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In his first extensive post-election interview on 60 Minutes that will be aired on November 13 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, President-elect Donald Trump has said he will deport or jail up to three million illegal immigrants initially.

Those targeted would be immigrants with criminal records, such as gang members and drug dealers, Donald Trump said.

The president-elect also confirmed that another election promise, to build a wall with Mexico, still stood but could include fencing.

Photo AP

Photo AP

Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in November 8 presidential vote.

His victory shocked many who had expected Hillary Clinton to win following favorable opinion polls.

Donald Trump is due to take over at the White House on January 20, when President Barack Obama steps down after two terms in office.

Both houses of Congress are also under Republican control.

Asked about his plans for the Mexican border, Donald Trump said “a wall is more appropriate” in some parts but “there could be some fencing”,

Other undocumented immigrants would be assessed once the border was secured, Donald Trump added.

However, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said earlier that border security was a greater priority than mass deportation.

“We are not planning on erecting a deportation force,” he told CNN’s State of the Union program.

“I think we should put people’s minds at ease.”

Forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall became a rallying cry among Donald Trump supporters during the campaign.

Donald Trump caused outrage by suggesting Mexicans were exporting “their rapists” to the US, along with drugs and other crime.

Longtime CBS News correspondent Bob Simon has been killed in a car accident in New York, the broadcaster announced.

In a career spanning five decades, Bob Simon, 73, covered many war zones from Vietnam to the former Yugoslavia.

At the end of his stint in Saigon in the 1970s Bob Simon was on one of the last helicopters out of the city, CBS said.

Bob Simon won multiple awards, including 27 Emmys, for his reporting and regularly appeared on the network’s flagship program 60 Minutes.

His last piece, a report about the Oscar-nominated civil rights drama Selma went out on 60 Minutes at the weekend.Bob Simon killed in car crash

“It is a tragedy made worse because we lost him in a car accident, a man who escaped more difficult situations than almost any journalist in modern times,” CBS News Chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer Jeffrey Fagan said.

Bob Simon was a passenger in a hired sedan that hit another car stopped at a traffic light and then slammed into metal barriers separating traffic lanes, police said February 11.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who worked with Bob Simon on 60 Minutes said: “Bob was for the last five decades simply one of the best, in my opinion, at getting a story, telling a story, writing a story and making it simply unforgettable.”

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CBS News’s correspondent Lara Logan is being quarantined in a South Africa hotel for 21 days as a precaution after visiting an American-run hospital treating Ebola patients in Liberia for a 60 Minutes report that aired on November 9.

Lara Logan’s 21-day self-quarantine will end on November 14, CBS said.

Neither Lara Logan nor the four other CBS employees in South Africa have shown any sign that they are infected with the virus.

Lara Logan is being quarantined in a South Africa hotel for 21 days as a precaution after visiting Ebola patients in Liberia

Lara Logan is being quarantined in a South Africa hotel for 21 days as a precaution after visiting Ebola patients in Liberia (photo CBS News)

Lara Logan, speaking in a 60 Minutes Overtime web interview from the room where the CBS crew put its report together, admitted to some cabin fever as she waits out her stay. She said the South African government had given the crew permission to work at the hotel.

“We wanted to try, as much as possible, to minimize our exposure to anybody while we still had to get our piece done,” she said.

“We were very mindful of the fact that this 21-day period after you’ve been in an Ebola-affected country is very important to everyone.”

The interview showed Lara Logan and one of her colleagues in a room stuffed with equipment.

“We haven’t traveled far from the room that you can see,” she said.

The 60 Minutes report detailed Lara’s precautions while in Liberia, including being hosed down with a chlorine solution, having her temperature taken frequently and making sure not to touch people. A CBS security worker traveled with the crew with the responsibility of watching everyone’s interactions to minimize any chance they could be infected.

A cameraman who was working for NBC News in Liberia contracted the virus but recovered last month. Nancy Snyderman, the NBC News medical correspondent who worked there, was asked to go into voluntary quarantine when she arrived home but that was made mandatory after she was spotted leaving her home. ABC’s Richard Besser was not quarantined upon his return from Liberia because the ABC team was judged not to have had exposure to the virus.

