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Updated November 29, 2021

A jury in Las Vegas Monday morning has sent a clear message to the nation’s largest insurance company.

United Healthcare “unjustly enriched” itself while the insurance giant unfairly gutted reimbursements to out of network emergency room doctors across Nevada. The jury awarded more than $2 million in damages, and will return December 7, 2021 to decide how much in punitive damages will be awarded. Testimony during the Las Vegas trial proved United used the reimbursement cuts to generate another billion dollars in profits for the largest insurance company in the country.

Jury deliberations begin at 8:30 am in Las Vegas in the important first legal battle between out of network emergency room physicians and the nation’s largest insurance company.

Medical staffing companies claim United cheated those doctors and nurses out of more than $10 million in reasonable payments for life saving emergency room care. While United slashed reimbursement rates, the company used the money to generate another billion dollars in profits instead of truly cutting the cost of healthcare for patients. 

In closing arguments, Houston attorney John Zavitsanos accused United of “oppression, fraud and conscious disregard, despicable conduct, nothing short of illegal.”

This is the first of legal battles in ten states that will reshape the reasonable payments for emergency room doctors. In Nevada those out of network ER doctors were often paid less than $200 for emergency work on patients suffering from strokes, heart attacks and gunshot wounds.

We will update as soon as we get a verdict.

The court livestream can be accessed here: https://bluejeans.com/541907772/9730


Car insurances give you the confidence and the much-needed protection when you are on the road. Depending on the age of the vehicle your needs might change, but no way does it negate the importance of auto insurance that you must have. For your own protection, as well as others around you, investing in a high-quality car insurance is imperative: insurance that would have your back when you would need it the most.

However, before you go looking for an auto insurance, there are a few things you need to know first.

Car Insurance Rates Get Affected by Many Factors

You might not have known this, but there are plenty of factors that will come to play a huge role in the car insurance deal you will finally get to sign on. Some of them have been listed below for guidance:

Driving record: Your driving history, any previous violations or accidents will be considered since they put you at a higher risk

Age and gender: Men tend to have more accidents than women

Use of vehicle: People who have a higher annual mileage automatically put their vehicles to more risks

Model of the car: This is what would determine the number of claims you will make in future

Each Auto Insurance Company is Different

Auto insurance is an extremely competitive business where you would hardly ever find two companies offering the same insurance price. Each one in the business adopts its own policy for risks calculations and can come up with a value that might vary by hundreds of dollars from the others in the market. This is why you need to be very careful about what you really want and research before you dive in.

Not All Coverages Are Expensive

The liability coverage that you are bound to buy by law is the most expensive one of all followed by collision coverage. The others that offer great coverage without damaging your accounts include roadside assistance, gap coverage and comprehensive coverage which covers the car you have for acts involving fire, theft, and vandalism.

Ask for Discounts

There are a lot of things that you can do to earn some discount on the insurance package you are buying. Installing anti-theft devices, keeping a low mileage along with a good driving record, taking up education courses to improve your driving are just some of them. Make sure you discuss the prospects with your company and work to prove yourself as a better risk candidate to avail such offers.

Read Before You Sign

Since an auto insurance is a legal contract, you should always review and thoroughly read it to make sure that all that was discussed verbally has made it to the final document. In case of any doubts, do discuss it with your dealer without any delay.

If you are looking for a reliable company that would provide you with the best insurance deal, then, click “here” and find the answer you are looking for. Not only do they provide exemplary customer support but they also offer the lowest prices in town. Head over to the website today for more information. 


It is no longer a big secret that for a successful and less painful life you need to have a certain amount of insurance for all possible occasions. Of course, you can live without them, but you may agree, it will be very “painful” in case of any unforeseen situations. When it comes to auto insurance, this question is especially relevant. Every year the number of drivers is increasing and so the number of accidents on the road. So why not to think about how to protect yourself?

Here car insurance quotes come to rescue offering an immediate understanding of various car insurance companies. We a priori cannot foresee troubles and protect ourselves from accidents, natural disasters, bankruptcy, illnesses, and other unpleasant things, but we always can at least cover all the damages. Auto insurance is the right thing that allows you to minimize the possible consequences and feel confident as a driver. But for this, you need choosing a truly reliable company among the variety of choices on the market.


Car Insurance Quotes: Choosing the Best Company

Making auto insurance is not a guarantee of your safety, because everything depends on the company you select. Different insurance companies offer different conditions and therefore differ significantly from each other. Your task is to approach the question of choice with the utmost seriousness.

In addition, the price issue is really important. Here are just a few parameters that are necessary when estimating the price of the policy for you personally:

  • Age

Drivers over 25 always pay less, since the category of a young driver is the most endangered one (most of the accidents are made by people under 26 years old). Some insurance companies use the information on marital status and whether the drivers have children.

  • Local rights

As a rule, local rights are various in every state. It is always better to check what rights are suitable for your region cause it will result in the price you will pay.

