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Richard III’s long-lost remains have arrived at Leicester Cathedral in the UK ahead of the former king’s reburial.

The funeral cortege entered Leicester at the historic Bow Bridge after touring landmarks in the county.

Cannons were fired in a salute to the king at Bosworth, where Richard III died in 1485.

The coffin will be on public view at Leicester Cathedral from 09:00 GMT on Monday, March 23. He will finally be reinterred during a ceremony on March 26.

Richard III’s skeleton was found in 2012, in an old friary beneath a car park.

The former king’s coffin, which is made of English oak from a Duchy of Cornwall plantation, emerged during a ceremony at the University of Leicester.Richard III reburial Leicester

Archaeologists, academics, researchers and descendants of Richard III’s family, including Michael Ibsen who built the coffin, placed white roses on it during the ceremony.

The reburial procession began at Fenn Lane Farm, believed to be the closest spot to where Richard III was killed.

Campaigners who petitioned for Richard III to be reburied in York have described the events in Leicester as a “pantomime”.

After a service at St Nicholas Church, the coffin was transferred to a horse-drawn hearse before arriving at the cathedral via High Street and Grey Friars.

The public will be able to view the coffin at the cathedral from March 23 to 25 before a reburial service on March 26.

A spokesman for Leicester Cathedral has confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II has written a greeting that will appear in the order of service at the reburial but details of the message’s content will not be released ahead of the event.

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The worst performance at a World Cup by England, period. Eliminated just 8 days into the tournament and after only two games for the first time in the proud nation’s history.

It was never going to be easy. It wasn’t a great surprise that England were eliminated before the second round but the manner in which it happened left a bitter taste in the mouth.

Two defeats in which England had more possession of the ball, more shots on goal but allowed the opposition to score twice in each match with some of their only attempts on goal.

Manager Roy Hodgson has the backing of the English FA. Captain Steven Gerrard wants at least a week to decide over his England future. Wayne Rooney is “hurt”, apparently.

England was eliminated just 8 days into the World Cup soccer tournament

England was eliminated after just 8 days into the World Cup soccer tournament (photo Nike)

The two England performances against Uruguay and Italy were barely encouraging. While England weren’t exactly favourites for lifting the World Cup, they were still expected to get one win out of two games. The exciting football that the team played was a treat and a rarity it must be said. The Sunday League defending and the lack of opportunities created were a big reason for England to catch the plane home early.

Only 8 nations at the 2014 World Cup had a younger squad than England. That included having 34-year old Steven Gerrard and now 36-year old Frank Lampard.

England took the most under-21 players to the tournament of all 32 nations – 18-year old Luke Shaw, 19-year old Raheem Sterling and 20-year olds Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ross Barkley.

Liverpool’s Sterling has already started both of England’s games at this World Cup, whilst Everton’s Barkley has made substitute appearances in both. Arsenal’s Chamberlain was not fit for either of the two previous matches, but if all four of these players are given a start against Costa Rica, alongside some of the senior players – surely this can only be a positive thing for England’s future.

Manager Hodgson admitted in Thursday’s press conference that he wanted to give as many of his 23-man squad an appearance during the tournament. 15 members of the squad have already made an appearance.

Two goalkeepers; Fraser Forster (26) and Ben Foster (31) are joined by Phil Jones (22), Frank Lampard (36), James Milner (28), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (20), Luke Shaw (18) and Chris Smalling (24) as those yet to play.

There’s a handful of names in this squad you think could be very great in two or four years’ time at the next tournaments provided England qualify. But how many of these do you predict to be World Class players?

How many of these players are going to go on to become the next Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Sergio Agüero, Franck Ribéry or Arjen Robben?

Since the decline of Wayne Rooney, the retirements of David Beckham and Michael Owen and the aging Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard – England now desperately need to be on the lookout for developing World Class players in the very near future if they’re even to consider reaching the final four of a major tournament, let-alone winning it.

Compared to the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, England simply don’t have the strength in depth and until that is developed the manager can only do the best with the blunt tools he has been given.

Around 140,000 homes are without power as St Jude storm continues to batter parts of England and Wales.

According to specialists, St Jude storm could be one of the worst storms since 1987.

Rail services across much of southern Britain have been cancelled for the morning rush hour.

The M4 Second Severn crossing has reopened but the M48 Severn Bridge is still closed, while 130 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow airport.

