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China has banned all imports of milk powder from New Zealand, after its main dairy exporter, Fonterra, found in some of its products a strain of bacteria that can cause botulism.

China relies on New Zealand for almost all its imports of milk powder.

Imports are highly prized in China after a tainted milk formula scandal in 2008 killed six babies and made some 300,000 infants sick.

New Zealand’s trade minister described Beijing’s decision as “appropriate”.

Fonterra’s announcement that it had found the contamination led to a global recall of up to 1,000 tonnes of dairy products across seven countries, including China.

The potentially tainted products included infant milk formula, sports drinks, protein drinks and other beverages.

Botulism is one of the most dangerous forms of food poisoning, often leading to paralysis.

The bacteria were found in three batches of Fonterra’s whey protein used in infants’ Nutricia Karicare follow-on formula, Fonterra said.

China has banned all imports of milk powder from New Zealand

China has banned all imports of milk powder from New Zealand

Nearly 80% of dairy products imported by China come from New Zealand, according to state media.

Any prolonged ban of imports could well lead to a dairy shortage in China

New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser said China’s action was “entirely appropriate”.

“It’s better to do blanket protection for your people then wind it back when we, our authorities, are in a position to give them the confidence and advice that they need.”

The Chinese authorities named four domestic companies that have imported potentially contaminated products from New Zealand. According to state media, these companies have begun a recall.

The whey product was produced in May 2012, with a dirty pipe at one of Fonterra’s processing plants in Waikato responsible for the contamination, the company said.

Fonterra – the fourth largest diary company in the world – said it had urged its customers to urgently check their supply chains.

The countries affected besides New Zealand and China include Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Russia is also reported to have begun a recall of Fonterra products.

Fonterra said there had been no reports of any illness linked to the affected whey product.

The dairy industry powers New Zealand’s economy, with the country exporting up to 95% of its milk.

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High-protein products are an important nutritional choice for Americans, whether they try to build muscle, or to lose weight, whether they want to have a vegan diet.

A research from Mintel, a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence, shows that introductions of foods and drinks making a high-protein claim are higher in the US than anywhere else in the world, accounting for 19% of global new product launches in 2012. India and the U.K. follow with 9% and 7% respectively.

Americans are looking for protein to aid in satiety, weight management and to boost muscle recovery and build muscle after a workout, making protein appeal to a broad audience in a great number of usage occasions,” said Nirvana Chapman, global food Science trend analyst at Mintel.

Proteins enhance muscle growth and repair after exercise and help to improve performances.

A study conducted by American College of Sports Medicine showed that the high-protein diet improved athletes’ endurance performance slightly after intense training and reduced their stress levels. Apparently, tyrosine, an amino-acid found in protein, is a mood-booster, contributing to the increase in performance.

According to Mintel, protein use in meal-replacement and sports beverages formulations making high-protein claims had a 37% growth in the past five years.

At Maxishop you can find a large variety of high-protein supplements to help you to lose weight, and to tone your muscles,  along with nutrition and hydration products, clothing and accessories. Also, you can find information on ingredients, sports nutrition, and you can pose questions to experts to make a choice of what product is right for you.

High-protein is a selection attribute for 46% of all meal-replacement users in the US and there is an upward trend towards whey protein products for weight loss.

Also, 87% of US consumers indicated satiety as an important food attribute for them when choosing products.

A ‘Satiety Index’ (SI) is often used to measure the hunger-fighting power of certain foods. Foods with a high-SI leave people more satisfied after eating and ensure that they are likely to eat less for hours after. Protein in particular has been shown to have a positive effect on subjective satiety, with whey protein in particular having demonstrated a functional role in weight management and satiety,” said Nirvana Chapman.

Snacks represent 20% of the high protein food and drink new product launches in the US in 2012, followed by meal- replacement and other fortified drinks (17%) and spoon-able yogurt (15%). Products launched in the US with both a high-protein and vegan claim have shown a steady increase since 2008, with a 54% growth in the last five years.

Globally, the percentage of food and drink products launched with a slimming claim in the past five years that include whey protein are trending upwards, up 140% between 2008 and 2012.

In the weight management industry, there is an upward trend towards products that combine whey protein, peptides, and calcium for weight loss. Specifically, the high-protein trend is growing worldwide, evidenced by countries with high-protein claim products being launched, as well as European examples of consumers seeking high-protein products,” said Nirvana Chapman.

Whether you want to lose weight, to tone your body, or to enhance performances, you have to be fully informed before you chose a high-protein supplement. High-protein diet works, but if it is not right for you, it can lead to allergies, constipation, kidney issues, heart problems, osteoporosis, or malnutrition. You need to drink enough water, to keep a balance in your diet (including vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers), to learn your medical condition, and obviously to know the full list of ingredients of the high-protein supplements.



How to lose weight in a healthy way


Weight loss is not easy as part of a busy life. Healthy eating isn’t always possible if you are on the move constantly. Neither is fitting 2 hours in the gym everyday however if you can make sure to get some whey protein at www.hollandandbarrett. So, every bit of assistance in weight loss helps. That’s where acai berry supplements come into play.

This is an all natural supplement to your daily diet that assists in weight loss. This herbal remedy is a safe way of aiding weight loss. It is high in anti-oxidants, so it also cleanses the digestive system. The berry comes from the Amazon and has a long history with the tribes, who used it for its numerous benefits. The anti-oxidants boost vitality which is very beneficial to weight loss, as you’re more likely to be active in today’s world. The berry has essential fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols that can improve your metabolism.

The acai berry supplement is often used in conjunction with colonic therapies to enhance the digestive system. This aids weight loss by removing any build ups within the intestines and allowing quicker, more efficient absorption of all the necessary nutrients. The acai berry is also renowned to reduce the appetite making it less likely that a chocolate binge will occur.

The acai berry can be purchased in many forms, from fresh or juice to supplement form. However, it can be expensive, so shop around before you buy. The acai berry needs to be taken, eaten or even drunk as part of a balanced diet. The acai berry alone won’t aid in weight loss, it has to be teamed with a calorie controlled diet and daily exercise.

 The acai berry can also have benefits for mental health as it increases energy and vitality, which can help ward off stress and help to keep a psychologically healthy mind.