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Keeping Your ATV in Top Shape


Riding an ATV is a whole lot of fun. All-terrain vehicles are made for handling wild rides through beautiful country. Unimpeded views, thrilling hills and turns, and unhindered exploration: those are the things that ATV riding is all about.

But this sort of adventure-seeking comes with risks. ATV riders should be very careful to practice safe riding when they’re out on the trail and enjoying themselves. It takes skill and a great sense of one’s own limitations to make the right decisions and get back safely from a top-notch ATV ride. And it takes one more thing, too: an ATV that you can rely on.

A poorly maintained ATV is a dangerous ATV

If your ATV is not well maintained, then it could become a liability. You want your ATV to have great traction, to turn when you need it to turn, to brake when you need it to brake. You want to avoid breakdowns and system failures so that you can always make return trips safely so that you never have to worry about a sudden disaster when you’re flying along at top speeds or trying to make a difficult turn.

As a responsible ATV rider, you want to work hard to keep yourself safe while you’re having fun. You need an ATV that works with you toward that same goal, and that means you need to keep your ATV in top-notch shape. Here’s how to do that.

Rely on a great mechanic

Just like any other kind of vehicle, your ATV needs the occasional check-up from a mechanic. So find one that you trust, and don’t be a stranger! While there are some basic maintenance jobs that you can do yourself on your ATV, it never hurts to have an expert touch. A frequent visits to a mechanic will mean that small or potential problems can be stopped before they get worse. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to get your ATV checked out. Be proactive, and you’ll enjoy a safer ride. You’ll also save money by avoiding more costly repair needs down the line!

Invest in quality parts

There will come a time when you need to replace a part on your ATV. When that time comes, you will most likely have a choice: should you go with a more expensive brand-name part, or take a flyer on a cheaper alternative?

Go with the brand name. Elite products like Polaris parts are going to be more reliable for your ATV — which means that, in turn, your ATV is going to be more reliable for you. You should talk to your mechanic about the importance of opting for great parts. When in doubt, you should always go with quality brand names. This is your safety we’re talking about — don’t skimp on it!

Protect your ATV from the elements

When you’re out riding, your ATV is right out in nature with you. It’s going to get muddy, and it’s going to barrel through crazy terrain. But when your ride is finished, you should take the time to clean things up. You don’t want to let mud stay caked on your vehicle, and you certainly don’t want your ATV to stay wet — that could lead to rust. Rust destroys vehicles of all kinds, and ATVs are no exception.

When you’re not using your ATV, you should keep it stored in a dry place with moderate and relatively constant temperatures. Invest in a great ATV cover to keep your ride protected from dust and other dangers. And if you’re not going to ride your ATV for a long time, prepare it for the time off. Winterizing is a key step for ATV riders in cold climates who are hanging up the helmet for the season, and ATVs should be prepared for long-term disuse even if the weather is warm.

Caring for an ATV isn’t too tough, and it will pay off big time. A well maintained ATV is a safer and more enjoyable vehicle.

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