The Met Office said a gust of 99mph was recorded at Needles Old Battery, Isle of Wight, at 05:00 GMT.

The Environment Agency has issued 17 flood warnings – all in south-west England, there are also 152 flood alerts across England and Wales.

According to specialists, St Jude storm could be one of the worst storms since 1987

According to specialists, St Jude storm could be one of the worst storms since 1987

Tracy Elsey, from UK Power Networks, said 40,000 households were without power in its south-east region from Brighton to Kent – and 100,000 in its east of England region, from Essex to the north Norfolk coast.

“The power lines are hit by trees coming down in the wind and branches touching overhead lines and any other debris whipped up by the wind overnight,” she said.

Robin Gisby, network operations managing director for Network Rail, said more than 40 railway line blockages caused by falling trees have been cleared, but more are expected to be found by special trains being used to clear tracks.

He said: “In four cases the train being sent through to inspect the line has hit a fallen tree and we have one train in Devon which is currently disabled following a collision with a fallen tree. We are also dealing with a landslip in the New Forest area.”

Robin Gisby added: “As the storm passes from west to east, we will be carrying out safety assessments as quickly as possible to clear routes and get trains running safely.

“We now expect to start services into Waterloo before 09.00 GMT. Routes from Sussex, Kent and Anglia will follow. Services elsewhere into London are running but at reduced capacity and speed.”

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See how much will cost the England riots.


London riots latest updates. Metropolitan Police took drastic actions.


See England riots mapping.


Mark Duggan’s forensic report.


New London riots. The third night of street violence.


Northern London riots for Mark Duggan’s death.


Mark Duggan was shot in Northern London.



[googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”stanga”]Riots have spread across England capital on a third night of violence, with disturbances flaring up in other cities – Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol.

In addition to the regular street police officers number, another 1,700 were deployed in London, where stores were looted and buildings were torched.

The British PM, David Cameron has returned earlier from his vacation to discuss the unrest, which first flared on Saturday after a peaceful protest in Tottenham over the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by police.

The British PM, David Cameron has returned earlier from his vacation to discuss the unrest

The British PM, David Cameron has returned earlier from his vacation to discuss the unrest


At least 400 people have been arrested following the street violence across London over the last three days, the London Metropolitan Police said.

According to Scotland Yard, 69 people had been charged with offences.

Steven Kavanagh, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner told to BBC Breakfast

“It was a shocking and appalling morning for London to wake up to”


“The Met (Metropolitan London Police) was stretched beyond belief in a way that it has never experienced before.”


When asked at what stage he would consider bringing in the Army, he responded by saying “all options are being considered”.

3 people have been arrested today on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer was injured by a car in Brent, Northwest London, while trying to stop suspected looters.

[googlead tip=”patrat_mic” aliniat=”dreapta”]The PM David Cameron will chair an emergency meeting in Downing Street 10 as Britain faces the worst night of rioting in the last 20 years.

He’s shortened his summer holiday and flown back from Italy to deal with the escalating crisis.

David Cameron will meet Home Secretary, Theresa May and Acting Scotland Yard Commissioner, Tim Godwin before chairing a meeting of the Cobra emergency planning committee (the Government’s emergency committee) at 9 a.m., local time.

Asked why the PM had now decided to return from his vacation, after previously saying he would not, a Downing Street source said:

“The situation has become more serious.”

For David Cameron this situation could be a key moment that shapes how his premiership is seen.

A failure to maintain safety on the streets is seen to be a government failure and he can’t afford for there to be a fourth night of disturbances.

Although Downing Street says David Cameron had been monitoring the situation on “an hourly basis” while on holiday, he appeared well behind the curve of public anger at the rioting.

On the other hand, David Cameron must be aware that some in his own party and in right-leaning papers will be ready to cite the riots as evidence that the prime minister is not sufficiently focused on law and order.

The BBC Daily Politics presenter, Andrew Neil, writing on Twitter, said the riots were the prime minister’s “first real crisis”,

adding “now we will find out if Mr. Cameron is composed of the stuff of leadership”.

England riots mapping

England riots mapping


Police have struggled to curb the wave of mob violence, which began on Saturday night in Tottenham, Northern London, when a peaceful march against the police deadly shooting of a local man, 29-year-old Mark Duggan, turned into a chaos.

