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5 Powerful Benefits of An Uninterruptible Power Pupply


It’s scary to consider the extent to which our day-to-day work schedules rely on a reliable supply of electricity. Without it, your business could be thrown into disarray, with its employees potentially having to resort to awkward workarounds, like attempting to get work done on their smartphones.

To help prevent this kind of thing from happening, your business should invest in a power protection device known as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Here are some of the most compelling purposes a UPS can fulfill once put in place.

Preventing damage to electrical appliances

Contrary to popular belief, electricity is not delivered to workplaces in an entirely steady fashion. Though Mighty Gadget cites the “ideal voltage supply” as 120 volts, in some geographic areas, the voltage can fluctuate between 100 volts and 160 volts.

Unfortunately, surges or drops in voltage can inflict damage to electrical devices in your workplace – but a UPS can moderate the flow to help protect this hardware from damage potentially necessitating hundreds of pounds’ worth of repairs.

Temporarily replacing the main power supply if it is interrupted

Of course, if a power cut besets your business base, it hopefully won’t be left in the dark (literally and metaphorically) for too long. However, this loss of electricity could still last long enough to risk you losing valuable data you were in the middle of working on.

It’s reassuring, then, that one of the main aims of a UPS is to provide short-term power so that employees can save their progress and shut down their office computers.

Countering risks of natural and non-natural disasters

When a power cut does strike, chances are that somebody somewhere is uttering one word: “Oops.” That’s because construction workers as well as tradespeople working on utilities can inadvertently disrupt power supplies, as can tree surgeons who fell trees.

Often, though, natural disasters – like lightning, floods and strong winds – can actually be to blame. Whatever the culprit when a power cut arises, you can expect a UPS to quickly kick into gear as a direct consequence.


Saving time for your workers

Obviously, it would be tragic if, as a result of your workplace’s electricity supply suffering, members of your team lose a lot of work that had taken up a significant amount of their time.

However, a UPS can act as an extra line of defense against the potential loss of this work. A LinkedIn article explains that, “within a few minutes” of the power cut, a UPS can restore power long enough for the in-progress work to be completed there and then.

Providing power of a consistent quality

As a UPS can deliver strong power both consistently and continuously, workers don’t have to fret so much about, say, their laptop displays flickering or the sound from their electrical devices being interrupted.

It can be an especially good idea to implement a UPS power supply for a server room or data center, since these are settings where a reduction in power quality can be felt relatively easily.