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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Rug

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When you’re shopping for furniture and trying to put together a room you can enjoy spending time in, rugs are usually an afterthought. But actually, rugs do much more than provide plush padding for your feet. They provide the foundation for a room. They’re essentially like artwork for your floor.

All this means that you should choose one carefully, especially since they can be quite pricey. But with so many options, it can get confusing. Well, you don’t have to spend months doing research. Here are the three most important things to consider when buying a rug.

The Size of the Rug

The size of the rug is very important. If it’s too small, it looks out of place. If it’s too big, it makes the room look and feel smaller. If you get just the right size, you can bring warmth and balance to your living space.

Rugs come in a variety of sizes. The most common are:

  • 3 feet by 5 feet
  • 4 feet by 6 feet
  • 7 feet by 10 feet
  • 8 feet by 11 feet
  • 9 feet by 12 feet

Most people get rugs that are too small. If they moved into a new house, many have spent a lot of money on flooring, and they don’t want to cover it with a carpet. But the right area rug won’t hide your floor. It will enhance its beauty.

The right size depends on the dimension of your room and its function. For the living room, you’ll most likely place the rug underneath the coffee table. The sofa and armchairs can be placed either with all four legs on the rug or just the front two. But it has to be uniform, so for example, you shouldn’t put the sofa with all four legs on the rug and the armchairs with just the front two.

In the dining room, it will usually be placed underneath the dining table, so it has to be large enough that people can push their chairs back when they stand up. That means you have to measure your table and add 36 inches to the width and length. If you have a round table add 72 inches to the diameter.

For the bedroom, you want to leave about 18 to 24 inches on each side of the bed, taking into account nightstands and any furniture you have at the foot of the bed.

Rug Weaves

The rug’s weave is also important because it determines how long it will last and how it will feel when you step on it.

You’ll get the best quality from a hand-knotted rug, but they can be quite expensive. That’s because they’re made through a meticulous and time-intensive process. If you want to see a wide variety of luxury designer rugs compliments of Lawrence of La Brea and read more about how they’re made and their maintenance, you can visit the website.

Tufted rugs are a more budget-friendly alternative to hand-knotted rugs. They’re made by pulling the loops of yarn through the back of the rug. These loops are sheared, which results in a flat and plush surface. The disadvantage is that they’re prone to shedding.

If you want to avoid shedding, you can get a hooked rug. They’re made through a similar process, but the loops are not sheared, which gives them a more textured feel.

The most affordable option remains machine-made rugs. You can still find good quality and elaborate patterns. Another advantage is that they offer better stain resistance because they’re mostly made from synthetic materials.


The materials will determine the durability, softness, and price of your rug.

Wool is the most common fiber since it’s affordable, soft, and has good insulation properties.

Cotton rugs are less durable than wool but very low maintenance, and you can wash them in the washing machine, so they’re ideal for kitchens.

Silk is a more luxurious option that you’ll usually find with hand-knotted rugs. It gives the rugs a natural sheen and softness, but it also makes them more sensitive to moisture. If you want something that looks like silk at a lower price, you can try viscose.

Synthetic fibers are great for high traffic areas because they’re quite resistant to fading and staining.

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