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Birmingham outbreak.

Birmingham was the first city, after London, where rioting has erupted in, with store windows being smashed and shops being looted during what police described as “mindless thuggery”.

Birmingham was the first city, after London, where rioting has erupted in, with store windows being smashed and shops being looted

Birmingham was the first city, after London, where rioting has erupted in, with store windows being smashed and shops being looted

A police station in Handsworth, about 3 miles out of the city centre, was later reported by police to be set ablaze.

Among the shops damaged in the city centre were a McDonald’s restaurant and an Armani store at the Mailbox shopping centre which was looted.

According to the police, about 100 people had been arrested, many of them young people.

11 people have been taken to a number of hospitals in the city.

The riots started during the early evening. At 23:45, local time, West Midlands Police confirmed the police station in Holyhead Road was on fire and also reported some of its cars had come under attack on Holyhead Road.

Ambulance crews said they had been called to 24 incidents – mostly treating people who had been assaulted.

Injuries included cuts and bruises to the head and a dislocated knee.

[googlead tip=”patrat_mic” aliniat=”dreapta”]Police urged parents to contact their children and get them to return home.

West Midlands Police said 4 people were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary, 4 for violent disorder and one for a breach of the peace.

West Midlands Police Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe said she still had a significant number of officers in Birmingham city centre.

“There is still outbreaks of violence and looting of shops is still taking place.”


“We will continue to make arrests while this mindless thuggery takes place in our city centre. It is totally unacceptable.”

She added her first priority was to bring calm back to the city centre and appealed to parents to phone their children and get them to come home.

Police had been aware of “Twitter intelligence” from lunchtime, suggesting there would be trouble in the city during the evening.

Police said officers were controlling access on some of the routes into Birmingham.

Police in riot gear were positioned in several parts of the city centre, with some advising onlookers to get off the streets.

Police have also urged people to think twice before calling emergency services with non-urgent calls as there is high demand for services.

Shabana Mahmood, Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Ladywood, said it was “mindless criminality”.


“Obviously we have to have a debate and consider whether there are underlying reasons and learn some of the lessons potentially from some of these incidents as well.”


“I think that’s a debate for another day really because I think at the moment, the really important thing is that we need to support the police in the work they’re doing.”


Councilor Paul Tilsley, deputy leader of the city council, said the authority would make every effort possible from first light on Tuesday to clear up any damage and bring normality back to the city.


“To this end we’d stress to retailers, workers and shoppers alike that the city remains very much open for business and would encourage them to come in as normal tomorrow.”

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Police in Liverpool have been dealing with a number of “isolated outbreaks” of disorder, including reports of vehicles on fire and criminal damage.

Merseyside Police said a number of officers were deployed to the south of the city after being called to reports of disorder at 22:00, local time, on Monday.

There have been reports of objects being thrown at riot police and their vans.

There were reports from an eyewitness of up to 200 youths wearing masks in Toxteth.

High Park Street was partly blocked by police with vans and officers wearing riot gear as a group of youths gathered in Dingle.

A police helicopter circled the area.

There were reports of a 10-minute stand-off in Admiral Street, with youths throwing bottles, cans and sticks at riot police.

The youths eventually dispersed into three separate groups.

[youtube GwJvH9Ak7ww]

Assistant Chief Constable, Andy Ward said:


“Officers have tonight dealt with a small number of incidents of violence across the city.”


“We will not tolerate any violence on the streets of Liverpool and have taken swift and robust action in response.”


“We will work hard to ensure the people involved in the incidents are brought to justice.”


“Merseyside Police has good links with communities across the region and over the last two days we have worked closely with residents to assess tensions within the community.”


“We will continue to work with community leaders across the region to ensure an appropriate response to any incidents that occur.”


Public was advised to avoid the Smithdown Road, Upper Parliament Street, Lodge Lane and Lawrence Road.


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Monday evening, several stores have been damaged and cars set on fire after disorder broke out in parts of Bristol.

About 150 people have been involved in the disturbances in several areas, including the city centre and the Cabot Circus and Broadmead areas.

Avon and Somerset Police said 4 arrests were made but more were expected, as CCTV is reviewed.

A police spokesman said the force had been prepared for the possibility of disorder following events in other parts of the UK and vowed to bring those responsible to justice.

The disturbances were eventually brought to an end in the early hours of Tuesday.