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Healthcare providers and their business partners are subject to stricter rules than most companies when it comes to data security. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets forth national standards for preventing the accidental disclosure of protected health information (PHI). To avoid hefty fines and reputational damage, all businesses operating within the healthcare industry or in partnership with those that are must maintain HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA’s Security Rule requires providers to keep patient data safe while it’s in transit and at rest. When it comes to transmitting data via the Internet, that can pose a problem. 

The best way for businesses in the healthcare industry to convey sensitive patient data securely is to sign up for a HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service. Read on to find out about the advantages of taking this approach to keeping data secure while it’s in transit to authorized recipients.

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1. Enhanced Compliance

Not all cloud fax services offer the level of data security healthcare providers need to maintain compliance with HIPAA’s Security Rule. When providers work with mFax.io, they can expect enhanced security that significantly reduces the risks of accidental non-compliance associated with manual faxing and on-site fax servers. The company’s security team maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge base of HIPAA’s requirements and PHI-handling best practices, so they’re perfectly suited to act as compliance management partners.

2. Improved Data Security

Given that the healthcare industry experiences frequent data breaches, finding business partners that take cybersecurity seriously is a must for any healthcare provider. Cloud faxing is far more secure than either sending emails or using traditional fax machines. HIPAA-compliant cloud fax services use multiple methods for protecting PHI, which can include:

  •  Designated sign-ins
  • Fax encryption
  • Automatic notifications
  • Authorized-only access
  • Fax data recovery
  • And more

Partnering with a reputable HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service also removes some of the impetus for data protection from the shoulders of internal cybersecurity officials. Given that most information security officers and teams are already overworked, that can be a boon to productivity.

3. More Streamlined Audit Processes

HIPAA also requires healthcare providers and their business partners to undergo periodic compliance audits. A streamlined auditing system that both logs and accounts for all correspondence is a must given the sheer amount of fax communications used in the healthcare industry. That’s just what providers will get when they work with HIPAA-compliant cloud fax services.

A HIPAA-compliant cloud fax provider will maintain complete data logs that record all file activities as part of its audit trail protocol for clients. The system will also automatically register all user activity, which can then be cataloged along with fax trails. Finally, the provider should offer an annual SOC2 report, which should include a complete set of information about the data center hosting the organization’s PHI, its service environment, procedures, and practices.

4. Simple Software Integration

Every healthcare network uses a different set of computer programs and applications, but that won’t be a problem for organizations that choose the right cloud faxing service. A good service provider will offer clients tailored application programming interfaces (APIs), making it easy to integrate software without creating unnecessary disruptions to business operations.

Make the Switch

It’s time for healthcare industry organizations that are still relying on traditional fax machines to embrace the future of faxing. Make the switch to a HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service as soon as possible.

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Improving a private practice or medical business has very different struggles compared to growing a traditional business. Can a tool like healthcare marketing help you out with this monumental task of transforming your favourite services? Let’s take a look at how they can help you out.


First and foremost, healthcare is an area of expertise. Whether you are looking into a qualification into healthcare marketing yourself or you are hiring someone who can help you with your business, the insight and knowledge that can be gained from a qualification like this cannot be missed.

An expert in healthcare marketing will be able to recommend what is needed for the business overall. Their recommendations will be smart and filled with insight, as you might expect from someone of their expertise in any area. By taking the time to listen to an expert like this, they will be able to come up with a credible plan that you can implement to transform your business.


Healthcare marketing is also incredibly important as it can be used to analyse how your practice is currently performing. If you feel like you are doing everything right, but you aren’t making progress, healthcare marketing can offer you the tools you need to properly analyse what is happening in the business.

Marketing techniques in this sector need to be done exactly right as they will directly impact people’s lives in a way that other campaigns will not. This, in turn, links back to the need for expertise. Not just any marketing executive could jump into a healthcare marketing role. This is a role for someone with an understanding of the industry, what its needs are, and what the best path forward is to garner the most success.


An industry like healthcare is still subject to trends and changes, though they might not be as obvious as in other sectors. For example, right now a patient-centric approach is thought to be the best path to operate on. By tapping into these changing trends using healthcare marketing, you will be able to transform the reputation of your practice.

This can be fantastic if you are inheriting an established practice and you want to put your own stamp on the place. Bringing it up to modern standards and changing some of the practices here could bring up the satisfaction of your existing customers and attract even more to you.

Find the Right Healthcare Marketing for You Today

It can be difficult to pinpoint precisely which paths could be right for you and your business. This is why healthcare marketing is so crucial. It takes an overview of business, analyses what you are doing right, and puts together some achievable targets to help you improve the business in easy stages.

Take the time to find the right professional to help you out, or even look into courses so you can gain some expertise in this area yourself. Before long, your business could be running in a far more efficient and profitable manner, thanks to healthcare marketing.


Over the years, healthcare has gone in and out of favor with the general population, most often because of two main factors. The first is obviously cost and the second is typically in response to the length of time it takes to get into a doctor if you should become ill. Patients are tired of being made to feel as though their time isn’t important and when they are sick, waiting a week or two to be seen is totally unacceptable.

If you are in any profession within the healthcare industry, there are some things you can do to counteract bad press. Some things you can do personally and other things must happen on an administrative level, but when combined, you should begin to see a difference in your community as to how your healthcare facilities are viewed.

