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Instagram is among the largest social media platform. It is owned by Facebook and applies the same principles. It has incorporated the like button and the view option of every post or video. You can conveniently check the number of followers, likes, and views. 

People with a large following are dominant on Instagram and have occupied top hashtags and top pages on the platform. Many people strive for a large following on the platform. Individuals, celebrities, brands, and business owners want recognition on the platform by gathering a large audience.

How does the audience affect you?

1) Gain popularity

The massive the number of viewers the more you are famous. The best way to gain reputation is by acquiring a large following, likes and views on your posts and videos. Most major personalities establish their image on social platforms. A brand will focus on gaining a large audience to increase in popularity.

However, gaining likes, followers and views is quite a task thus people are turning to buy insta audience.

2) Make more sales

A large number of followers is right for your business. The more people who are aware of your product the probability of the buying is high. If you want to increase your online sales on social media platforms, ensure that the number of audiences you have is high. A number of social media marketing pricing plans can work with your budget to streamline this growth process for any social network. 

3) Gain reputation

Instagram is perfect to make a reputation. The posts and videos on your account should boost your image. It is very convenient is if you are a public figure. Gaining reputation involves gaining trust from many people. A good reputation will make people trust your brand and rely on your products.

4) Reach more people

Social media is a good marketing strategy. The more your insta audience, the more likely you will reach more people. A brand or entrepreneur having a large following affects their business. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, it is essential to have a large audience on your account.

People love places with high engagement and if you can influence many people the more you will sell. Getting your product to the target market involves reaching a large number of people. The secret to business success can acquire and retain customers. Retaining them on social media platforms involves actively engaging them.

5) Make an impact on the society

Most people on Instagram strives to send a particular message to a specific group of people. It may be their experiences in life or helping people live with a specific condition. The appropriate way of reaching many people is having a large group of following.

You can conveniently send a helpful message to many people if your audience is right. 

Bottom Line

A large audience impacts your image positively. People often rely on brand or entrepreneurs that many people trust. If you post a product or video and many people like and view it many will see it as a reliable product and will get more sales.

Having large insta followers is meaningful. You should strive to acquire the right number. It is convenient to boost your image and people will trust you. Many people will also follow you if your account is highly engaging.

Getting the right number can take time, and you may not achieve it naturally. You can opt to buy followers, likes, and views from reliable sites.


Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are both leaving the company.

CEO Kevin Systrom said they were departing to “explore our curiosity and creativity again”.

Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock and has more than one billion users.

There had been reports of tension between the pair and Facebook, and the departures add to what has been a troubling year for the parent company.

Kevin Systrom, 34, and Mike Krieger, 32, the chief technical officer, started the image sharing site in 2010, and continued to run the service after it was acquired by Facebook.

They reportedly only told the Facebook leadership on September 24 so the departure appears pretty sudden.

Kevin Systrom said in a blog post: “We’re now ready for our next chapter.

“Building new things requires that we step back, understand what inspires us and match that with what the world needs; that’s what we plan to do.”

Facebook admits teenagers are becoming bored with the social network turning to Snapchat and Instagram

Instagram could sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification

There was no animosity in the blog post. Kevin Systrom said the pair both remained “excited for the future of Instagram and Facebook”.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that Instagram reflected the founders’ “combined creative talents”.

“I’ve learned a lot working with them for the past six years and have really enjoyed it,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what they build next.”

There have been reports of tension with Facebook’s leadership. Instagram’s popularity has soared in a period where use of the core Facebook product has stagnated.

This has put increased pressure on Facebook to squeeze more and more money from its users by adding new features some felt went against the Instagram app’s original focus on simplicity.

The latest Instagram product, IGTV, which allows posting of longer videos, in part to compete with YouTube, has not had an auspicious start. It was criticized this month after suggestive videos of children were recommended to its users.

Facebook has also been under intense pressure this year over the issues of safeguarding customer data and the misuse of its platforms by those wishing to spread fake news, including for political ends.

This, along with increased pressure from competitor platforms, appears to have led Mark Zuckerberg and his core executives to exert more control.

It ran counter to the business model the pair had become used to. Kevin Systrom had earlier praised the “tremendous freedom” Mark Zuckerberg had allowed since the takeover.


Kanye West has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which had tens of millions of followers.

The reasons why were unclear but last November the rapper ended a tour early.

