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Two Innovative Ways to Work for Yourself in 2022


The COVID pandemic has caused many of us to rethink our careers, whether because we’ve changed our priorities or because our jobs may not be there for us anymore. Thankfully, there are more ways to work for yourself now than perhaps at any other time. Here are two innovative ideas for how to work for yourself in 2022.

Consider a Career in Real Estate

One unexpected development in the past couple of years has been the extraordinary boom in real estate. Home values have gone up tremendously all the way across the United States. In many neighborhoods, houses are being sold almost as soon as they are listed.

This trend has created a highly lucrative career for real estate agents. More people may be seeking out agents than previously since houses sell so quickly. Home seekers struggle to find the house they want before it is already purchased by somebody else.

By using quality real estate lead generation tools like the one provided by Haines, you can find essential homeowner and property information and increase your leads capacity, enabling you to make a great living with a career working for yourself in real estate.

Provide Child or Pet Care

Both child and pet care are booming industries right now. Many parents are reticent to send their children to daycare where they may be exposed to the COVID virus, which means that individual caretakers or caretakers who provide daycare services for only a couple of children at a time are in hot demand. With a few simple qualifications like CPR training and experience working with kids, you can set yourself up to make a great living in the comfort of your own home or in client homes looking after children.

Many more people also became pet owners in the past couple of years as loneliness, boredom, and more time spent at home drove people to purchase or adopt pets. As those new pet owners need to return to work, they may be finding that they need help taking care of their pets. This can be a great opportunity for you to launch a career taking care of other people’s pets, whether you offer care in your home, in the client’s home, or take dogs for walks.

Work for Yourself in 2022

Do you have dreams of a fulfilling career in which you are your own boss? There may never have been a better time to go it alone than now. Whether you’re interested in a career in real estate or you’d like to take care of children or pets, 2022 is a great year to get started in these exciting careers.

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