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Brandon Marshall diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder


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Brandon Marshall is an exceptionally gifted wide receiver whose private daily life and off-the-field tricks have got generally attracted way more interest that his touchdown grabs or third down conversions. He informed us yesterday that he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Marshall appreciates he has got it all: National football league, wealth, a smart, attractive spouse, a beautiful house, an excellent life – almost everything any person may possibly would like. But it wasn’t sufficient. It was never good enough.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall


But now we know the reason why: the All-Pro seated for 30 minutes along with journalists following training yesterday and stated he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder earlier this year.

Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver has borderline personality disorder and, rather than disguising that fact, he’s choosing to “be the face of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).” Marshall spoke openly about it over the past weekend, informing the Sun-Sentinel: 

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I’ll make myself vulnerable if it saves someone’s life because I know what I went through this summer helped save mine.”

Brandon Marshall had experienced therapy several times prior to this.

Now, at the proposition of Dolphins teammate Ricky Williams, Marshall looked for support from McLean Hospital in Boston.

Marshall attained day-to-day together with specialists and other Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) sufferers.

Any time there’s conflict it’s a challenge,” Marshall explained. “What I’m feeling or trying to get across is right, but I’m reacting wrong. My actions or what I’m saying is not effective or productive and it makes the situation worse.”

By means of therapy, he is learning to deal with his sentiments and emotions.

By no means am I all healed or fixed,” he said, “but it’s like a light bulb’s been turned on in my dark room.”

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Borderline Personality Disorder is seldom diagnosed. It is noticeable by difficulties with human relationships, inadequate self-image as well as difficulty managing emotional behavior and sensations. Marshall has spoken about his stressed child years and desertion and abuse that can contribute to BPD. Mary Zanarini – the professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School who treated Marshall this summer – declared to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

BPD is a well understood psychological disorder. It’s not a form of misbehavior.

Brandon Marshall mentioned he plans to lobby Congress for finances to assist study into the condition, adding:

There comes a time in a guy like myself’s life, with everything that I’ve been through, that you become bulletproof to the critics and to what the world thinks of you. Right now, today, I am vulnerable. I am making myself vulnerable. And I want it to be clear that this is the opposite of damage control. The only reason why I’m standing here today is to use my story to help others who may suffer from what I suffer from.”

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