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CBS News has apologized for airing a report in October that gave false information about the September 2012 attack on a US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

A security contractor told 60 Minutes programme he had been present during the attack, but later gave a conflicting statement to investigators with the FBI.

Reporter Lara Logan said it was a “mistake” to put the contractor on air.

Four Americans died in the attack, including a US ambassador.

Lara Logan, a reporter for 60 Minutes, a storied current affairs programme, said on Friday a source had provided false information during a report aired on October 27.

The security official, identified as Dylan Davies, said he had been at the US compound during the September 11, 2012, attack.

Dylan Davies reported he had witnessed the attack, fought off an assailant, and later viewed the body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

But other news outlets subsequently revealed Dylan Davies had told FBI investigators and his employers he was not at the Benghazi compound the night of the attack.

Lara Logan, a reporter for 60 Minutes, said a source had provided false information during a Benghazi report aired on October 27

Lara Logan, a reporter for 60 Minutes, said a source had provided false information during a Benghazi report aired on October 27

“The most important thing to every person at 60 Minutes is the truth, and today the truth is we made a mistake,” Lara Logan told a CBS morning news programme on Friday.

“Nobody likes to admit they made a mistake, but if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility and you have to say that you are wrong. And in this case, we were wrong.”

Lara Logan added that 60 Minutes planned to air a correction on its regular broadcast on Sunday evening.

CBS News chairman Jeff Fager told the New York Times Dylan Davies had lied to the network.

“There are people in the world who try to deceive others,” he said.

“We believe we have a really good system to guard against that. This guy got through that.”

Meanwhile, publication of a book written by Dylan Davies about the 2012 attack has been halted.

Threshold Editions said on Friday it was suspending publication of The Embassy House: The Explosive Eyewitness Account of the Libyan Embassy Siege by the Soldier Who Was There.

The book, written under the pseudonym Sgt Morgan Jones, was released on October 29.

The attack against the US consulate – which resulted in the death of Christopher Stevens, another state department worker, and two former Navy Seals – was originally said to have grown out of violent anti-American protests sparked by an anti-Islam film produced in the US.

It was later revealed to have been an organized, pre-planned assault by militia forces.

The US filed charges against a Libyan militia chief, Ahmed Abu Khattala, in August and an unknown number of other alleged attackers have also been charged.

Republicans denounced President Barack Obama’s handling of the incident, accusing the administration of failing to provide adequate security at the Benghazi compound and of neglecting to send a force to rescue the personnel after the attack began.

Also, the Republicans accused Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats of downplaying the attack in order to protect his 2012 re-election campaign.

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According to a survey of 1,005 adults conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, 70% of men would want their wives to outlive them.

Women were slightly less like likely to want to be outlived, with 62% of women saying they would want to die before their husband.

Meanwhile, 55% of people overall said they would give up their lives for their children.

The poll was part of a mortality-themed study, which also looked at other questions about death and dying.

When asked which celebrity they would like to bring back to life, for example, 35% said Princess Diana, followed by 14% who chose Steve Jobs and 11% who said Michael Jackson.

Family members were the people most participators said they would give up their lives for, with 55% choosing children.

If they were given a choice, 12% said they’d die for their spouse, 10% would give up their lives for their parents, 10% would die for their religion and only 5% said they’d die for their country.

In terms of what happens to them after death, only 24% of those polled said they would have their bodies cryogenically frozen in the hope they could one day be revived – even if the process was done for free.

Interestingly though, the number rose significantly to 39% among 18- to 34-year-olds.

Of the fictional characters they wished hadn’t died, an overwhelming majority – 32% of women and 19% of men – chose Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson from Titanic.

When it comes to funerals, more than a quarter – 26% – admitted to having fantasized about what people would say about them at the somber event.

And a whopping 40% said if they were to have a celebrity’s epitaph etched on their tombstone, it would be Frank Sinatra’s: “The best is yet to come.”


Steve Tyler has revealed on Australian show 60 Minutes he spent $6 million on drugs, admitting: “You could say I snorted half of Peru.”

Steve Tyler, 65, who with guitarist Joe Perry was known as one of the Toxic Twins, said he estimated he had shoveled millions up his nose in the years – controversially less than the $20 million than had rumored.

