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Randy Moss – is he retiring?

Will certainly Randy Moss retire instead to suit up for a 14th National football league (NFL) season?

Joel Segal, Randy Moss‘ agent, informed NFL Network and ESPN of his client’s choice. He told that the receiver was thinking about offers from several clubs, but decided to retire. Segal declined to comment particularly on the offers, rather declaring his 34 yo client sensed the time was right to step aside.  [googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]

Randy has weighed his options and considered the offers and has decided to retire,” Segal said.

Randy Moss was typically connected to the New York Jets as a destination for this year, but they signed WR Plaxico Burress yesterday.
Randy Moss performed for three teams in 2010 — he was traded from New England to Minnesota last October, waived by the Vikings in November previous to concluding with Tennessee — and had his minimum successful period (28 catches, 393 yards, 5 touchdowns).

Randy Moss

Randy Moss

“I don’t want to say he was the best ever deep threat, because a threat is something you make without doing something. He did it,” Hall-of-Fame WR James Lofton, who knows a lot regarding stretching the field, shared with USA TODAY’s Robert Klemko.

His 153 touchdowns are tied with Terrell Owens for second on the career list, and he’s also fifth in yards (14,858) and tied with Hines Ward for eighth in receptions (954).
These statistics, and his position, as perhaps the greatest strong menace in National Football League (NFL) historical past, is likely to make him a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame.

[googlead tip=”vertical_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]His career began with 7 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings prior to he went inactive for two years in Oakland. He re-emerged as a force with the New England Patriots in 2007, lifting in a single-season record 23 touchdowns passes from Tom Brady in order to assist the Patriots reach the Super Bowl.
Randy Moss was a first-round choose of Marshall in 1998, obtained twenty-first general. However, worries concerning his off-field habits avoided him from going much sooner. He reacted by winning offensive rookie of the year honorsdeemed the best rookie season at any time by NFL Network.
Randy has been a great player for a long time,” said Bob Pruett, Randy Moss‘ college coach at Marshall. ”He’s choosing this on his own terms and I think that’s good. If that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he should do.”

 In the course of his career, Randy Moss gained the reputation as one of the most dangerous players in the game, when he wanted to be.

His combination of dimensions, velocity and cleverness has hardly ever been seen for a player at his position, and he should get some credit for the increase of two defenses throughout the National Football League that were designed in large part to prevent Randy Moss from burning them down the field.
“His body control, his ability to slow himself, elevate, and position himself is unbelievable, better than anybody I’ve ever seen play the game… He had a phenomenal presence on the football field. He was a player that defenses had to adjust to and really didn’t do a very good job of it” said Lofton.

Vikings supporters were euphoric at the news of his returning last season. Randy Moss caught 13 passes for 174 yards and two touchdowns in 4 games back in purple, clashed with Childress in the locker room and turned some co-players off with his inadequate treatment of a team caterer towards the end of his run. He hugged former Patriots teammates after a Vikings loss, and then strangely walked to a podium to fuss over the Patriots, upbraid the Vikings for neglecting his strategic guidance, and declare his strategy to interview himself the rest of the season rather than allowing reporters do it. [googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]

One of  Randy Moss‘ former co-player believes he’s got enough of that capability remaining that he will in fact pull back (Brett Favre Randy Moss‘ quarterback shortly  in 2010) and unretire.
“He’s as talented a guy as I’ve ever seen play the game. He’s a guy with some pride, and more than anything else in the past few years he’s thinking about his legacy,” said ESPN analyst Robert Smith, who played with Randy Moss on the Vikings from 1998-2000.

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