Image source Flickr

Image source Flickr

1. Make Better Use of Technology to Speed up Processes

Stop for a moment to consider how technology is impacting the way we live our everyday lives. From shopping to studying, the Internet is an invaluable asset and something you can use to counteract bad press in your area. Hire a PR agency that has a high success rate and let them write whatever is necessary to show that you are concerned about the state of healthcare in your city and highlight success stories such as a local favorite nurse who just completed her BSN to DNP online. Locals love it when one of their own succeeds and what could be a bigger success than getting that nurse practitioner doctorate degree?

2. Work towards Recruiting New Talent

Some cities go out of their way to encourage young people to go to nursing school or med school to become doctors. There is such a shortage that local businesses band together and offer scholarships to promising young students who are willing to commit the first number of years to the community. This is a two-way street. Local businesses get good press and so does the healthcare industry in your town!

3. Offer Assistance to Those Eager to Further Their Careers

Local hospitals and clinics should also go above and beyond what is already on the books in terms of staff development. There is a shortage of both doctors and nurses so offering a nurse with a masters degree the opportunity to move up from an MSN to DNP online is a wonderful opportunity. No, it would not be feasible to pay the entire cost but a stipend to help them pay tuition and for any materials they need would perhaps give them the incentive to move upwards and onwards – again with the contractual agreement to provide nurse practitioner services to the community for a pre-determined length of time.

Sometimes it only takes showing that the medical community really does care about the residents in their city, their town, their rural area. Too many times doctors are viewed as professionals who put themselves on a pedestal who somewhere along the line lost their vision of treating humanity of the ills and pains they suffer. Good press can quickly counteract bad press if it is done in a genuine manner. These ideas are a good start but always remember that a patient-centered focus is what will turn them around faster than any other marketing you could ever dream of. They are what matters, so tell them!


Whether you’re thinking about going to school for the first time or going back, education is key to getting the job you want and the salary you need. However, choosing a reliable career path with job growth is essential if you want to find lucrative opportunities after you graduate. Here are four fast-growing fields that will be sure to land you a job after you complete a program of further education.

Tax Preparer

“Death and taxes” is how the old saying goes—the two things that you can always depend on. Therefore, becoming a tax preparer means guaranteed employment since taxes aren’t going away anytime soon. Filing taxes can also be complicated for the average person, whether they’re a freelancer with two jobs or newly married. In order to make sure it’s done the right way, many consumers won’t hesitate to seek the assistance of a professional. A tax preparer generally requires an associate’s degree, with certified public accountants making 35 percent more than those without certification, according to Monster. This is a killer combo of qualifications that makes you extremely employable after you complete your education in a field that’s sure to exist as long as the world keeps turning.

4 Career Paths More Likely to Land You a Job

4 Career Paths More Likely to Land You a Job


Healthcare has always been known as a job-creating industry. However, it’s become even more robust with last year’s healthcare reforms which increased access in 2013 for 31 million more people, according to US News. Whether you choose to spend many years in school to become a doctor or you’re interested in a shorter program like Medical Insurance Billing, the healthcare industry is where you’ll find huge opportunities. Not everyone has the time, resources, and patience to go to medical school to become a doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t claim a piece of the pie. There are lots of schools that offer both on-campus and online options for different positions within the healthcare industry. For example, institutions such as Vista College offer flexible courses that are available online, at night, or at other convenient times for someone who might be busy with a family or full-time job looking to switch professions. Whatever your situation, pursuing a position in the healthcare industry is not only smart in terms of job growth and opportunities, but it’s also travelable. If you need to move somewhere else or simply want a change of pace, anything in the healthcare field is guaranteed to be needed somewhere else. It also offers a huge array of positions with different levels of education.


As of December 2014, the position of marketing manager has the highest number of job openings at almost 23,000 opportunities as compared to ten other popular positions, according to Fortune. Marketing is another profession that’s always in demand, especially in the current business climate where things like social media and public image rule all. Information travels fast for businesses, and they need someone who’s on the ball to keep up with their marketing campaigns. If you’re a creative person, this type of position is a great fit. Not only does it fall within the business world, which means decent money, but it also allows some ingenuity. To be a marketing manager, you need to have drive as well as good ideas. Marketing and advertising can be fun, but it’s also demanding. If you can keep up and are an organized person, then this is the right job for you. Hop aboard when the going is still good.


eCommerce Entrepreneur

These days, people are starting online businesses every day, and some of them even succeed. The key to being a successful eCommerce entrepreneur is planning, expertise in your chosen industry, and a lot of creative thinking. Entrepreneurism is one of the best and most rewarding parts of the American dream, and it’s still possible to realize even in this day and age. Online sales and business conducted over the Internet are climbing steadily, increasing much more each year as technology makes huge strides in allowing consumers to shop more easily. Between the ever-evolving hoard of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as an increasing demand for convenience, there’s no better time to enter the eCommerce game. The beauty of starting your own online business is that you also have the ability to be your own boss, work from home, and come up with ideas that you can instantly implement. If you have a family and need a flexible schedule, being an eCommerce entrepreneur is the way to go as the industry continues to grow.

These top four career paths all have their own individual requirements and perks, but you need to decide what’s right for you. Everyone has different needs, whether it’s a family or simply desiring a change of pace. One other thing that you may consider is online education, this will save you time and money when considering learning a new skill. Entering a burgeoning field with lots of opportunities will make it easier to find a job that can carry you to success.