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Paris Attacks: French Police Search Suspects Premises


French police have been searching premises they believe were used by the last week’s attackers in Paris.

Salah Abdeslam, the suspected eighth gunman who is now the subject of an international manhunt, rented out an apartment and two hotel rooms.

A car that Salah Abdeslam rented which may have been used to bring the attackers to and from Belgium is also being inspected.

ISIS says it carried out the multiple attacks in which 129 people died.

A Belgian-registered black Renault Clio was found parked near Montmartre in northern Paris. After police sealed off the area and ensured there was no booby-trap, the vehicle was towed away for forensic examination.Paris attacks suspects

Images shown on French media of one of the hotel rooms being examined show syringes and tubes which could be bomb-making equipment.

Salah Abdeslam is believed to have fled across the border to his native Belgium. Belgian police have released more pictures of him.

On November 17, French media reported that a French jihadist, Fabien Clain, had been identified as the voice in a recording issued by ISIS in which it said it had carried out the attacks.

As the investigation continues, and in an effort to prevent more attacks, France has mobilized 115,000 security personnel, according to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Meanwhile, Belgium’s government has raised its terror threat level because of the failure so far to arrest Salah Abdeslam.

German media reported three arrests near Aachen, on the Belgian border, in an operation linked to the attacks.