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Casablanca is looking at a complete transformation with the project of Victoria City, which is almost complete as we are months away from its completion. Casablanca is without a doubt one of the most important cities of Morocco. It is not only of great importance to Morocco,but it is also one of the most important cities in Africa.

Importance of Casablanca

It goes without saying that the success of the city of Casablanca will be the success of Morocco itself. As mentioned earlier Casablanca is of great importance to both Morocco and Africa. It is Morocco’s chief port and is a central hub for many businesses.

It is one of the two largest cities of Morocco,but it is Casablanca that is referred to as the state’s economic capital. Majority of the country’s industrial facilities are based here in Casablanca. Most of the international companies based in Morocco are based here in Casablanca.

Looking at these facts, one can easily understand as to why Casablanca’s success is Morocco’s success.

It is only justifiable in the above paragraph as to why Casablanca is the ideal place for a project like the Victoria City to take place.

Victoria City

This project began in 2014 and is planned to be completed this year in June and is fronted by Saudi businessman Mazen Al Sawwaf along with the help of the government of Morocco and Urban Agency of Casablanca. Victoria City is an advanced and a modern city that has been open for businesses since 2016.

Victoria City would be a place where people from different socio-cultural backgrounds would be living together, shopping from the same places, going to the same schools, being business partners and many other opportunities, which will enhance socio-cultural diversity in the most positive way.

Along with being a city that is home to diversity, it will also be a great deal to invest in since it will have many different shopping centers and other commercial centers.

It is without a doubt a great place to invest.

How could Victoria Citybe Morocco’s Greatest Economic Opportunity?

Morocco needs a socio-cultural society that is diverse but still in harmony. It needs a place where all the leading brands of the world could open their outlets for the people. Even if international investors come to Morocco to invest and start their projects, they still need a place to live that is safe and in harmony.

Victoria City is the answer to all of this. It will not only attract people to come and live there,but it will attract investors from all around the world with its ultra-modernity, unique design,and secure environment.

It is a perfect opportunity for real estate investors to invest too but more importantly, this project is transforming Morocco’s largest and important city from a grey to a more colorful and alive city.

Looking at the cultural and economic aspect of Victoria City, it is obvious that Victoria City would attract many investors and people who wish to live there.

It would benefit Casablanca which is already considered the economic hub of Morocco and with this addition, it will become the economic hub and will benefit Morocco’s economy as the country could be looking at multinational corporations and companies who would invest here.


Morocco has announced its intention to rejoin the African Union (AU), 32 years after leaving the organization.

In a message to the AU summit in Rwanda, King Mohammed VI of Morocco said the time had come for his country to retake its place within its institutional family.

Morocco left the AU in 1984, after the organization recognized the independence of Western Sahara.

Morocco describes Western Sahara as its “southern provinces”.Morocco African Union

For more than three decades, Morocco has refused to be part of the AU.

In March, Morocco threatened to pull its soldiers out of UN global peacekeeping missions because of the dispute.

Now, the Moroccan authorities seem to have concluded their absence hasn’t helped them diplomatically over Western Sahara and many other issues.

They sent a special envoy to lobby African leaders at their summit in the Rwandan capital Kigali this weekend.

The AU has said that it will continue pushing for the rights of the people of Western Sahara to hold a self-determination referendum.

Morocco is the only African country which is not an AU member.

Fourteen people have been arrested in a Spanish and Moroccan joint operation targeting suspected recruiters for the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) group.

One arrest was made close to Madrid, the others in various Moroccan cities.

Those arrested are suspected of involvement in a network to send fighters to areas of Syria and Iraq under ISIS control.

On August 21, a Moroccan who had lived in Spain was arrested following a foiled attack on a high-speed French train.

Ayoub El-Khazzani, 25, originally from Tetouan in northern Morocco, arrived in Spain in 2007 and lived there for seven years, in Madrid and Algeciras, before moving to France.

He is suspected of having had contact with radical Islamists and had been put on a list marked as “potentially dangerous” by Spanish authorities. They flagged this up to French counterparts in February 2014.European ISIS fighters

Spanish counter-terrorism sources quoted on August 24 by the Spanish Cadena Ser radio network said that some 800 people with a radical Islamist profile were in Europe and ready to strike, having returned from Syria and Iraq.

The latest Spanish arrest took place in San Martin de la Vega, close to Madrid, and the others were in the Moroccan cities of Fez, Casablanca, Nador, al-Hoceima and Driouech.

The Spanish interior ministry said the operation was ongoing, without giving specific details.

In June, Spain raised the terrorism threat level from three to four out of a possible five, increasing the number of armed police at sensitive sites across the country.

Level four means the intelligence services believe there is a high risk of a terror attack happening.

Both Spain and Morocco have arrested dozens of suspected radical Islamists in recent years.


Morocco’s PM Abdelilah Benkirane has ordered an investigation into the public TV broadcast of a Jennifer Lopez concert in the country.

J. Lo’s performance at the Mawazine festival in Rabat on May 29 was aired on the 2M public TV network.

Abdelilah Benkirane said the airing was “serious delinquency”, adding it contained “disgraceful scenes”.

He added the broadcast was in violation of Morocco’s audiovisual law.

Last week, Morocco’s minister of communication was criticized for allowing the concert to air on public TV, leading to calls for him to resign.

Local media also criticized Jennifer Lopez for her “poses” and for being “scantily” dressed.Jennifer Lopez Mawazine festival Morocco

Writing to the president of Morocco’s High Authority of Audiovisual Communication, PM Abdelilah Benkirane demanded the authority “take legal measures against those responsible”.

The prime minsiter said the channel had broadcast scenes which were “provocative to the religious and moral values of Moroccan society”.

He said those responsible for the channel and its output “failed to intervene and stop the broadcast of the disgraceful scenes” as the concert was broadcast with a time delay.

J. Lo has performed in Morocco before with no trouble, however it is the first time one of her concerts has been broadcast on television.

An educational group is also suing Jennifer Lopez over the performance, claiming she “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect”, TMZ reported.

In the event Jennifer Lopez and her promoter are prosecuted, the sentence could be up to two years in prison.

The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations finals will not take place in Morocco because of the country’s fears over the Ebola outbreak elsewhere on the continent, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has confirmed.

The CAF expelled Morocco, which would have qualified as hosts, from the finals.

The confederation did not announce a new venue for the tournament, due to take place from January 17 to February 8.

New reports claim that three nations have expressed an interest and the new host will be confirmed on November 12.

Morocco had been given until November 8 to make a final decision on whether or not it would host the tournament.

The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations finals will not take place in Morocco because of the country’s fears over the Ebola outbreak

The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations finals will not take place in Morocco because of the country’s fears over the Ebola outbreak

The country had asked to postpone the competition until 2016.

Egypt has stated it will not host the tournament for “economic and political reasons”.

Qualification matches for the tournament will continue as planned on November 14 and 15 to decide which 15 teams will join the new host country for the finals.

Up to November 4, at least 4,960 people had been reported as having died from Ebola, mainly in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Morocco had expressed fears an influx of foreign fans could help spread the epidemic.

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