Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian steps out braless in Miami

Kim Kardashian steps out braless in Miami


Kim Kardashian touched down in Miami on Friday following a brief trip to Mexico City in a sheer top.

But Kim Kardashian managed to change into another revealing outfit before arriving at her Miami hotel.

The ever-glamorous star found the time to get all dolled up to ensure that she made quite the entrance.

Kim Kardashian, 31, was seen sporting a flowing coral dress which she had to hold up as she walked to prevent from tripping in her gold strappy sandals.

The reality star also perhaps revealed more than she bargained for as she decided to forgo a bra for the outing.

But it was nothing compared to hours earlier when she showed there was not much need for a security scan as she arrived at Miami airport in a see-through top.

She wore a sheer black T-shirt which revealed her bra along with her favorite leather trousers, a flowing cardigan and stylish sunglasses.

Kim Kardashian was arriving back in Florida after a whirlwind trip to Mexico City where she attended a party for Cosmpolitan magazine.

Kim Kardashian is in Miami with her famous family members filming the new series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, which will be screened next year.