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Gayle King’s wardrobe malfunction revealed on Instagram

Oprah Winfrey’s best friend – CBS’s This Morning co-anchor Gayle King – discovered on Friday, March 13, that her beautiful Zac Posen dress split right down the middle.

Gayle King was cracking up at her booty-baring moment, even Instagramming before and after pics of the incident.

The first picture shows Gayle King, facing forward, modeling her seemingly intact dress.

“Stay with me this is going somewhere,” she promised her followers.

Photo Instagram

Photo Instagram

In the second picture, Gayle King has a hand held up to her mouth in mock astonishment, and her seam-splitting snafu in the back is clearly visible.

The “wardrobe malfunction,” Gayle King explained, happened while she was “getting out of a car at Hearst Tower [in New York City] and felt cold air on my bottom!”.

“Thank goodness for black Spanx,” she added.

“[This] could have been (really) embarrassing!”

“Sooo,” Gayle King asked her followers, was the Zac Posen “dress too small or [was] my butt too big???”

Zac Posen himself commented on the pictures: “Replacement on its way or send to the studio and we will fix!! I’m really sorry about the seam ripping. Love Zp.”