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The short answer is yes, toll free numbers are quite relevant still. Toll free numbers can be an incredible asset to both small and large businesses, providing a free communication method for customers to reach their favorite businesses. Toll free numbers are easier than ever to obtain, and are quite versatile in how they can help boost your business’s sales and professional image. Does toll free matter? Keep reading to learn more about these great tools and how to obtain one for your business.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are those 800 numbers you see on billboards, business cards, and other advertisements. The prefix for a toll free number is usually one of the following 800 combinations: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888. What does toll free actually mean?

Toll free means that whoever is placing the call to the 800 number will not be charged for the phone call, even if it’s a long-distance call. Customers can call help desks, support lines, or stores free of charge, with many toll free services supporting extensions and text services as optional features.

Having an extension directory can help customers locate the person or department best suited to assist them with their question or concern. If you’ve ever called a major department store such as Wal Mart or Target, you’ve probably heard the automated voice say something like “Press 1 for produce, 2 for electronics, etc.” This system helps organize and direct phone calls effectively, making wait times shorter and service quicker.

The Cost of a Toll Free Number

Depending on the plan you choose, your toll free number will either be billed on a per-minute basis or via a monthly service plan, much like your phone bill. Depending on the extra features you want, such as extensions or text features, the plan may cost more or less.

A minute-to-minute plan can be a great option for small businesses who don’t receive such a high call volume on a daily basis. You’ll only pay for the minutes you use, and so you can ensure you won’t be overcharged by a plan that offers a general charge to use the service. If your minute to minute plan exceeds the cost of a monthly plan, you might want to make the switch.

How are Toll Free Numbers Used?

Toll free numbers are still relevant because of the ease and convenience they create for customers. With a toll free number, you can increase customer satisfaction by making it easier to reach you, and with quick response times from each department or team member.

No matter what time of day it is or what the customer’s location is, the call won’t cost them anything. Why should customers have to pay to reach your business with questions about your products or services?

A business that is difficult to reach or operates outside of the customer’s locality can be frustrating for the customer, potentially causing them to disengage with your brand and costing you future sales opportunities. A toll free number makes your brand easier and less costly to reach, even if you’re operating in a different state or country.

Another advantage of toll free numbers is that they are easy to remember. If you decide to purchase a vanity number, you can include a phrase or acronym in your phone number to make it even easier for your customers to remember. Something along the lines of “1800-FLOWERS” is simple to remember and associates that phone number with your business or industry.

With toll free numbers, you’ll increase the credibility and professional image of your brand as well. A toll free number makes your business sound larger and more legitimate, even if you’re a startup. Customers will see the 800 number as a sign of your legitimacy and may be more likely to trust your brand even if they’ve never interacted with it before.


If you decide to move to another state or country or even switch providers, your toll free number will follow you. It doesn’t matter what your geographical location is, the toll free number makes any call placed to it free to the caller. This level of portability makes moving simple, without having to acquire a new phone number and potentially confuse your customers.

Marketing Made Simple

Having an 800 number for ads can make the marketing process simple since the number will be easier to read and memorize. Vanity numbers make for excellent marketing tools, and you can even use your 800 number to track your marketing efforts.

You can ask your customers which ad they saw your number in, to get a better idea of where your marketing efforts are having the greatest effect. If your toll free number is attracting attention in one area but not in another, you know where you need to focus your marketing efforts from now on. Narrowing down your marketing efforts will make them much more effective long-term.


Toll free numbers will probably always be relevant since they’re a simple way for businesses to give back to the customer by providing a free way to get in touch. Nothing beats free, and customers will definitely appreciate a no-charge call, especially if they have a complaint. Increase your customer satisfaction with a toll free number today, or upgrade to a vanity number for easier memorization and brand recognition.


In fact, the exam is a competition, or you can even say a fight between a person who wants to say something on this topic and the other side, which is all so tired of spitting and gone, but the rigid frameworks do not allow this to happen. And no writing essay service here will help. The student taking the exam is like a gladiator going out to the arena. If a student knows the material firmly enough, then he will not be afraid of anything. A teacher with an experienced ear will hear familiar notes in the story and will understand that this student knows something.

How to prepare cribs?

Worse, when the student knows only the name of the subject. In this case, you can be safe, prepare a crib or other tool that carries the necessary information. Preparing cribs are better for yourself, with thesis writing anything in memory is set aside. When applying for a written exam, auxiliary tools help you better than oral, as you work in writing, and go from the audience.

When passing the exam of any kind, oral or written, you can use the technical means of communication, the benefit of them is now very much. The headset is inserted into the ear, it is not visible from the outside. You just need to have at least a minimum of artistic inclinations, so that a teacher who does not keep up with the trends of the time and watches for the novelties, did not see the behaviour, he is getting ready or listening to something.

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How to behave on an exam?

With an oral exam, the case goes worse. The main rule of the student at the oral exam is not to lose self-control. There is no such thing as not knowing anything. Any germinal knowledge or general erudition should allow the examiners to enter a conversation with the examiner, prove something to him, talk about this topic and next to the topic. The basic rule of conduct is not silence. Some custom essay writing can sometimes help. They say that the truth is that silence is gold, but no one has grown rich from this. If the examiner started responding to the conversation, you can carefully go back to the home or political theme. It is necessary to try to make the conversation a bit delayed. For the exam, clear timeframes are defined, they can be stretched out, but there are limits, the exam is made up of several people. With the examiner you can and must argue, defend your point of view, it is respect for the interlocutor. Psychologically, it is very difficult to put an unsatisfactory person, with whom you speak on all sorts of topics. It is possible, of course, to stumble upon an impregnable teaching, but this is already an element of failure. The next time it is not worth taking an exam to this type.

