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“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

According to recent reports, Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, and its finance chief have been indicted in an investigation into alleged tax crimes.

Allen Weisselberg, 73, turned himself in to authorities in New York on July 1, ahead of the expected unsealing of as-yet-unknown charges.

The former president is not expected to be implicated personally in the case.

New York City has already cut business ties with the twice-impeached former president.

The Trump Organization is a family holding company that owns hotels, golf clubs and other properties.

Any criminal charges brought against the company would mark the first in long-running investigations on alleged fraud by both the Manhattan district attorney and the state attorney general.

Charges by District Attorney Cyrus Vance are expected to focus on whether Allen Weisselberg and other company executives received benefits such as apartment rentals or leased cars without reporting them properly on their tax returns.

Allen Weisselberg entered Manhattan’s criminal court building on July 1, the New York Times said. He and at least one other Trump Organization representative are expected to appear in court later in the day.

Donald Trump and his allies have said the investigations are politically motivated.

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In a statement this week, Allen Weisselberg said the case was looking at “things that are standard practice throughout the US business community, and in no way a crime”.

If the company is found guilty, however, certain business partners might draw a line under their relationship with the Trump Organization and the company could face fines.

New York City has already announced it will terminate contracts with Donald Trump’s company to run skating rinks, a carousel and a golf course, in the aftermath of the Capitol riots.

Daniel Goldman, who was lead lawyer in the House of Representatives for the first impeachment of President Trump in 2019, tweeted that the indictment could spur lenders to call in their loans, driving the Trump Organization to bankruptcy.

The investigations will also take into account eight years of Donald Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, obtained by prosecutors after a long legal battle, which ended in the Supreme Court in February.

Donald Trump, who inherited money from his father and went on to become a property developer, is the first president since Gerald Ford in the 1970s not to have made his tax returns public.

Despite facing a number of investigations, Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing personally or in his business.


Orestes Fintiklis, the majority owner of the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City, has regained control of the building after a legal battle with its management – the Trump Organization.

Within hours of the verdict from a Panamanian court, the luxury hotel’s employees removed the Trump name from its main entrance.

The Cypriot businessman has been fighting to cancel the contract with the Trump Organization, which he blames for a fall in profits.

The Trump Organization said it had appealed against the decision.

Orestes Fintiklis hailed the court’s decision, saying: “Panama has made us proud.

“Today, this dispute has been settled by the judges and the authorities of this country.”

The standoff between Orestes Fintiklis and the management team at the hotel had lasted more than a week.

Image source Wikimedia

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On March 5, police and a court official enforced the owner’s claim to the hotel as Trump Organization executives and security staff abandoned the building.

Hotel employees then pried the Trump logo from the entrance.

Tourists later gathered at the spot to have their pictures taken.

The legal battle began last month when Orestes Fintiklis said he intended to force the Trump Organization out before its management contract was up, and to rebrand the hotel.

According to lawsuits filed in the United States, Orestes Fintiklis said the number of guests at the hotel was falling.

For its part, the Trump Organization said Orestes Fintiklis was breaching his contractual commitments.

The Trump Organization said in a statement: “Trump Hotels remains fully confident that it will not only prevail, but recover all of its damages, costs and attorneys’ fees, including those… arising from today’s events.”

President Donald Trump has been widely criticized after investors in a luxury property development in India are being offered the chance to have “conversation and dinner” with his eldest son, Donald Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is visiting India this week and will promote the Trump Towers development near Delhi.

Critics say the Trump family is cashing in on the president’s name.

However, Donald Trump Jr. has said he has been building relationships in India for years.

The full-page advertisement, which ran as the front cover of several Indian newspapers over the weekend, featured a picture of Donald Trump Jr. together with text: “Trump is here. Are you invited?” and “Trump has arrived. Have you?”

The 47-storey towers in Gurgaon, close to New Delhi, are being developed by the Trump Organization and local partners – with some apartments selling for more than $1 million.

The Trump Organization, formerly headed up by President Donald Trump, is an umbrella company for hundreds of investments in businesses including real estate. Donald Trump Jr. is now its executive director.

Image source Wikimedia

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India is the Trump Organization’s biggest property market outside the US, and in 2016 the Trump family earned up to $3 million in royalties from ventures in India, according to a financial disclosure report.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) – a watchdog group – added the Indian promotion to a list of instances it believes show the Trump name being used for commercial gain.

In an interview last week, cited by The Guardian, Donald Trump Jr. said he had spent nearly a decade “cultivating relationships in India” and that the company was “now seeing the response of that effort”.

The president’s son said his itinerary was designed to steer clear of politics.

However, Donald Trump Jr. is listed as a keynote speaker at a global business conference, which will be attended by Indian politicians, including PM Narendra Modi and some of India’s business elite.

President Donald Trump handed over control of his business empire to Donald Jr. and Eric Trump before his inauguration last year.

However, the director of the US Office of Government Ethics said at the time that this did not go far enough to ensure there would be no conflict of interest between his politics and personal business.

Since taking office, critics have claimed President Trump is continuing to profit from his family’s business interests.

They have also accused the Trump family of playing up its connections with the White House in order to influence business deals.

In May 2017, the company owned by the family of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, pulled out of a real estate presentation in China.

Kushner Companies had been scheduled to pitch opportunities to real estate investors in China, but Jared Kushner’s sister was widely criticized for using his name in a pitch.

In November 2017, President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was criticized for speaking at a global entrepreneurs summit in Hyderabad, with some saying the summit had become more about Ivanka Trump and her namesake brand than the wider issue.