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Now more than ever, it’s important to look at ways of making your lifestyle eco-friendlier. Many people do this with numerous aspects of their daily lives, such as altering their diets, travelling, and recycling. But one of the biggest polluters in the world is the beauty industry, and as a result more people are looking for ways to make their beauty routine eco-friendlier. Thankfully, there are many easy changes you can make to achieve this.

Look for more eco-friendly products

Due to the high pollution rate of the beauty industry, more and more companies are making the effort to produce and market their goods in an eco-friendlier way. For example, many beauty and pharmaceutical companies use cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant to make their products. In an effort to be more sustainable, wellness companies like Cellular Goods are using lab-grown cannabinoids instead, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. When shopping for such products, take the time to find out whether they’re produced in an eco-friendly way to ensure a more sustainable beauty routine.

Switch off your water

An easy way to be more eco-friendly is to switch off your water when starting your routine. Too many of us tend to leave the tap running when brushing our teeth or washing our face, which ends up wasting a lot of water. Make sure to switch off the water when it’s not needed and in the long run your routine will be eco-friendlier.  

Use what you have

It can be tempting to buy the latest improved product the moment it’s available. Even if it’s an eco-friendlier product, it’s often not worth abandoning what you already have. Try to use what you already have before buying a replacement, but if you do have products that you’re unlikely to use again, consider donating them to a friend so they don’t go to waste.

Refill your empty bottles

Many companies are now offering refillable versions of their products. This means that when you finish using a particular product you can refill using the same container you were using, rather than buying a whole new one. Many products do this by offering refillable pouches or containers with their products. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of plastic used but can also be an economically beneficial solution for both the company and the customer.

Make your bathroom eco-friendlier

To make your beauty routine as eco-friendly as possible, it’s worth looking at ways you can make everything in your bathroom more sustainable. As well as beauty products, many of the items you use every day can be swapped out for more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, consider a stainless-steel razor in lieu of disposable ones, and toothbrushes with stronger bristles that will last longer. Many toothbrushes also come with replacement bristles, meaning you can simply replace them rathe than buying a whole new toothbrush.

If more people were to introduce these simple changes to their beauty routines, the long-term effect on the environment can be significantly improved.

Diamonds are often said to be a girl’s best friend, but her soul mate proves to be the lipstick. Women could wear flawless makeup but without lining, glossing or coating their lips, they wouldn’t feel complete. If you want to have the most attractive lips, these seven simple tips should help.

1. Exfoliate regularly. It’s important to exfoliate regularly to maintain the smoothness of your lips and make it easier for you to apply lipstick. For a quick, at-home solution, you can use Aloette Soothe n’ Smooth which costs $24.5. It’s a scrub-and-balm set that helps get rid of flakes and nourishes the lips using peppermint, aloe, beeswax, and safflower oil. Another home remedy is applying Vaseline on a clean, dry toothbrush. Brush your lips gently using the soft bristles to smooth the rough spots.

2. Condition using a lip balm. You will never get that perfect pout you’ve always wanted if you don’t moisturize your lips. Global makeup artist, Gordon Espinet, says that you need to be a lip-conditioner junkie. Thankfully, all it takes is slathering a lip balm that contains beeswax, glycerin or any other moisturizing emollients. It’s also beneficial to get a healthy dose of vitamins C and E. Neutrogena Overnight Lip Treatment costs only $3.49 yet it provides glycerin and vitamin E to help nourish your lips. If you choose, get yourself a hydrating sheer gloss for some extra color. Aveda lip shine works wonderfully well for this because it contains plant lipids and it’s only $13.5.

  1. Switch lipsticks from time to time. President of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Ronald Moy, M.D., explains that matte shades last longer because they contain more pigment but fewer moisturizing ingredients. Nonmatte lipsticks may not last as long, but they’re the better option for retaining moisture on your lips. For only $7.5, try Revlon Moisturous Lipcolor. Pick from 24 shades so you can change lipsticks with ease.

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  1. Treat signs of aging early. The lines that develop on the lips are among the earliest signs of aging. As you may know, these lines trap lipstick, but you can make the problem more manageable with daily prevention. If you treat the first signs of aging, the lines wouldn’t be so deep and the wrinkles would be easier to get rid of. When it comes to wrinkles, retinol is your best bet. Consider using anti-aging creams such as Tazorac, Retin-A, and Avage. You can also use a lipstick that contains retinol such as beComing Lip Delux Retinol Lipcolor, which only sets you back $12.


  1. Master the right liner technique. Choose a liner that’s a bit darker than the shade of your lipstick. Proceed with outlining the shape you want. Use a lip brush or the edge of the liner tip to color your lips inward. Next, use a lighter lipstick to fill in the rest of your lips. For starters, you may want to use a pencil in nude color like the Bliss lip liner stick, which costs $15.