You can usually use the old as a world way, to try to cry in the waistcoat teacher, they say, the aunt or woman is ill, some kind of cataclysms in the family and the material remained uneducated. But it rarely works.

There is still the same old way – money. To offer a bribe to the teacher is simply stupid, you can get the effect of a boomerang. It is best to study the environment, and senior students can tell from which side to approach such an issue. There will always be a lively assistant or assistant at the department that will help solve the problem.

All of the above apply to university exams. Examination of a different kind is simply necessary to give it up to itself and without blessing, because from this in the future life depends not only on one’s own. So, it is very important to prepare for the exam during the entire academic semester, since the guarantee of whether you will be able to read it or not will not give anyone. And writing thesis at lectures will help prepare him later.


Any well-rounded workplace needs a healthy mix of personality types. From people who thrust their hands up during meetings to share the idea that just popped into their head to others who hang back and prefer to ruminate before saying anything, workplaces contain a spectrum of different personalities and communication styles. An effective leadership team must be able to realize this, and in turn work hard to ensure that they’re getting ideas from all different angles.

Your team may be missing out on valuable input if they’re catering to the extroverted side of the workforce but leaving the introverts and shy employees in the dust. It’s not that they don’t have great suggestions; it’s just that without the right forum, they may not feel comfortable sharing what’s on their mind. As the Washington Post says, modern workplaces tend to be structured around group activities, even though research shows that individuals who get a chance to think by themselves come up with better ideas.


How can you be sure to facilitate discussions that include the valuable point-of-view of quieter individuals, and avoid falling into the pitfalls of an office that’s so group-centric that it impedes true teamwork?


Identify and Play Toward Strengths

As The Muse points out, shy employees have just as much intelligence and ingenuity as louder ones, but their tendency to fly under the radar means that it may not be as obvious to the outside world. As a manager, it’s up to you to identify and tap into this well of insight. But how?


Play to their strengths and meet them on their terms.


They may not be the first people jumping into the spotlight during a meeting, but quiet employees generally excel in creative problem solving and decision making due to their reflective mental process. Instead of forcing them to masquerade as a talkative master of brainstorming, give them notice before meetings and let them shine during one-on-one scenarios. It will save them a dose of anxiety, and it will provide a new depth of insight that group sessions may miss.


Anonymous Question and Answer Sessions

It’s likely that many introverted and shy employees feel like fish out of water during large presentations, training sessions, or meetings. When the lights go up and the presenter asks for questions or comments, someone might have a valuable contribution but feel uncomfortable speaking out in front of so many others. One solution is to integrate a discreet learning activity into a PowerPoint presentation like an instant Q&A session from Poll Everywhere. Anyone in the audience can type their question on a mobile device or computer and anonymously submit it to the slide, so the speaker can address it in real time without needing to call anyone out. People can vote on questions that they share, so the submitter may gain a boost of confidence for asking something important without having to stand up and say it in front of a crowd.


Use Positive Reinforcements

One basic way to make sure that people understand the worth and necessity of their contributions is to give credit, and even praise, where it’s due. According to one contributor for Forbes, consistently giving people credit for their ideas will encourage people to share more in the future. Make sure that ideas are taken seriously, and provide a practical and emotional payoff for employees—even shy ones—to speak up and toss their questions and ideas into the ring.


It’s beneficial to company culture to avoid the fallacy that only verbal go-getters have leadership potential or a stream of solid ideas. If you’re not working hard to create an inclusive environment for all personality types, ranging from the extremely extroverted to the shy, then you’re missing out on serious perspective that could help shape your organization. Use these tools and techniques to encourage open, honest conversation for all in the workplace.



Family is what keeps us happy and healthy, the most important part of our lives. Being close to our family is one of the first things we learn ever since we are born. Our parents raise us, and teach us so that we know how to overcome every challenge that life has for us. One of the main things that our parents also teach us is how to communicate.

Communication is vital for the society we live in. We need to communicate with people around us in order to fulfill many tasks and achieve the goals we set. We also need to communicate so that we don’t feel lonely and keep our spirits up. For that reason, communication is one of the headstones that keep a family together. We need to communicate with our family, not only to keep in touch, but also to maintain a healthy relationship with them and this makes us feel happy, too. We never know what the future holds; sometimes we are meant to live miles away from our loved ones. We might have to travel for work, or simply decide to live in another city or country.

How VoIP and the Internet replaced letters

We live in a society where everything is based on fast communication and internet. Not many people take the time to write letters, they simply choose to send a text message instead. The Internet allows us to communicate in real time with people all over the world. A few centuries ago, no one would have thought that something like this would be possible.

Mobile phones are really handy and easy to use. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, regardless of their age. Children and teenagers are born in the era of technology, on the other hand, adults and seniors get access to a wide range of communication devices. No matter how far we are from our parents and family, we feel close to them thanks to mobile phones. We could even say that we are only a phone call away. The technology comes in handy especially with our busy schedules, which do not allow us to visit the ones we love as often as we would like to. Even 10 minutes a day of speaking with our family can give us a boost of energy and good mood. If your family lives abroad, you can use international prepaid cards like Enjoy Prepaid to communicate with them at the lowest prices possible. This service allows you to talk to your beloved ones either from your phone or the computer. It is extremely easy to use and cheap, bringing the ones you love closer in no time at all.

Use communication to your advantage

The absence of communication of the kids with their parents can affect their future life, their behaviour and even their character. Once they get at a certain age, children can experience communication problems and become introverts, they might also suffer from trust issues. A few minutes a day children spend talking with their parents will ensure the healthy and happy development of the child. Often communication maintains a healthy relationship and a healthy mind, too!