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President Donald Trump is challenging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test, in the latest sign of discord between the two.

The president made the remark during an interview with Forbes magazine when asked about reports that Rex Tillerson had called him a moron.

“I think it’s fake news,” Donald Trump told the magazine, “but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

On October 10, President Trump had lunch with Rex Tillerson.

Shortly beforehand, President Trump maintained he still had confidence in the secretary of state.

“I did not undercut anybody,” he also told reporters.

“I don’t believe in undercutting people.”

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Asked about Donald Trump’s IQ test challenge, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the daily news briefing: “It was a joke. You should get a sense of humor.”

Reports have swirled of a schism in the Trump administration between the commander-in-chief and his top diplomat, as the US faces a host of vexatious foreign policy conundrums, from North Korea to Iran.

Last week, Rex Tillerson called a news conference to dismiss reports that he was considering quitting.

However, Rex Tillerson did not deny an NBC News report that he had called Donald Trump a moron after a July meeting at the Pentagon.

Earlier this month, President Trump publicly undercut the former ExxonMobile chief executive by tweeting that he was “wasting his time” trying to negotiate with nuclear-armed North Korea.

Last week, the New York Times reported that the secretary of state was astonished at how little President Trump grasps the basics of foreign policy.

According to the newspaper, quoting sources close to the secretary of state, President Trump has been irritated by Rex Tillerson’s body language during meetings.

Rex Tillerson is said to roll his eyes or slouch when he disagrees with the president’s decisions.


According to a long-term Brazilian study, there is link between breastfeeding and intelligence.

Children who are breast-fed for longer go on to become more intelligent, educated and successful adults, the study has found.

Researchers analyzed breastfeeding data on almost 3,500 babies who were given IQ tests when they reached the age of 30 and provided information on educational attainment and income.

The research found those who had been breastfed for longer went on to score higher on IQ tests as adults.

Experts say the results, while not conclusive, appear to back current advice that babies should be exclusively breastfed for six months.

However, they say mothers should still have a choice about whether or not to do it.

Regarding the findings – published in The Lancet Global Health – specialists stress there are many different factors other than breastfeeding that could have an impact on intelligence, although the researchers did try to rule out the main confounders, such as mother’s education, family income and birth weight.

Dr. Bernardo Lessa Horta, from the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil, said his study offers a unique insight because in the population he studied, breastfeeding was evenly distributed across social class – not something just practiced by the rich and educated.Breastfeeding linked to higher IQ

Most of the babies, irrespective of social class, were breastfed – some for less than a month and others for more than a year.

Those who were breastfed for longer scored higher on measures of intelligence as adults.

They were also more likely to earn a higher wage and to have completed more schooling.

Dr. Bernardo Lessa Horta believes breast milk may offer an advantage because it is a good source of long-chain saturated fatty acids which are essential for brain development.

However, experts say the study findings cannot confirm this and that much more research is needed to explore any possible link between breastfeeding and intelligence.