Kanye West had accused fellow rapper Jay-Z of trying to kill him and walked off stage after announcing he would vote for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, remains on Twitter and has 51 million followers.

Photo Instagram

She has been promoting her and her husband’s children’s clothing line.

Shortly after Kanye West’s accounts were deactivated, Kim Kardashian tweeted that he had hand drawn a logo for the clothing line.

Fans responded by pleading with her to persuade Kanye West to return.

The rapper had already adopted a quieter approach to social media earlier this year and reportedly deleted some of his previous pro-Trump tweets.

Kanye West’s breakdown also came after Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewellery worth an estimated €10 million ($10.5 million) in Paris in October 2016.

Pope Francis gained 10,000 followers within hours after joining Instagram on March 19.

The Pontiff has only posted two photos so far but there are an estimated 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world.

Pope Francis is using the name @Franciscus, Latin for Francis.

The first photo wasn’t a selfie, it was a picture showing Pope Francis kneeling with his head bowed in prayer.

The accompanying caption reads “Pray for me” and is repeated in eight other languages.

The Instagram account won’t be maintained by Pope Francis himself – other people within the Vatican will be responsible for the content.Pope Francis joins Instagram

Pope Francis is no stranger to social media, he already has a Twitter account using the handle @Pontifex.

He used that to announce his presence on Instagram.

It’s thought the Vatican is trying to engage with younger Catholics through the use of social media.

According to Dario Viganò, from the Pope Francis’ communications team the account “will help recount the Papacy through images.”

He explained that it was “to enable all those who wish to accompany and know more about Pope Francis’ pontificate to encounter his gestures of tenderness and mercy”.

Instagram chief executive and co-founder Kevin Systrom met up with Pope Francis earlier this month.


Ramzan Kadyrov has accused Instagram of bowing to US pressure after the social network removed a video he posted showing Russian opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov in a sniper’s gunsights.

Instagram said the video posted by the Chechen leader had “violated the requirement to respect other members” of the social network.

In a new Instagram post, Ramzan Kadyrov said he had been punished for saying “a few words about the USA’s guard dogs”.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s video showed former Russian PM Mikhail Kasyanov as a sniper’s target.

Mikhail Kasyanov is a high-profile critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the opposition RPR-Parnas party.

Ramzan Kadyrov has recently called Vladimir Putin’s critics “enemies” and “traitors”.

Photo Instagram

Photo Instagram

In his latest post on Instagram, Ramazan Kadyrov said: “Here it is, the much-acclaimed freedom of speech, American style!

“You can write anything you want, but do not touch America’s dogs, friends of the Department of State and Congress. You know very well whom I am talking about!”

Mikhail Kasyanov and other Russian opposition politicians described the sniper video as a murder threat.

In March 2015, Ramzan Kadyrov spoke out on Instagram about the assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, defending one of the Chechens charged over the shooting.

A day later, President Vladimir Putin gave the Chechen leader a top award.

Boris Nemtsov is among several well-known opponents of Vladimir Putin who have been murdered in the past decade.

Ramzan Kadyrov runs Chechnya with an iron fist – his private militia has been accused of widespread human rights abuses, including torture and assassination.

He has close ties to Vladimir Putin, who encouraged him to stamp out a separatist insurgency in Chechnya.

Thousands of civilians died in the North Caucasus republic when Russian troops fought the rebels there in the 1990s.


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby No 2’s birth announcement will be made via Twitter, People magazine reported.

Once the second royal baby is born at St. Mary’s hospital in London, the news will be announced via an official email and Kensington Palace will update its social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram.

The royal baby tweets and Instagram posts will announce the baby’s gender, time of birth, and weight.

In January 2015, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry officially joined Twitter and Instagram under the handle @KensingtonRoyal.Royal baby 2 birth announcement Twitter

As with Prince George’s birth in 2013, a birth notice will be placed on an easel outside of Buckingham Palace that will include the baby’s gender, weight and time of birth.

For the first time, a royal announcement will be a mix of tradition and technology.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will make the traditional appearance on the steps of the hospital when they leave.

Weeks ago, parking restrictions were put in place outside of that legendary brown door where Prince Will and Kate Middleton will present their baby to the world, much like they did when Prince George was born.

A sign outside of the hospital says the restrictions are in place for a “special event”.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy with the second royal baby is overdue, but according to a new report, a birth should be expected within days.

