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For some people, a job is a means of earning money to pay bills and put food on the table. For others, there’s an element of satisfaction involved. If your current job is serving solely to give you an income, it may be time to change tack. If you’re considering a career move, here are some signs that it’s time to look for a new job.

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You find your job boring

Did you know that on average, we spend more than 1,900 hours at work per year? This is a lot of time to waste on doing something that you find dull. It may not be possible to find a job that provides you with never-ending excitement or unbridled joy, but don’t settle for something that bores you.

You have aspirations to do something else

Do you spend your days wishing you were somewhere else? If you have a dream job in mind, don’t give up on it, just because you’ve been knocked down before or you haven’t quite got the qualifications you need. Get some experience, find out about courses and training programs, and start taking steps to make yourself a better candidate for that ideal role.

You’re unhappy with your working conditions

Do you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly at work? Are you unhappy with the hours you work or have you been injured as a result of your working environment? All employers have a duty of care to their workforce, and if you feel that your employer is shirking their responsibilities, you can find out more about your legal rights on this home page. It’s a good idea to raise issues with your boss before you take further action, as they may be unaware of your fears or concerns.

You want more

Are you envious of people who love their job? Do you wish you could leave work every day feeling like you’d made a difference or you’d learned something new? If this is the case, it’s never too late to take a different path. When you devote so much time to working, it’s natural to want to get something out of your job. There’s no harm in looking for openings and vacancies that look more inspiring and appealing. You may also want to think about moving if you’ve been at the same level for a long time. Some companies are much more progressive than others, and if you want more money and more responsibility, it may be worth applying for roles at a different organization.

You don’t get on with your colleagues

If you work with others, building relationships is really important. The ties you have with other people can make or break the working day. If you’re close to your colleagues, you’re likely to find work much more enjoyable. If you have problems with them or you just don’t really click, this may make you more inclined to consider looking for a new job.

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Are you bored of your job or do you wish you had a job that offered you more? We spend too much time working to do something that doesn’t give us any enjoyment or motivation. If the signs above are familiar to you, maybe it’s time to start a new job hunt.


In this day and age, competition for jobs is fierce. It’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a new job, or you’re hoping to secure a promotion, here are some tips to set you apart.


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Creating a resume

Your CV, or resume, is incredibly important. This short summary is often the first opportunity you get to impress a potential employer. It could make the difference between getting an interview or having your application thrown on the ‘no’ pile. When creating your resume, it’s essential to sell yourself to the best of your ability. List your achievements. Include all the information, which may distinguish you from other candidates. In the employment section, mention only relevant roles. You don’t need to note down every job you’ve ever had. Try and be original, but don’t stray too far from tried and tested formulas. For ideas of how to format your resume, check out http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mkl45eejl/tips-for-creating-the-best-possible-resume/.

Selling yourself

Often, when you apply for a job, you’ll be competing against people with the same qualifications, so it’s vital to show off other skills. Encourage your employer to invest in your potential and show off your passion. Use your experience and training to demonstrate your capability and your ability to learn. In the modern age, it’s beneficial to look to the future and keep ahead of the crowd. Tailor your application to suit the role. If you’re looking for a job in business development, for example, showcase your talents in this field. Training in areas such as digital marketing and cloud computing may be particularly appealing. Are you interested in expanding your skill set to make your application more enticing to prospective recruiters? If so, check out sites like http://www.simplilearn.com/virtualization-and-cloud-computing/exin-cloud-computing-certification-training.

Interview tips

An interview is a fantastic opportunity to show off your personality. This is your chance to try and convince potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job. Always make sure you prepare for an interview. Read up on the company, and learn about the role. Note down some questions to ask the panel and try and predict what they may ask you. If you’re doing a presentation, rehearse it several times, and make sure you have all the facts and figures nailed down. Speak clearly and confidently, and maintain eye contact.

It is essential to create a positive first impression when you go for an interview. Dress smartly, and ensure you feel comfortable. Make an effort to wash and style your hair, and pay attention to detail. Polish your shoes, and iron your outfit the night before. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to give you chance to go through your presentation, and get yourself mentally prepared. Most of us feel nervous before an interview or an important meeting. Try and stay as calm as possible, and take deep breaths. Take your time when you are speaking, and think about your answers before you respond to questions.


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In 2016, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you’re applying for jobs, take these tips on board. Hopefully, you’ll catch an employer’s attention and ensure that they remember you for all the right reasons.