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Honey is something we tend to think of purely as a food, but it has actually got a great number of health applications beyond simply being a healthy, natural sweetener with a distinctive, delicious taste. Because honey literally never spoils due to its antibacterial properties (there has even been honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs by archaeologists which was analyzed as being completely edible, and this is thousands of years old!), it is a great thing to keep in your emergency first aid kit or medicine cabinet, too!


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Here are four medicinal uses that will have you asking ‘where can I buy raw honey?’ right now!

Throat Relief

If you have any kind of sore throat, whether it is due to an infection, a cold, or because you have overused your voice, honey will offer instant relief. Simply swallow a spoonful to coat your throat, and repeat whenever needed (it is just honey, so you don’t have to worry about dosage like you do with throat syrups containing honey along with other medicines). Professional singers swear by honey, and add it to all kinds of drinks to keep their voices from getting tired out after hours of practice and performance!


Honey can be a very helpful first aid treatment for burns (minor burns that do not require professional medical attention). Honey is antiseptic and will keep the burn from getting infected, and is easy to apply with minimal pain to the burned area. Apply the honey as it comes, then put a dressing over the top and change it every day while the burn is healing.

Hay Fever Treatment

The small amounts of pollen in honey can help you fight hay fever, by building up a tolerance. The trick here is that you must use locally produced honey, so the pollen that ends up in the honey is the same pollen that is causing your symptoms and which you need to build up an immunity to. Many people have had very good results from regularly eating local raw honey, and it can mean you no longer have to rely on strong medicines like antihistamines throughout the pollen season.

Open Wounds on People or Animals

Honey has been used for centuries to prevent infection in open wounds and lesions, even before people understood how infections were caused! Now of course, we know that it is the antibacterial properties of honey that make it work. Keep some honey in your first aid kit whenever you are out and about, and should you, your kids or your pets get into any scrapes, you can easily protect the wound with some honey. As with burns, just put it on the skin and add a bandage over the top. On a pet it may be harder to dress the wound, and depending on where it is they may lick the honey off, but licking wounds is how animals naturally clean them, so this is not a problem – just add more honey every few hours.

As you can see, honey is for more than just eating, and can be a versatile addition to your medicine cupboard or first aid box!


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, cyclist Victoria Pendleton and TV presenter Emma Forbes are all fans of Bee Prepared when it comes to staying fighting fit.

Bee Prepared, a daily defence vitamin being dubbed the latest “It Vit”, is an immune support vitamin packed with powerful antioxidants and one key nutrient: bee propolis.

The tablets – which come in a pack of 30 and taken daily – are designed to fight colds, flu, hay fever, and are also ideal for sports training and fitness, so it’s no wonder Olympic gold-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton is a fan.

Bee propolis is a resinous mixture honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows or other botanical sources, and has been used to treat colds and flu, immunity, mouth ulcers and wound healing.

The tablets also contain powerful nutrients such as astaxanthin, elderberry, olive leaf and beta glucans – a unique blend of ingredients from the hive, field and forest that aren’t often found in a regular diet or multivitamin.

 Bee Prepared is an immune support vitamin packed with powerful antioxidants and bee propolis

Bee Prepared is an immune support vitamin packed with powerful antioxidants and bee propolis

The stars take a capsule of Bee Prepared – which is available online and from health food shops – once daily to help maintain their healthy immune systems.

Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her daily Goop blog: “I was recently given <<bee venom therapy>> for an old injury and it disappeared.

“I was recommended bee pollen, raw honey and propolis for various purposes. So far, these recommendations have worked for me.”

Emma Forbes also raved about it on her blog writing: “I am a firm believer in the power of honey.

“When my kids were little I used to make something called <<mummy magic>> which was manuka honey in hot water with lemon juice.

“It worked miracles on sore throats, you name it. To this day I believe honey is a really good cure for all sorts.”

Humans have been using bee propolis medicinally for centuries with Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans using it for wound healing.

During both World War I and World War II, propolis was used in first aid to reduce wound infection and to speed healing.

Modern day bee propolis has been used in skin care, dental care, immune support, and even cancer treatment.