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Manchester City to buy Patrick Roberts


With so much going on in the world of football at the current time, many people are left wondering which teams will bid for which players during 2015. There have already been a number of transfers this year. Still, there are plenty of rumours floating around on the interest concerning what else might happen as we move through the season. We’re going to give you some tips today in the hope of helping you to see which transfers are likely to occur in the coming months.  While we wouldn’t go straight out and place bets with this information, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it is correct.


Global Panorama

Celtic to buy Rafael van der Vaart

At the current time, Rafael van der Vaart is playing for German side Hamburg. However, recent news suggests that Celtic has their eye on the midfielder. His contract with Hamburg is coming to an end very soon, and pundits on the net think that Celtic want to bring him to Scotland. If that happened, Celtic would have one of the strongest teams in the league for the first time in decades. However, they would have to pay a high price in order to get the superstar player on their side.

Tottenham or Liverpool to buy Yannick Bolasie

Transfer rumours and other expert websites are predicting Yannick Bolasie will soon go to Tottenham or Liverpool in one of the most exciting transfers this year. He currently plays for Crystal Palace who have placed a staggering £20 million price tag on the player. That is shocking considering that buying fees are down across the globe. While Crystal Palace hopes to keep him on their team for at least a couple more seasons, the player has shown signs that he would like to leave. A vicious battle is about to break out between Tottenham and Liverpool, and we’re very excited to see what happens.

Manchester City to buy Patrick Roberts

The England under-19 star Patrick Roberts has been attracting interest from a number of different clubs during the last couple of months. Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal have all made public their design to sign the talented player. However, it now seems as though Manchester City will pull out all the stops when it comes to getting him on their team. At the current time, he plays for Fulham. With a £10 million price on his head, City will have no choice but to speak with their investors. That is, of course, if he doesn’t follow Frank Lampard to America.

Those look to be the most likely transfer rumours to come to fruition during this season. However, there could still be lots of surprises just around the corner. Keep checking back here for more information as we move further towards the end of the summer. If anyone did want to place a bet on football transfers this year, any of the three predictions we’ve made should offer good odds. Try your luck, and see how it goes. Football deals can fall through easily, but we think the ones mentioned here are pretty safe.