. But it is what it is. Many people think that being lonely is like being defective. They try to hide this feeling deeply into their heart and numb the pain. Watching TV, social nets, video games, sleeping all the time, or, conversely, working all the time, or registering in and out a favorite dating site in UK are the signs saying that a person does not want to accept that he or she is lonely. So, the first step is to accept this emotional state.
  • Social contacts

There are a lot of people having the same feelings as you do. Find a support group of people who experienced the death, divorce and any other grief that made them lonely. By sharing your feelings you’ll relieve your pain and help others.  Another way is joining a social group of people sharing the same interests, values and way of life. It maybe sport club, dance classes, art group, charity organization and so on. While reaching a common goal, you’ll definitely meet friends. Social contacts restored will stop isolation and loneliness.

  • Enjoying the time spent alone

It may seem that this recommendation contradicts the below one. Actually, this piece of advice is mainly about feeling comfortable alone with yourself and overcoming panic. Remember your childhood and what did you want to do? You have time to do what you like and like to do. Do not be afraid to discover yourself and the world around you.

Naturally, recovery process will take time and efforts. However, just a nice smile can be the first thing you can do to stop loneliness from eroding your life and disturbing your balance.

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