  • Driving experience

One more element that affects the price of your car insurance is how much driving experience you possess. Even the one who was a driver in another country can add his or her driving experience.

  • The state where you live

Insurance is highly dependent on the place where you live. Insurance companies look at the number of accidents in the region in which you live. If this is a higher risk area, then you will have to pay more money.

As you can see there are many details that need to be considered before determining the choice of the insurance company. But the good news is you can always simplify these tasks through specialized services. In such a way you can estimate what agency is the most appropriate for your needs and so make a more superior choice.

Using a site aggregator is truly the most convenient and most reliable way. All you need to do is insert the data, SSN number and get car insurance quotes. Then you can confidently draw up a policy on the website of the insurance company. At any rate, you will know exactly what anticipates you.


While it is often confused with a life settlement, a viatical settlement actually has some notable differentiating factors regarding how it works and the circumstances of eligibility. A life settlement is when a policyholder sells their life insurance policy for a cash payout. This is typically done when the insured no longer needs the policy, can no longer keep up with the premiums, or if they would simply rather have a smaller payout sooner to cover their financial needs. Viatical settlements, on the other hand, are less common and pursued specifically by those with serious illnesses and short life expectancies. The policy holder sells their life insurance policy to a third-party buyer, usually at a significantly discounted rate, in exchange for an immediate payout. This is usually done because the seller needs financial assistance dealing with their illness.

Viatical settlement history

Viatical settlements have existed along with life settlements since the 1911 Supreme Court ruling in Grigsby v. Russell where it was decided that life insurance policies are personal property that may be lawfully sold to third parties. They didn’t become prominent, however, until the AIDS epidemic of the 80s where young people were suddenly facing the possibility of dying from the disease in just a few years. By selling their life insurance policies, many were able to afford medical treatments that could extend, and in some cases even save, their lives.

Seller qualifications

A seller needs to meet three basic criteria in order to qualify for a viatical settlement. First, they must have a terminal illness with a life expectancy in the timeframe of two to four years. Second, the policy needs to have been in effect for at least two years. Finally, the policy must come to a value of $100,000 or more.

All life insurance policies are acceptable, whether they’re term or permanent policies. There are still a variety of factors, however, that can affect the payout of a viatical settlement. Such factors may include the seller’s illness and its stage, individual policies of companies and brokers involved, the death benefit of the policy, and any other factors deemed relevant.

 Why pursue a viatical settlement?

One of the most common reasons to pursue a viatical settlement is because the seller simply can’t afford their insurance premiums any longer. The settlement frees them from this financial burden and also provides a payout for the seller to pursue medical care or other needs. This is a particularly good choice if the seller no longer has anyone relying on the death benefit of their policy.

A viatical settlement can also be a good choice when a term policy is nearly expired. Instead of letting it run out, it may be possible to convert to a whole policy and sell it. It’s also worth looking into selling a policy if it’s about to lapse. Most companies offer a grace period before the policy lapses from non-payment, and even a small payout is better than just wasting the policy. 

Advantages over other options

There are two main advantages to a viatical settlement over other options for those inclined. A viatical settlement will almost always provide a larger payout than other forms of financial assistance. Viatical settlements also have a specific advantage over life settlements in that they are tax free. They can often be the best option for a seller to improve their quality of life during the time they have left. If one decides to pursue this option, it’s often as easy as a brief application and a payout within days, if a buyer is found.


It is true that most car accident claims can be resolved outside the court. In such a case, there will be no reason for filing a lawsuit. However, there are instances when the cases cannot be resolved and so it necessitate for filing a case in a court of law.

This post looks at three reasons why it may be necessary for you to seek the services of a professional in car accident case.

  1. When The Parties Are Unable To Agree On Who Was On the Wrong

When two parties get involved in a car accident, it is necessary that they determine who was at fault. Unfortunately, knowing the party that was on the wrong may not be easy. It can lead to a heated exchange making it difficult for the matter to be resolved without instituting a legal proceeding. In some cases, the parties may agree on who caused the accident but they may not agree on the amount to be paid as compensation to the injured plaintiff. When this happens, it is necessary that you get a professional to help sort this out. You need to find a competent attorney to institute a legal proceeding so that the injured party can be compensated.


Source: https://pixabay.com/en/calculator-calculation-insurance-385506/

  1. When Dealing With an Insurance Company

Most people think that dealing with an insurance company over personal injury matters is easy. However, the truth is that it is a difficult task that needs to be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney. Remember insurance companies are aware that they can avoid paying more by underestimating losses. In some cases, they may refuse to pay when they realize that the injured person does not have an attorney.

For this reason, it may be necessary that you get an attorney to investigate the accident and gather the evidence to use to argue the case out. Hiring a law firm allows the injured person to access professional investigators that will make it difficult for the liable person to dispute liability. Most companies have the best lawyer for car accidents who will help tilt the case in your favour.

