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Belgrad Beer Fest

Belgrade: People stabbed at the Belgrad Beer Fest On Friday night an unidentified man stabbed ten people at the Belgrade Beer Fest. Three persons...
Severe storms hit Pittsburgh on Friday submerging cars and cutting

Severe storms hit Pittsburgh on Friday, cutting electricity to hospitals and universities and submerging vehicles on the main road, on Allegheny River's valley and...
Rihanna is singing at V Festival 2011 (Photo shows Rihanna during Loud Tour)

Virgin Mobile Freefest 2011   The first festival held in two different places over one weekend, V Festival 2011, started in England on Saturday, August 20,...
Lenny Kravitz was inspired for his new tropical album Black and White America while he stayed in a trailer on Bahamas beach.

Lenny Kravitz lived in a trailer for the last two years on the Eleuthera Island,   in Bahamas, where he was inspired to create his...
Shannon and Recep Celik, who killed the two women near Izmir.

Izmir murders updates. Shannon Graham at mother’s funeral.   Izmir murders latest updates.   Turkey murders latest news. Recep Cetin charged with stabbing to death his girlfriend’s mother.   Two...