Oprah Winfrey’s best friend – CBS’s This Morning co-anchor Gayle King – discovered on Friday, March 13, that her beautiful Zac Posen dress split right down the middle.

Gayle King was cracking up at her booty-baring moment, even Instagramming before and after pics of the incident.

The first picture shows Gayle King, facing forward, modeling her seemingly intact dress.

“Stay with me this is going somewhere,” she promised her followers.

Photo Instagram

Photo Instagram

In the second picture, Gayle King has a hand held up to her mouth in mock astonishment, and her seam-splitting snafu in the back is clearly visible.

The “wardrobe malfunction,” Gayle King explained, happened while she was “getting out of a car at Hearst Tower [in New York City] and felt cold air on my bottom!”.

“Thank goodness for black Spanx,” she added.

“[This] could have been (really) embarrassing!”

“Sooo,” Gayle King asked her followers, was the Zac Posen “dress too small or [was] my butt too big???”

Zac Posen himself commented on the pictures: “Replacement on its way or send to the studio and we will fix!! I’m really sorry about the seam ripping. Love Zp.”


Terrence Howard accused his ex-wife Michelle Ghent of sending him death threats via Instagram last year using a fictitious account, court documents revealed.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent divorced in May 2013.

The actor alleged in a May 2014 criminal threat complaint obtained by E! News that, a month prior Terrence Howard and his current wife Mira Pak received multiple written threats.

“The victim and Mira H. fear for their life since the suspect knows where they live,” the complaint stated.

“Mira H. believes the suspect is more than capable of following through her threats.”Terrence Howard and ex wife Michelle Ghent

Terrence Howard married wife Miranda, his third wife, in late 2013 and they’re currently expecting their first child together, the actor’s fourth kid.

A search warrant was issued for Michelle Ghent’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the necessary log-ins, IP addresses, etc., to look into her digital footprint.

Per court documents, investigators seized an email from Facebook’s law enforcement response team informing the LAPD that they found Michie_Gent but could not locate the users of the three other account names from which the other threats allegedly came from, as well as 138 pages of subscriber information and copies of posts from April 1, 2014, to July 1, 2014.

The search warrant file alleges that Instagram user ROSEKIM1988 posted a photo from Terrence Howard and Mira Pak’s wedding day with a rude message. The same photo was also sent from the account jchang768 with the same message.

Terrence Howard and Miranda Pak also were targeted in an Instagram post from Michie_Ghent with a photo of a pill bottle with the caption: “oh dear look what I found. Do hope you refilled it’s one of your things you can’t leave home with out.”

The complaint continues: “The victim said that this harassment has been going on for over a year. Now he is receiving threats. He and his wife are afraid that the suspect is going to follow through with the threats. To the victim, the harassment appears to be escalating.”

According to TMZ, Michelle Ghent said that she did not send these messages and that she has talked to police and is no longer considered a suspect.

[youtube IRK47OfDp8c 650]


President George W. Bush sent an incredible reply after President Bill Clinton asked why he wasn’t on Twitter on November 12.

Bill Clinton questioned George W. Bush with a tweet saying he received his copy of 41: A Portrait of My Father, the biography of former President George H.W. Bush written by his son.

In the message, Bill Clinton asked why George W. Bush had not joined Twitter.

George Bush responded on another social media site, Instagram. He asked why Bill Clinton didn’t have an Instagram account. His message included the hashtag “#BrotherFromAnotherMother”.Photo AP

“Thanks, 42! Hope you like the book about your pal, #41. #HowAreYouSTILLNotOnInstagram #PresidentialGrammers?”

This is almost certainly the first time two former presidents have referred to themselves as brothers from another mother.

Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton could find themselves involved in the 2016 presidential race. Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, is widely considered the Democratic frontrunner and there is mounting speculation George Bush’s brother, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, could run on the Republican side.


Kim Kardashian posted a gym selfie on Instagram on July 19.

Kim Kardashian shared gym selfie while daughter North West was napping

Kim Kardashian shared gym selfie while daughter North West was napping (photo Instagram)

“Gym time while my baby is napping!” Kim Kardashian, 33, captioned the picture.

Kim Kardashian recently hit more than 16 million Instagram followers, prompting her to post several bikini shots of her toned body.

“#NoFlexZone,” Kim Kardashian captioned one full-body image.