Aerosmith frontman said he spent: “Realistically, 5 or 6 [million]. But it doesn’t matter. You also could say I snorted half of Peru, but it doesn’t matter.”

Steve Tyler had been sober for more than two decades until he became addicted to prescription drugs in 2009, although he later was successful with treatment.

He became addicted to drugs in the late 1970s and continued to take illegal substances until 1986 when he received treatment.

In the interview, to be aired on Australian TV this week, Steve Tyler reveals his relationship with Joe Perry has improved since they famously fell out over the rocker’s stint on American Idol – they made up when Steve quit the band.

Without the drugs Steve Tyler is still no stranger to controversy after he made some remarks over fellow judge Nicki Minaj’s competence in December.

Steve Tyler has revealed on Australian show 60 Minutes he spent $6 million on drugs

Steve Tyler has revealed on Australian show 60 Minutes he spent $6 million on drugs

Nicki Minaj then lashed out at the Aerosmith rocker – who she replaced on the panel of the talent show – after he questioned her suitability, claiming she would’ve passed on legendary musician Bob Dylan if he auditioned.

At the time Steve Tyler said: “It was a moment, I’m sorry if it was taken wrong. But I’m the furthest from a racist.

“I’m not sure how she got that from me saying <<I’m not sure she would have judged Bob Dylan>>.

“I was just saying if Bob Dylan came on the show he would have been thrown off. Maybe I spoke out of turn but a racist I’m not.”

Nicki Minaj, 29, was furious when Steven Tyler insisted she would have turned down Bob Dylan if he auditioned for American Idol and took to twitter to blast the Aerosmith frontman.

Taking to the social networking website she wrote: “Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet.

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers. I haven’t done anything to you. That’s a racist comment.

“You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what? go f*** yourself and worry about yourself babe. LOL lets make him a shirt that says <<No Coloreds Allowed>>.”

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CBS has quietly released an interview with President Barack Obama which was filmed one day after the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi – and in which he refuses to call the incident an act of terrorism.

The footage, released seven weeks after it was filmed, shows Barack Obama contradicting himself yet again on the attack that left ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.

When exactly Barack Obama called the September 11 al Qaeda attack in Libya “terrorism” has become an increasingly contentious area of debate – and the interview throws doubt on the president’s previous and later claims.

At the second presidential debate in October, Barack Obama claimed he had first called the incident an act of terrorism during his Rose Garden speech just hours after the attack.

But the newly-released footage, filmed 12 hours after the Rose Garden appearance, shows he was still apprehensive about the label.

“Mr. President, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the Libya Attack, do you believe that this was a terrorism attack?” interviewer Steve Kroft asked in the 60 Minutes interview.

“Well it’s too early to tell exactly how this came about, what group was involved,” he responded.

“But obviously it was an attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other.”

Obama refuses to call Libyan embassy attack an act of terrorism during 60 Minutes interview

Obama refuses to call Libyan embassy attack an act of terrorism during 60 Minutes interview

Steve Kroft continued: “It’s been described as a mob action, but there are reports that they were very heavily armed with grenades, that doesn’t sound like your normal demonstration.”

Barack Obama responded: “As I said, we’re still investigating exactly what happened, I don’t want to jump the gun on this… And my suspicion is there are folks involved in this. Who were looking to target Americans from the start.”

The interview previously aired on October 19, but this section was edited out, Bret Baier reported on Fox. CBS only released this footage on Sunday – more than seven weeks after the interview.

The network even failed to offer it up when questions were raised during the presidential debate over whether he had called the attack terrorism before blaming it on rallies against an anti-Islamic film.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he regrets having an affair with his maid Mildred Beana, declaring it as “the stupidest thing” and admitting he “inflicted tremendous pain” onto his wife and children.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 65, opened up in a pre-recorded chat with 60 Minutes – his first televised interview since the scandal broke in May 2011 – to broadcast on Sunday.

The actor married television journalist Maria Shriver in April 1986, going on to have four children together – Katherine, 22, Christina, 21, Patrick, 19, and 15-year-old Christopher.

However, in May of last year, the couple separated after 25 years due to his infidelities.

Had it simply been an extra-marital affair, there may have been a chance to save the marriage, but Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with maid Mildred Beana, who gave birth to their son Joseph 14 years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he regrets having an affair with his maid Mildred Beana

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he regrets having an affair with his maid Mildred Beana

During the interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “I think it was the stupidest thing I’ve done in the whole relationship. It was terrible. I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids.”

