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The summer is the perfect time for a person to get outdoors and enjoy all of what nature has to offer. Finding the right activities to participate in will take a lot of research on your part. Fishing is one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating activity that a person can participate in. In order to be a great fisherman, a person will have to take some time to learn how to do this activity. Getting things like fishing app reports will help to make this process much easier. The following are a few things to consider when trying to master the sport of fishing.

When Getting a Bite

One of the first things to remember when trying to be a good fisherman is that how you react to getting a bite can go a long way. When you feel the fish biting on your hook, you have to make sure that you keep the reel engaged the whole time. Letting the line or tension go slack will usually result in you losing the fish. Taking the time to learn proper technique will allow you to get the big catch in the boat in no time.


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Get Your Gear Ready Ahead of Time

The next thing to make sure of when trying to be successful at fishing is getting your gear ready ahead of time. The longer you have to wait to get your rod and reel ready on the day of the fishing trip, the less time you will have to fish. In order to maximize the time you have to fish, you need to get all of your things ready the night before. The time that you put into this process will be worth it considering the amount of time it can save you.

Getting Some Professional Advice

If you are unsure about what you need to be doing during your first fishing trip, then you will have to consult with a more experienced angler. The last thing you need to do is go out on your first trip without the right help due to the mistakes you will make. The time that you spend finding the right fishing mentor will be more than worth it when you are able to have the right experience. The more you are able to find out about the right way to perform this activity, the easier it will be to have the right experience.

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Italian coast guard has denied that it was slow to respond to the sinking of a boat carrying African migrants off the island of Lampedusa this week.

The accusations were made by a fisherman who took part in the rescue and a local newspaper.

So far, 111 bodies have been recovered, and 155 people survived, but about 200 are still unaccounted for.

High winds have prevented divers from reaching the boat, restricting rescuers to an aerial search.

France has called for an urgent meeting of EU states following the tragedy.

“European political officials must talk, and soon,” said French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault.

“It is up to them to meet to find a proper solution; compassion is not enough.”

Tens of thousands of migrants attempt the perilous crossing from North Africa to Sicily and other Italian islands each year, and accidents are common – but this week’s shipwreck was among the deadliest on record.

Italian coast guard has denied that it was slow to respond to the sinking of a boat carrying African migrants off the island of Lampedusa

Italian coast guard has denied that it was slow to respond to the sinking of a boat carrying African migrants off the island of Lampedusa

The survivors are to be placed under investigation for “clandestine immigration”, as provided for by a controversial immigration law pushed through by right-wing parties in 2002.

Italy has said it will amend immigration laws and has called for European help.

Italian members of parliament have complained that some of its provisions discourage people from helping migrants in distress.

The fisherman who arrived first at the site of the accident, Vito Fiorino, has accused the coast guard of wasting time by filming footage of rescue efforts.

“They refused to take on board some people we’d already saved because they said protocol forbade it,” Vito Forino was quoted as saying by Ansa news agency.

A report in local newspaper La Sicilia said two boats belonging to Italy’s Financial Guard, which carries out a range of police and rescue duties, had remained in port.

The coast guard denied that there was any delay in its rescue effort.

“After we received the alarm by radio at 07:00 we immediately intervened without boats, arriving on at the site of the shipwreck at 07:20,” it said in a statement.

Judicial authorities said they had no evidence of delays.

The head of a fishermen’s association, Toto Martello, denied in turn reports that three fishermen drove straight past the scene of the accident.

“The fishermen save lives,” he told Ansa.

“We rebut the accusations that we didn’t help people who were dying at sea.”

Other fishermen said there were so many migrant boat wrecks near Lampedusa that they damaged their nets every time they went out.

“Only now they become aware of this situation?” said Salvatore D’Ancona.

“It’s been 20 years that this is happening.”

The fishermen laid a wreath of flowers at sea, with some 10 fishing vessels blowing their horns for the victims.

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Taiwan is suspending hiring Filipino workers and recalling its envoy amid a row over the killing of fisherman Hung Shih-cheng.

Taiwan said the move showed President Ma Ying-jeou’s “strong dissatisfaction” with Manila’s handling of the case.

Hung Shih-cheng was shot by the Philippine coast guard last week in waters both sides claim.

Early on Wednesday, the Philippine envoy in Taipei apologized over the incident – after a three-day deadline set by Taiwan for an apology expired.

Antonio Basilio, head of the Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan, said Manila had agreed to compensate the fisherman’s family and conduct a joint investigation into the incident.

“The Filipino people and the government understand the hurt and grief that the Taiwanese people have felt as result of the death of one of their own fellow citizens,” Antonio Basilio said.

But the Taiwanese leader felt the apology did not come from a high enough authority and lacked “sincerity”, his spokeswoman said.

President Ma Ying-jeou had also asked Antonio Basilio to return to the Philippines to “help properly handle” the case, she added.

Taiwan is suspending hiring Filipino workers and recalling its envoy amid a row over the killing of fisherman Hung Shih-cheng

Taiwan is suspending hiring Filipino workers and recalling its envoy amid a row over the killing of fisherman Hung Shih-cheng

Later on Wednesday, Taiwan’s PM Jiang Yi-huah told reporters that he was dissatisfied with the apology because it came from the representative office, not the Philippine government, and because the statement had been changed several times.

“Philippine civil servants killed a person and damaged the boat, the Philippine government cannot avoid responsibility,” he said.

Taiwan has demanded a “formal apology” from Manila, compensation for the victim’s family, investigation and punishment for those responsible for the shooting, and the commencement of bilateral fishing talks.

It says it will consider adopting a second wave of sanctions against the Philippines if it does not receive a satisfactory reply by 18:00 local time on Wednesday.

These include issuing a travel warning to discourage Taiwanese people from visiting the Philippines, stopping all high-level exchanges and carrying out a military exercise in the disputed waters.

The Philippines’ special envoy Amadeo Perez is expected to arrive in Taipei on Wednesday to meet the family of the fishermen and express “deep regret and apology from the people of the Philippines”, Antonio Basilio said.

There are about 88,000 Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan, most of whom work in the manufacturing sector.

Taiwan’s labor office receives around 3,000 work applications from the Philippines each month.

Hung Shih-cheng, the 65-year-old fisherman, was shot dead on May 9 when the coastguard vessel opened fire on his boat.

He was in waters south-east of Taiwan and north of the Philippines, an area considered by both countries to be their 200 nautical mile-from-shore exclusive economic zone.

The Philippine coast guard said its crew believed he was trying to ram their vessel – claims the Taiwanese fishermen have denied.

Maritime tensions in the South China Sea have been heightened in recent months. China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei have competing territorial claims in the region.

These disputes have existed for years but in recent months China has been taking a more assertive stance – prompting a robust response from some nations.

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