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Is Your Career Holding You Back? 3 Warning Signs of Dead-End Job

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Ambition makes us work harder, push forward and overcome challenges because we know it’ll all be worth it in the end. Whether it’s meeting that tough deadline or finally scoring that promotion, ambition is what leads to the achievement we all strive for in our careers. But there may come a time when your ambition is waning, and you can’t figure out why you can’t focus at work. You may not even think about getting a promotion anymore, and every day at the office is exactly like the one that came before.

Dead-end jobs aren’t just low paying, limited growth positions outside of the corporate world. They exist in every industry, and some of them are well hidden thanks to a good title, comfortable pay and some decent benefits packages. So, you know something might not be quite adding up in your job, but what is it? Is this really just a ‘you’ problem, or could you be stuck in a dead-end job? Do you feel like you need to get stress under control in terms of your work/life balance? Here are three warning signs you need a career change and what to do about them.

Your Voice Is Continually Silenced or Ignored

The best work environments foster collaboration and teamwork exists to elevate the individual as much as the group. Each part should be as important as the whole, but that isn’t always the case. Poor management, narcissistic bosses and even office cliques can cause people to be forced into the background. All your ideas fall on deaf ears, and you may have stopped even having any new ones because you feel they don’t matter anyway.

You deserve a job that gives you what you need to feel valued and important. Any career that causes you to feel useless isn’t worth pursuing. While speaking up a bit more and voicing concerns may be helpful, the best way to really resolve a toxic work environment is to leave it. You can’t change other people, and you can only be the bigger person so long before you wind up mentally drained and emotionally burnt out.

There Is No Projected Path for You

When management hired you, did they make you feel excited about the potential to grow and develop inside the company? Does your company help you evolve, or is there a know-your-place mentality that keeps everyone in their place? Without a clear path from management, you are never going to magically rise in rank and achieve a more fulfilling position. The people who promote should be actively creating opportunity for you to grow.

If you think you’re stuck in this line of work, opening new avenues can come in a few ways. You could go back to school, or you could look for online skills certifications that boost your odds of landing a job with a better company. Paying for the courses might be a challenge, but taking out a student loan from a private lender can help. You’ll be able to pay for your education within your budget and avoid high interest rates after you finish with school.

You Are Responsible for Other People

Your role should have clearly defined, specific tasks that match your job description and skillset. If you are taking on uncompensated work from your boss or colleagues, you need to figure out why that is and make some changes. If the fact of the matter is there’s really nothing else for you to do, then it’s time to polish up that resume and start looking for a better role.

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