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How to pass the exam if you do not know anything?


In fact, the exam is a competition, or you can even say a fight between a person who wants to say something on this topic and the other side, which is all so tired of spitting and gone, but the rigid frameworks do not allow this to happen. And no writing essay service here will help. The student taking the exam is like a gladiator going out to the arena. If a student knows the material firmly enough, then he will not be afraid of anything. A teacher with an experienced ear will hear familiar notes in the story and will understand that this student knows something.

How to prepare cribs?

Worse, when the student knows only the name of the subject. In this case, you can be safe, prepare a crib or other tool that carries the necessary information. Preparing cribs are better for yourself, with thesis writing anything in memory is set aside. When applying for a written exam, auxiliary tools help you better than oral, as you work in writing, and go from the audience.

When passing the exam of any kind, oral or written, you can use the technical means of communication, the benefit of them is now very much. The headset is inserted into the ear, it is not visible from the outside. You just need to have at least a minimum of artistic inclinations, so that a teacher who does not keep up with the trends of the time and watches for the novelties, did not see the behaviour, he is getting ready or listening to something.

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How to behave on an exam?

With an oral exam, the case goes worse. The main rule of the student at the oral exam is not to lose self-control. There is no such thing as not knowing anything. Any germinal knowledge or general erudition should allow the examiners to enter a conversation with the examiner, prove something to him, talk about this topic and next to the topic. The basic rule of conduct is not silence. Some custom essay writing can sometimes help. They say that the truth is that silence is gold, but no one has grown rich from this. If the examiner started responding to the conversation, you can carefully go back to the home or political theme. It is necessary to try to make the conversation a bit delayed. For the exam, clear timeframes are defined, they can be stretched out, but there are limits, the exam is made up of several people. With the examiner you can and must argue, defend your point of view, it is respect for the interlocutor. Psychologically, it is very difficult to put an unsatisfactory person, with whom you speak on all sorts of topics. It is possible, of course, to stumble upon an impregnable teaching, but this is already an element of failure. The next time it is not worth taking an exam to this type.

You can usually use the old as a world way, to try to cry in the waistcoat teacher, they say, the aunt or woman is ill, some kind of cataclysms in the family and the material remained uneducated. But it rarely works.

There is still the same old way – money. To offer a bribe to the teacher is simply stupid, you can get the effect of a boomerang. It is best to study the environment, and senior students can tell from which side to approach such an issue. There will always be a lively assistant or assistant at the department that will help solve the problem.

All of the above apply to university exams. Examination of a different kind is simply necessary to give it up to itself and without blessing, because from this in the future life depends not only on one’s own. So, it is very important to prepare for the exam during the entire academic semester, since the guarantee of whether you will be able to read it or not will not give anyone. And writing thesis at lectures will help prepare him later.