The Terminator icon is currently promoting his autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, and though he says Maria Shriver hasn’t read the tell-all tale, she does wish him the best.

The former Governor of California added: “I think that Maria is wishing me well in everything I do.”

Interestingly, despite his acknowledgment of the affair, Arnold Schwarzenegger fails to actually say sorry.

When interviewer Lesley Stahl probes him, asking: “She gave up her television career for you. I mean, wow, was this the most unbelievable act of betrayal to Maria?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger deflects the answer, simply elaborating about it being the “stupidest” thing he did.

Despite the scandal that threatened to topple him from his He-Man cave, Arnie continues to work.

He went on to reprise his role as Trench in The Expendables 2, and signed up to a further five titles.

Action film The Last Stand and thriller The Tomb are currently in post-production, while he is about to embark on fantasy Unknown Soldier and DEA drama Breacher.

It has also recently been announced he will reunite with Danny DeVito to star in Triplets – a sequel to Twins, where the unlikely brothers discover they have a third sibling.

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Sam Eshaghoff, 19, was arrested in September along with 20 other students for either paying to have the test taken or providing them with the service

Sam Eshaghoff, 19, was arrested in September along with 20 other students for either paying to have the test taken or providing them with the service

Sam Eshaghoff, a teenager from Long Island, who charged students thousands of dollars to take their SATs (Scholastic Aptitute Tests) for them has spoken out for the first time about the scam, calling the security at the tests “uniformly pathetic”.

Sam Eshaghoff, 19, was arrested in September along with 20 other students for either paying to have the test taken or providing them with the service.

He told 60 Minutes that his college-entrance exams couldn’t have been easier to pull off and said he could do it again tomorrow, “piece of cake”.

Speaking on the show, which will air this Sunday, Sam Eshaghoff said: “I would say that between the SAT and ACT, the security is uniformly pathetic.

“In the sense that anybody with half a brain could get away with taking the test for anybody else.”


Sam Eshaghoff was charged with scheming to defraud, falsifying business records and criminal impersonation but will avoid jail time by accepting a plea deal that will see him offer up his counsel to low-income students looking to ace their exams.

The scam all started when one student asked Sam Eshaghoff if it was possible to pull off and how much it would take.

Sam Eshaghoff’s answer was $2,500 and he revealed to 60 Minutes that he took both the SAT and ACT tests around 20 times for his “intellectually-challenged” clients at Great Neck North High School, Long Island.

“My whole clientele was based on word of mouth and a referral system.”

Sam Eshaghoff was so successful at completing the Scholastic Aptitute Tests, he could guarantee an eye-popping high score for his clients, prosecutors claim.

And, after the money had changed hands, Sam Eshaghoff came good on his promise.

The top possible SAT score is 2,400, and Eshaghoff allegedly secured 2220, 2210, 2140, 2180, 2180 and 2170 for his students.

Though Sam Eshaghoff eventually handed himself in when he realized school officials were on to him, he hinted to the fact he was actually doing a good service for his peers.

Sam Eshaghoff said: “I mean, a kid who has a horrible grade-point average, who no matter how much he studies is gonna totally bomb this test, by giving him an amazing score, I totally give him this . . . new lease on life.

“He’s gonna go to a totally new college. He’s gonna be bound for a totally new career and a totally new path on life.”

The scheme was only rumbled when school officials learned of it through rumors circulating in the upscale school district.

Sharp-eyed officials pored over SAT scores, looking for discrepancies between SAT scores and grade point averages.

Police say that Sam Eshaghoff’s case may be just the tip of the iceberg, as there are major holes in the process of checking students’ IDs before the exams.

In each case, teenagers signed up to take the tests away from their own school, so their faces wouldn’t be recognized.

A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney ends its weekly appearances on CBS’ 60 Minutes.


On Sunday, October 2, the veteran radio and television writer, Andy Rooney, is expected to make his last regular attendance, he discusses the decision on  his 1,097th signature essay.

The 60 minutes‘ curmudgeon told TVNewser in June 2010 he wanted to work on the show until he “dropped dead“. “Until somebody tells me different, I’m not going to quit,” he said.