Instagram announced it will start placing ads in US users photo streams in a posting on its website.

“We have big ideas for the future, and part of making them happen is building Instagram into a sustainable business,” the photo sharing service said.

Ads will appear in a few months and involve just a handful of firms.

Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion, but has never made a profit.

Instagram announced it will start placing ads in US users photo streams

Instagram announced it will start placing ads in US users photo streams

The company, which now has 150 million users, has been a favorite among consumers but has long left analysts wondering how it could turn enthusiasm among photographers into a business model.

Early efforts by Instagram to generate revenue were met with user backlash, such as when the company changed the terms of service to seemingly indicate that it would own user images and could sell those images to advertisers.

The failure of this move was acknowledged in the company’s posting.

“As always, you own your own photos and videos. The introduction of advertising won’t change this,” it said.

Social media advertising is a booming business in the US.

According to research firm eMarketer, advertisers will spend $9.5 billion on social network ads worldwide this year.

Facebook has boosted its efforts to gain a larger share of this ad spending.

This year, the company’s share of global mobile ad revenues will rise to 15.8% from 5.35% last year.

Facebook has admitted that teenagers are becoming bored with the social networking giant.

Facing competition from younger, more agile and “cooler” apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook fears its long-term business could be harmed.

And as Facebook approaches its tenth anniversary the firm published its annual 10-K report last month revealing that its younger users are increasingly turning away from the multi-billion dollar business.

Published last month, Facebook annual report states: “We believe that some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook.

“For example, we believe that some of our users have reduced their engagement with Facebook in favor of increased engagement with other products and services such as Instagram.

“In the event that our users increasingly engage with other products and services, we may experience a decline in user engagement and our business could be harmed.”

The sobering admission that they need to sharpen their public image comes as Facebook Director of Product Blake Ross announced in scathing terms why he was leaving the social networking powerhouse.

“I’m leaving because a Forbes writer asked his son’s best friend Todd if Facebook was still cool and the friend said no, and plus none of HIS friends think so either even Leila who used to love it, and this journalism made me reconsider the long-term viability of the company.”

Facing competition from younger, more agile and “cooler” apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook fears its long-term business could be harmed

Facing competition from younger, more agile and “cooler” apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook fears its long-term business could be harmed

Maybe because of the seriousness of his jesting post, Blake Ross pulled the message from his Facebook page.

However, it did not divert from the fact that teenagers are very often a plausible, but non-scientific barometer for trends – especially what is cool and what is not.

Indeed, the founder and of new social networking site Branch, Josh Miller, asked his 15-year-old sister for her opinion on Facebook.

Her verdict was damning.

“She tries to visit Facebook as infrequently as possible,” Josh Miller wrote, because it’s addictive, and because it’s not as fun as Instagram.

“Facebook may have an irreversibly bad brand,” Josh Miller concluded.

Web-expert, Laura Portwood-Stacer was more concise in her opinion of how Facebook relates to today’s teenagers.

“I think it has less to do with kids consciously looking for <<the next big thing>> than Facebook just no longer being a space that serves them,” said Laura Portwood-Stacer.

“I think kids are less self-conscious about trying to be cool than marketers would like to think,” she added.

Teenagers are turning to sites like Tumblr and apps like Snapchat and Instagram as their preferred methods of communication.

“Tumblr is mainly my obsession as of now,” said 15-year-old Collin Wisniewski to The Verge.

“It just seems more intimate and it’s not really a place of bragging, but more of a place of sharing.”

Apps such as Snapchat give power to younger users who do not like the idea of their images existing forever and tagged on Facebook,

“I would say that this app really is one of my major communicating devices more than really a social network,” said Collin Wisniewski.

However, this does not mean that teens are leaving Facebook similar in manner to the demise of MySpace.

They are simply using the service less and other newer products more.

And, of course, monetarily, Facebook owns Instagram and is still at the forefront of mobile device apps.

Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing website, has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification.

Unless users delete their Instagram accounts by a deadline of January 16th, they cannot opt out.

The changes also mean Instagram can share information about its users with Facebook, its parent company, as well as other affiliates and advertisers.

The move riled social media users, with one likening it to a “suicide note”.

The new policies follow Facebook’s record $1 billion (758 million euro) acquisition of Instagram in April.

