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4 Critical Home Maintenance Items Not to Fall Behind On


It is human nature to look for ways to cut corners. Preventative maintenance often seems to homeowners like something optional, a thing that can be put off indefinitely in favor of something else. Those who follow this philosophy typically find themselves regretting it when the tasks they’ve neglected lead to serious — and expensive — problems. Below, you’ll find several suggestions to make sure you keep up.

Yard Maintenance


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A visitor’s first impression of your home will be your yard. A wild and unkempt lawn makes its owner seem unwilling to keep up with lawn maintenance. Trim your grass regularly and rake the leaves during the appropriate seasons. Above all, though, avoid using your yard to store random items. Few things leave as bad an impression as an overgrown front lawn filled with auto parts and old home appliances.

Cleaning the Gutters

Nobody likes climbing up to the gutters and getting the gunk out of them. The gutters, however, are a crucial tool to keep your house in working order. They pull water away from the house’s frame, where moisture can cause rot and weaken the structure. Inevitably, these gutters will clog with leaves and other detritus, which can cause them to back up and eventually cease working altogether. While cleaning the debris from the system, you can also take the time to inspect the gutters and downspouts, making sure everything is attached and without major holes or faults.

HVAC Maintenance

Your place’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system is one of the most important facets of home comfort. A broken HVAC can leave you, your family, and guests alternately sweating and freezing at the mercy of the elements raging outside. Changing air filters and cleaning the vents are things that you can do yourself, but other tasks must be handled on a regular home inspection and a regular maintenance visit by an expert. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your system and keep your AC running efficiently for longer, in turn, reducing HVAC energy costs.

Check for Cracks and Holes

Weaknesses in your home’s construction, coupled with the efforts of vermin and other animals, can lead to developing holes in the sides of your home; Rain and snow can do the same to your driveway. This can lead to pests and moisture entering your house and your driveway becoming an obstacle course. Every few months, or at the least once a year, take time to slowly walk the perimeter of your home, looking at the concrete and the facade of the property. Mark off any weaknesses you find and come back with sealing foam for the holes in the house.

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Unlike renting, you take on a great deal of liability for the property. Moreover, any faults that develop will reduce the value of your house, damaging the resale on what is probably the most valuable thing you own. Maintenance is your primary way to diminish the impact of deterioration on your domicile. Keep up on your prevention now, or find yourself paying for it later.

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