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Spain Flooding Kills at Least 5


At least five people have died after flash floods struck south-eastern Spain.

Other 3,500 people have been evacuated from their homes after rivers burst their banks as some areas of Valencia, Murcia and eastern Andalucía saw the heaviest rainfall on record.

Cars were swept away by rushing flood waters, causing at least three deaths.

One man was killed after getting stuck inside a flooded highway tunnel.

On September 13, another man was found dead in the village of Redovan in Valencia after leaving his home on foot, according to Reuters.

Torrential rain caused chaos on roads and public transport with two airports in Murcia and Almeria closing down, leaving travelers stranded.

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Image source: Al Jazeera

Thousands of police, fire-fighters and soldiers have been deployed in a rescue operation, some in boats and helicopters.

One emergency worker told Reuters that a man was holding onto a traffic sign as he awaited rescue from the flooding.

According to AFP, several railway lines and many schools in the region were shut down by the adverse weather conditions, with 689,000 students affected in Valencia alone.

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