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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Hunting


One of the most important parts of caring for both your mental and physical health is regular exercise. Exercising not only improves your physical health and appearance, but can reduce serotonin and other chemicals found in the brain that act as a natural mood booster and stress reliever. One form of exercise that some people do not categorize alongside traditional workouts is hunting. Hunting is a sport that requires mental stamina, upper and lower body strength, and the endurance to stay active during a long day in the field. In addition to the positive impacts hunting can have on your physical health, doing such intense exercise frequently can improve your mental health as well. In the months leading up to hunting season, making sure that you are in good shape is just as important as making sure you have the right gear from Outdoor Solutions.

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Whether you’re an experienced hunter with numerous successful seasons behind you or a beginner just getting interested in the sport, knowing the potential health benefits that come with hunting can make the sport feel even more rewarding and enjoyable.

  1. Increased Vitamin D

Hunting often requires spending a great deal of time outside, and often in the sunshine. Both factors are shown to naturally increase rates of Vitamin D, leading to a natural boost in mood and reduction in stress especially in the chillier Fall or Winter months when Vitamin D deficiency is most common.

  1. Reduced Stress

Due to the intense nature of hunting’s physical requirements – walking long distances, carrying heavy equipment, and maintaining balance and stamina – hunting frequently can cause a significant reduction in stress and feelings of depression or anxiety, due to the intensity of the workout and the aforementioned amount of time spent outdoors.

  1. Sense of Community

Like many sports of a similar level of intensity, hunting allows all participants to form strong bonds and to have an increased sense of purpose and community. Hunters are often able to bond with one another fairly easily, due to their shared love of the extreme sport. Hunting alongside friends can make the seemingly endless hours in the field feel a bit more enjoyable, and can lead to improved performance during a hunt. Maintaining a strong sense of community also has benefits for hunter’s mental health.

Hunting is one of the most intense, challenging, and rewarding sports that one can do. With numerous benefits for one’s mental and physical health, anyone interested in hunting should give it a try!

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