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Most men would prefer to die before their wives


According to a survey of 1,005 adults conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, 70% of men would want their wives to outlive them.

Women were slightly less like likely to want to be outlived, with 62% of women saying they would want to die before their husband.

Meanwhile, 55% of people overall said they would give up their lives for their children.

The poll was part of a mortality-themed study, which also looked at other questions about death and dying.

When asked which celebrity they would like to bring back to life, for example, 35% said Princess Diana, followed by 14% who chose Steve Jobs and 11% who said Michael Jackson.

Family members were the people most participators said they would give up their lives for, with 55% choosing children.

If they were given a choice, 12% said they’d die for their spouse, 10% would give up their lives for their parents, 10% would die for their religion and only 5% said they’d die for their country.

In terms of what happens to them after death, only 24% of those polled said they would have their bodies cryogenically frozen in the hope they could one day be revived – even if the process was done for free.

Interestingly though, the number rose significantly to 39% among 18- to 34-year-olds.

Of the fictional characters they wished hadn’t died, an overwhelming majority – 32% of women and 19% of men – chose Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson from Titanic.

When it comes to funerals, more than a quarter – 26% – admitted to having fantasized about what people would say about them at the somber event.

And a whopping 40% said if they were to have a celebrity’s epitaph etched on their tombstone, it would be Frank Sinatra’s: “The best is yet to come.”

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