There’s nobody like Andy and there never will be. He’ll hate hearing this, but he’s an American original.” He “will always have the ability to speak his mind on ’60 Minutes’ when the urge hits him,” said Jeff Fager, chairman CBS News and the executive producer of 60 Minutes.


Andy Rooney will discuss the decision of leaving "60 Minutes" on October 2 in his 1097th signature essay.

Andy Rooney will discuss the decision of leaving "60 Minutes" on October 2 in his 1097th signature essay.


Andy Rooney, who turns 93 on January 14, 2012, started to work with CBS as a writer for Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts in 1949 and began to appear on the show (started in 1968) in 1978 with an essay about the reporting of automobile fatalities on the Independence Day weekend.

His end-of-show part, Three Minutes or So With Andy Rooney (later A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney), began as a summer replacement for the debate segment Point/Counterpoint featuring Shana Alexander and James Kilpatrick.

Andy Rooney began his career in journalism in 1942 writing for Stars and Stripes newspaper. He was one of six correspondents who flew on the first American bombing raid over Germany (1943) and one of the first American journalists to visit the Nazi concentration camps.

I can’t deny that The War–we call World War II ‘The War,’ as though there had never been another–was the ultimate experience for anyone in it,” he wrote in his book My War.

His wife, Marguerite, died in 2004 of heart failure, after 62 years of marriage. He has four children, the twins  Emily and Martha, a daughter Ellen, and a son, Brian.

At 60 Minutes longevity seems to be a habit. Mike Wallace, 93, worked full-time until 2006, then occasionally until 2008. Don Hewitt, the show creator and executive producer, was 81 when he retired in 2004. He died in 2009.


Andy Rooney has become known for his folksy, often curmudgeonly, TV essays on life, culture and news events.


He presents satire on everyday life (the cost of groceries, annoying relatives, faulty Christmas presents) essays on life, culture and news events, or politics.

His essays have been published in books, Common Nonsense (2002), Years of Minutes, (2003). He has won three Emmy Awards for his essays, and a Lifetime Achievement Emmy in 2003.

He has been target of parodies and impersonations (Frank Caliendo, Rich Little, Beavis), and served as subject for one of Saturday Night Live’s parodies on NBC network.

The Andy Rooney Television Collection – His Best Minutes (1993) and Andy Rooney On Almost Everything, Things That Bother Andy Rooney, and Andy Rooney’s Solutions (2006) include his commentaries and field reports.

The writer was criticized he does not want to adapt to the modern times and he is out of touch with contemporary culture (contemporary music). He said never had heard of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Usher in 2009 and said young people probably did not listen to Ella Fitzgerald.


Criticized or praised, Andy Rooney, 92, remains a living legend. The walnut table was made by himself.

Criticized or praised, Andy Rooney, 92, remains a living legend. The walnut table was made by himself.



Found dull by some people, but in the same outstanding, interesting and funny by others, Andy Rooney remains a living legend and a respectable active old person.


He has always considered himself a writer who incidentally appears on television behind his famous walnut table, made by himself.

The process by which each of us acquires a reputation isn’t independent of our character. It almost always depends more on the decisions we make than on chance occurrences,” he wrote in his book, Andy Rooney: 60 Years of Wisdom and Wit.

Andy Rooney on vacation: “Avoiding work is hard work”.

Andy Rooney on presents: ”In spite of the old sayings to the contrary, the best presents come in large packages.”

Andy Rooney on cats: ”I have never met a cat I liked.”

Andy Rooney on commerce: ”There are idiots who will buy anything as long as it costs enough.” “Money is a strange concept, right? What ever happened to the beads and shells?”

Andy Rooney on politics: “The best president of my lifetime? Rutherford B. Hayes.”

Andy Rooney on opinion: ”If you wonder what anyone thinks of you, consider what you think of them.” ”Not everyone has a right to his own opinion. If he doesn’t know the facts, his opinion doesn’t count.”

Andy Rooney on sports: “Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins was the best player to ever grace a court.”

Andy Rooney on medical advances: “Pray you never live this long.”

Andy Rooney on Heaven: ”My idea of heaven would be to die and awaken in a place that has all my lost things.”


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