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The California “weather bomb” storm has eased in south, while pressing on further north in the state.

Heavy rains, flash floods and mud slides wreaked havoc on February 17 and 18, killing at least five people.

According to meteorologists, it was the worst storm to hit California in years.

Forecasters warned residents in the north, including San Francisco, to expect more heavy rain on February 19.

Meteorologists described the storm as “bombogenesis”, an intense extra-tropical cyclonic low-pressure area, or “a weather bomb”.

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One man was killed after a tree fell and pulled a power line on to his car in the Sherman Oaks area of LA.

A second person died in a vehicle when it was submerged by a flash flood in the town of Victorville.

Two others died in car accidents in the San Diego area, and another person was found dead after being swept into a creek in Ventura County.

Evacuation orders were lifted in the towns of Duarte on February 18.

The northern California has already experienced fears of flooding at the tallest dam in the country, Oroville Dam, when more than 180,000 residents were evacuated from their homes last week.

Authorities at the dam have been working to lower the level of the lake and have said it has continued to fall despite the storm.

Mudslides and flooding killed at least one person and forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes as heavy rains hit southern California.

The body was found in a drainage canal in a southern suburb of Los Angeles.

Another hard-hit area was the town of Camarillo Springs, 50 miles north-west of Los Angeles, where a mudslide left 18 homes uninhabitable.

The same storm closed major highways and caused power cuts in the San Francisco area on Thursday.

More than 200,000 people were still without power on December 12 further north in Oregon and Washington state.California mudslide December 2014

National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Jackson that rain had been falling at a rate of nearly 2 inches an hour near Camarillo Springs, before a river of mud and rocks hit the community.

Officials ordered the evacuation of more than 100 homes in the town. Further east in Glendora, another 1,000 people were told to leave following mudslides.

In Los Angeles, rescue teams saved two people from the Los Angeles River.

Three deaths have already been blamed on the harsh weather, including homeless man and son killed in Oregon on December 11 when a tree toppled onto their tent.

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At least seven people have died after heavy rains triggered flash floods in southern Spain, officials have said.

Among the victims were an elderly woman and a young girl.

The strength of the floods overturned cars, closed roads, damaged homes and forced hundreds to leave their properties.

The hardest hit areas were the provinces of Malaga and Almeria, and Murcia region.

At least seven people have died after heavy rains triggered flash floods in southern Spain

At least seven people have died after heavy rains triggered flash floods in southern Spain

At least 600 people had to be evacuated from their homes in Andalucia region, which contains Malaga and Almeria, officials said.

Spain’s weather agency said that up to 245 litres (65 gallons) of water per square metre had fallen on Friday morning alone.

An elderly woman died when a river broke its banks and floodwater hit her home in Alora, north of Malaga, AFP reports.

Two other adults died in Andalucia, while three others, including a 10-year old girl were killed in neighboring Murcia.

“In Malaga province there are 800 staff working to return things to normal as quickly as possible. The rains are decreasing and seem to be shifting towards Granada and Almeria,” a regional government spokesperson told AFP.

However, torrential rain and violent thunderstorms are predicted to continue in the south of the country during the weekend.

The heavy rains in parts of the south follow months of drought and high temperatures across Spain which triggered dozens of wildfires.

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