  1. When the Case Requires Medical Experts Input

To maximize on car accident claims, it is important that you hire a law company that has the best lawyer for car accidents and is versed in medical matters. In accident cases, there is always a need to establish the connection between the injuries and the causes. An attorney must establish that the injuries were caused by the negligence of the defendant.

Hiring a company with an attorney that is skilled in medical progress documenting could be an added advantage because he will be able to portray the effect of the accident to your future life and demonstrate activities that you may not be able to do as a result of the accident. If the injured person is incapacitated, the attorney should demonstrate this and use the information to compute compensation.

The attorney needs to prepare the papers to be filed, organize the evidence that will be presented and the opening remarks. He will also be responsible for presenting the witness and cross-examining the defendant. Remember the amount of settlement the plaintiff gets is mostly dependent on the attorney’s negotiating skills.


Sandra Bullock is suing watch company ToyWatch she claims used her image in advertising without her permission.

Now Sandra Bullock is the subject of a lawsuit by an insurance company that wants to determine if it should pay out if she wins her case.

Sandra Bullock is suing watch company ToyWatch she claims used her image in advertising without her permission

Sandra Bullock is suing watch company ToyWatch she claims used her image in advertising without her permission

The legal maneuver is being taken by the insurers of ToyWatch, which made the timepiece Sandra Bullock’s famously indomitable mom character wore in The Blind Side.

According to TMZ, ToyWatch has a policy in place that might cover a judgment in case they lose in court.

The insurance company does not want to wait until after the initial lawsuit has ran its course, and on Monday legal docs were filed against Sandra Bullock, asking a judge to decide if they’re on the hook in case the actress wins.

The flashy white timepiece Sandra Bullock wore as Leigh Anne Tuohy was a key part of her gaudy appearance.

The ToyWatch soon became popularly marketed online as the Sandra Bullock watch, with its sales likely to have been affected by its connection to the Oscar-nominated film and its successful leading lady.

Sandra Bullock last year sued the Italian-owned company for using her name and image in its adverts.

She alleges ToyWatch USA’s use of her name and image infringes her publicity rights and claimed it may lead to over-saturation of her commercially valuable name.

At online sales sites, including Amazon, the watch is associated with Sandra Bullock, who claims the watch maker also uses her name on its website.

The lawsuit stated Sandra Bullock “will not voluntarily appear in print or other media for a company or product unless she carefully selects and believes in the company and product, and unless the compensation she receives is commensurate with the value of the exploitation of her name, image, identity, and persona”.

If ToyWatch is found to have negatively impacted Sandra Bullock’s name, misappropriating it to its own advantage without any benefit to her, she may win damages and see an injunction placed on the company.

The watch – on sale for around $272 – “features a diamanté rotating bezel encrusted with synthetic mineral glass stones, which is set against a white dial with diamanté markers”.

“The white plasteramic linked strap securely fastens with a butterfly clasp” according to marketing information.

If Sandra Bullock proves to be as steely as her character in the 2009 football tale, ToyWatch may live to regret its marketing moves.


Texan insurance company SCA Promotions plans to file a lawsuit next week to recoup $12 million from disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

SCA Promotions insured bonuses paid to Lance Armstrong when he claimed his fourth, fifth and sixth Tour de France wins.

Lance Armstrong has admitted using performance-enhancing drugs for all seven of his Tour de France wins.

“We will likely file that lawsuit as soon as next week unless we get a satisfactory response from Armstrong’s camp,” SCA lawyer Jeff Tillotson said.

The insurance policy was taken out by Tailwind Sports, owner of the US Postal team, to cover performance bonuses payable to Lance Armstrong if he claimed his fourth, fifth and sixth Tour victories.

SCA initially refused to pay out money covering the bonus for Lance Armstrong’s sixth Tour win in 2004, totalling $5 million, because it argued Armstrong was not a clean rider.

SCA Promotions plans to file a lawsuit next week to recoup $12 million from disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong

SCA Promotions plans to file a lawsuit next week to recoup $12 million from disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong took the company to an arbitration hearing in Dallas in 2005 and won, because the contract between the parties stipulated the insurance money would be payable if Armstrong was the “official winner” of the Tour.

But, after Lance Armstrong’s confession of doping to Oprah Winfrey this week, Jeff Tillotson said his client would be looking to recover the money, now assessed at $12 million because of legal costs and interest.

The Dallas attorney gave his reaction to the Armstrong interview with Winfrey, saying he found it “jaw-dropping” that Lance Armstrong had admitted all the things he denied in the arbitration hearing in 2005.

“Every question in his testimony that he answered no to when I asked him, he answered yes to Oprah Winfrey,” he said.

“So it was pretty clear from the first few minutes of the interview he was admitting that he had committed perjury in our legal proceedings in the US.

“From our perspective we were somewhat floored by how quickly he admitted that.”

Jeff Tillotson said Lance Armstrong was yet to get in touch with him personally, or SCA Promotions.

There have been suggestions that Lance Armstrong could also be charged with perjury for lying under oath in 2005 but Jeff Tillotson admits this is unlikely to happen.