  1. Avoid sun damage. New York dermatologist, Dennis Gross, explains that the lips do not have a lot of melanin, which means they are prone to sun damage. It’s recommended to use a lip balm with at least SPF 15. Apply frequently especially if you head outdoors often. The Aveda lip saver with SPF 15 is a fantastic choice for just $7.5.


  1. Develop good habits. Many of your lip problems are often caused by bad habits such as smoking, which increases the speed with which lines around your mouth develop. Licking your lips is another poor habit, as once saliva evaporates, your lips will be left with little to no moisture. You should also avoid biting your lips, no matter how nervous you feel. The skin on your lips doesn’t have a strong outer layer of protection, causing it to get easily damaged.


When it comes to beauty, there are a few styles that will simply never go out of fashion. These timeless looks will allow you to stay beautiful, looking chic and feeling confident, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. While the 80’s shell suits and blue eyeshadow look of the 90’s will probably never venture into the beauty guide ever again (we hope), there are a number of timeless beauty trends that you should remember. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the most timeless makeup and beauty trends for you to consider.

Cat-Eye Liner

The beautiful cat-eye is a look that you can pull off no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re on a night out and you want a dramatic look of heavy eyeliner and smoky eyes, or you want a day-to-day look to freshen up your face, the cat-eye should never be overlooked. An expertly flicked wing in the corner of your eye lid can really help to attract attention to your eyes and make you seem more awake too. There are a number of products on the market that can provide you with the look that you are looking for, and if you’re looking for something a little more outrageous, you can choose a colour or glitter style eyeliner to really change up your look!

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is almost certain to never go out of style, and with breast augmentation having been the most popular cosmetic procedure for a number of years, it is a choice for you to consider if you are unhappy with the size of your breasts. However, you don’t always have to go for such an extreme plastic surgery option, as there are a number of minimally-invasive procedures that you can choose too, to help you feel more confident in your own skin.

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Red Lipstick

This timeless classic really does have the power to enhance your facial features, and you can dress it up or dress it down. No matter how you decide to wear it, you’re certain to attract a lot of attention as it highlights all of the right areas of your face. The best part about red lipstick is that you can get in a shade that suits absolutely any skin tone, no matter how pale or tanned you are. Red lipstick is one of the most versatile colours out there, and it is a timeless staple for your make-up kit.

Soft Hair Waves

Sleek hair waves are an extremely important trend to make sure your hair looks gorgeous. Another option for you to dress up or dress down, soft hair waves really are a great option if you’re looking for a versatile look. You can leave your hair unwashed, style with oil, curlers, straighteners, however you wish to do it! All you need is a little bit of hairspray and your soft hair waves are certain to remain in style all year round. No matter the era, you can be sure that soft hair waves will stay in fashion at all times.


Beauty and youth have become an important standard in today’s world. Everyone desires to remain young for as long as possible and would try anything to make that happen. But this is not the only aspect people consider when it comes to looking and feeling young. This is strongly related to the health of the entire body.

A vigorous and energic organism helps every aspect of one’s life, having effects on the social, professional and personal life. Even though women experience the aging process more intensely, men are just as affected by this. That is why both categories seek a method to prevent the hormones in their bodies from going haywire. This solution is represented by the HGH injections.

What are the HGH injections?

To understand what these injections are you need to know what HGH stands for. This is a human growth hormone that contains amino acids produced by the pituitary gland (the endocrine system). HGH is meant to contribute to the proper development of the sexual functions, growth, respiration, bone density, energy levels or insulin production. Thus, we desperately need this hormone in our lives.

The bad news is that as we age, the body tends to generate a smaller quantity of this hormone and from there everything goes in different directions. If you want to prevent that you need to supply yourself with HGH. And this is where the HGH injections come in handy.

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Advantages of HGH injections

More energy – these injections revitalize your body giving it more energy, help fight against anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Muscles – in addition to other great benefits, HGH injections contribute to reducing fats and building muscle without exhausting training. The fat cells are burnt fast and for those people who combine these injections with constant workout, the results are even more spectacular.

Beauty – another great outcome is the effect that this hormone has over the skin and hair. Your skin will become more elastic covering up those nasty wrinkles and your hair will regain its vitality, colour and brightness.

Where to get these injections?

Due to today’s technology you can get HGH injections from a recommended and trustworthy supplier. The products made in Europe and the US are more likely to be quality ones. So make sure you gather as much information as possible before your buy them. Your health and beauty are very important, especially when it comes to putting substances into your body.

Remember to make decisions based on your body’s needs. Visit a doctor and get a prescription for HGH injections. This way you will be able to buy quality products, legally and without any concern. It is better to be safe, than sorry!

Science has evolved massively in the last decades and it will continue to do so. Keep up with the newest changes and let your body feel younger and healthier for a longer period without suffering. You won’t be the only one noticing these differences. You deserve it!