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Jep Robertson’s yuppie playhouse


The latest episode of Duck Dynasty showed the Robertson family helping Jep to build out a playhouse.

“Basically I messed up big time,” admitted Jep Robertson.

“I promised Jessica this playhouse would be ready for the kids [and it’s not].”

When Jep Robertson told his brother Jase he would be hiring builders to assemble the playhouse, Jase said he could get the job done in one day.

“All men should be able to build and assemble,” said Jase Robertson.

“As men, we’re holding up our end of the bargain. Be a man, build something, anything.”

Jep and Jessica Robertson

Jep and Jessica Robertson (photo A&E TV)

While Jase seemed up for the challenge, Jep was a bit loopy from the pain medication he was taking for an arm injury.

“We’ll build it while you sleep it off and we’ll give you all the credit it,” Jase offered.

But when Jep came to and saw what his brother had created he realized he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

“Jessica is not going to like this,” Jep Robertson said as he saw the playhouse had no slides or windows and looked like it would fall apart at any second.

“Anybody can call and order some prefab playhouse,” said Jase.

“Forts are for kids who want to defend themselves from other neighborhood kids. The kids who play in playhouses, they’re just looking for other places to have snack.”

As soon as Jessica saw the strange structure, she asked her husband: “Jep, I thought you were here, what were you doing this whole time? This is not what we talked about.”

“Don’t freak out, I got a plan B,” answered Jep.

“You’re going to take another nap?” snapped Jessica.

In the end, Jep hired builders to make a playhouse and although his father Phil called it a “yuppie move”, even he had to admit it was “better than letting his kids play in that death trap Jase built”.

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