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Oprah Winfrey at Mitt and Ann Romney home for O magazine interview

It is well-known that The Obamas have a well-documented relationship with Oprah Winfrey, but now Mitt and Ann Romney have opened up to the chat show host for the first time.

The Republican power couple welcomed the media mogul into their roomy New Hampshire holiday home on Lake Winnipesaukee, to talk about family, religion, food and, of course, politics.

Casually dressed in jeans, with the top button of his shirt undone, Mitt Romney even took it upon himself to pack Oprah Winfrey a doggie bag for the road, as they finished off in the kitchen.

“Ann makes these little meatloaf cakes with sweet sauce on top.

“Meatloaf cakes and mashed potatoes. Best thing in the world,” he exclaimed during the interview, which is included in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Although Oprah Winfrey has seen President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at the White House on several occasions, it was the first time she had met with Mitt and Ann Romney.

And it seems that she was taken with the “strong family vibe” created by the duo, adding that “cute little kids just seemed to keep coming out of every nook and corner” during her visit.

As well as Mitt Romney revealing his favorite dishes, he also addressed a number of meatier topics.

Asked at what point, did he know that he wanted to be president, he replied: “Not any time during my youth.”

Adding: “As a little boy I wanted to be a policeman. And then as I got older and I saw my dad in the car business, an automobile executive.”

But now aged 65, Mitt Romney remains determined to claim victory in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

He told Oprah Winfrey: “It do believe I’m going to win.

“I think in the debates we’ll be able to get down to, what do you believe in, how can we help the country? And I think when we do that, we’ll end up winning.”

Meanwhile Ann Romney, who is a mother-of-five and grandmother to 18, stayed focused on the subject of family and her 14-year battle with multiple sclerosis.

She also revealed that despite making regular small-screen appearances, she does not watch television anymore, because she “just can’t deal with it, if I’m going to have the calmness and peace that I need to have.”

Oprah Winfrey also interviewed Barack and Michelle Obama at the Green Room in the White House, for the same issue of her glossy publication.

Describing his vision for the world Barack Obama, who dressed in a suit and tie for the meeting, said: “Michelle accuses me of being a congenital optimist, but it’s true. I think people are capable of great evil but are fundamentally good.

“I want America to continue to be on the side of expanding justice and freedom and opportunity.”

Meanwhile Michelle Obama revealed that she often finds it difficult to discuss things with her husband, as he has so many other things on his mind.

Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey: ”I’m stockpiling a list of issues that I’d like to discuss with him in 2016.”


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