Facebook’s vice-president of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson earlier this month had said: “Eventually we’ll figure out a way to monetize Instagram.”

A notice updating the privacy policy on the Instagram site said: “We may share your information as well as information from tools like cookies, log files, and device identifiers and location data with organizations that help us provide the service to you… (and) third-party advertising partners.”

“To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you,” it said in its terms of use.

But Instagram said that its aim was to make it easier to work with Facebook.

Instagram has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users' photos to advertisers without notification

Instagram has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification

“This means we can do things like fight spam more effectively, detect system and reliability problems more quickly, and build better features for everyone by understanding how Instagram is used,” it said in a statement.

However, the updated policy will not change how it handles photo ownership or who is able to see a user’s pictures, it added.

But the new policy has triggered a backlash among social media users, with some threatening to quit.

One user tweeted: “Good bye #instagram. Your new terms of service are totally stupid and nonsense. Good luck playing with the big boys.”

New York-based photographer Clayton Cubbit wrote on his account that the new policy was “Instagram’s suicide note”.

Analysts said that the new policies could deal a blow to Facebook’s reputation and alienate some users.

Richard Holway, chairman of TechMarketView, said: “Every time Facebook has altered their privacy policy it has led to a backlash and they’ve been forced to retreat. They tamper with people’s privacy at a cost. People are very upset.”

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director at 451 Research, added: “It’s a barefaced tactic that Facebook and Instagram have taken, and one that will likely meet with many challenges, legally and ethically.

“The fact is that Facebook has critical mass, and is quite confident that such moves may cause uproar, but not a flight of business.

“Larger firms like Facebook are essentially trailblazing before specific regulations can catch up with them, and as we have seen with Google in the past, regulations and laws have limited real impact on their business operations – so they tend to move forward regardless of opposition.”

Facebook has launched a new photo sharing smartphone app called Camera.

The software allows users to take multiple pictures and share them at once rather than having to upload them one at a time.

Camera also features a feed of friends’ photos.

The launch is unexpected as the program offers users similar tools to Instagram which the social network is in the process of taking over.

Both apps allow users to add filters and make other tweaks to photographs.

Facebook’s Camera photo sharing app offers users similar tools to Instagram which the social network is in the process of taking over

Facebook’s Camera photo sharing app offers users similar tools to Instagram which the social network is in the process of taking over

Facebook has agreed to pay $1 billion for Instagram, but the acquisition has not been completed.

Brian Blau, research director at the technology analysts Gartner, said the move may surprise some, but thought it made sense.

“Facebook has to move its business forward,” he said.

“It said earlier that it would keep Instagram as a separate business, but you need to bear in mind that it is buying a unique social network with a specific demographic.

“By doing this Facebook allows Instagram to remain intact while adopting some of its features to ensure its core service maintains its lead as the internet’s most used photo sharing site.”

At present Camera only works on Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

A news release from Facebook did not mention when it might be released for Android or other systems.


Facebook announces its decision to buy Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing smartphone app.

Facebook is paying $1 billion in cash and stock for the takeover.

Instagram was only launched in October 2010 – initially just for the iPhone before being offered as an Android app last week.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to continue to develop Instagram as a separate brand, allowing it to post to rival networks.

The app is free and allows users to apply 17 filters to the pictures they take – changing the color balance to give the images a different feel – before they are uploaded.

It has proven hugely popular. The company says that it has more than 30 million users uploading more than 5 million new pictures every day.

Facebook will buy Instagram for $1 billion in the most expensive business deal in history

Facebook will buy Instagram for $1 billion in the most expensive business deal in history

It was reported that Instagram has 13 employees, meaning that at $77 million a head makes it the most expensive business deal in history.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page: “We think the fact that Instagram is connected to other services beyond Facebook is an important part of the experience.

“We plan on keeping features like the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook.”

He added: “This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all.”

Instagram’s FAQ says it had previously raised $7.5 million in funding from three venture capital firms and “a small group of angel investors”.

The deal marks the second time in four months that Facebook has taken on staff from another social network.

In December, it announced it was hiring the co-founders of the location-based check-in service Gowalla. The network closed down shortly afterwards.

The moves come ahead of Facebook’s planned flotation later this year. The firm reportedly plans to issue $5 billion worth of stock on the New York-based Nasdaq exchange in May or June. The deal could value the firm as being worth as much as $100 billion.