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5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day    


Business for you has been great but also incredibly stressful. After you work on your real estate marketing strategy using REI Blackbook, you think it might be time to take a break from work.  You might be correct, and that’s why we’re offering 5 signs you need a mental health day.

Let’s get into it!

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Quality sleep is incredibly important for our physical and mental health. If you’ve found yourself struggling to fall asleep or wanting to press snooze more frequently, it might be a sign that you need to take a mental health day. Allowing yourself the time to reconnect with yourself and slow your world down is an effective way to help get your sleep pattern back to a healthy state.

You Feel Overwhelmed

It’s normal to have some days where you feel overwhelmed with all you need to get done, but if you find that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed even on days where everything seems to be going well – it might be time for a mental health break. So often, we get lost in our day-to-day tasks and can easily become consumed with deadlines and tasks. This often causes us to feel stressed and like we don’t have control over our own lives anymore. Taking a mental health day gives you the space to relax and focus on self-care.

Your Physical Health Has Declined

Our mental health and physical health are directly linked to one another. If you notice your physical health declining, like frequent headaches, chest pain, or muscle aches, it might be an indication there’s something going on with your mental health as well. When you take a mental health day, you’re allowing your body and mind the time they need to relax and rest. In turn, this can help to alleviate some of the physical effects that mental health issues can cause. 

You’re More Irritable

Do you find yourself on edge or getting frustrated by the small things? If so, it might mean that you’re ready for a mental health day. When we’re anxious or stressed, we often find everything as a threat or an annoyance. We’re too absorbed with our thoughts on work or home life, and we find it challenging to find patience and peace. This is where a mental health day can help; it gives you a chance to find your inner peace and happiness.

Your Relationships Are Taking a Downward Spiral

Relationships require you to be present, understanding, and compassionate. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious lately – there’s a good chance that this has had a negative effect on your relationships. If you find that your relationships have been more challenging lately, or if you feel disconnected from your partner – it’s probably a good idea for you to take a mental health day. When you take a mental health day, you’re focusing on your thoughts and feelings. This can help you to have a greater awareness when it comes to navigating your role in a relationship, and it can help you to work on the parts of you that need strengthening.