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Put an End to Infertility with Frozen Egg Donation

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Whether someone is suffering from fertility problems like low ovarian reserves, PCOS, or unexplained fertility, there isn’t always a clear-cut answer regarding suitable treatment options.

Though IVF and IUI cycles might work for many, these aren’t always successful avenues for every person hoping to conceive. Often, a person is left searching for different solutions to combat their infertility issues – for example, donor eggs are commonly considered as an alternative.

However, many people wonder how complicated using an egg donor will be. They ask themselves questions like, “Is affordable donor egg treatment a possibility?” or “How thoroughly are potential donors screened?”

Thankfully, there are positive answers to quandaries like these.

When someone uses frozen donor eggs to conceive, they’ll receive many benefits which might not be possible with other fertility solutions.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Frozen Donor Eggs?

Before leaping at the opportunity to use a frozen egg donor to start your family, it’s worth considering if you’d make an ideal candidate for the process.

Luckily, there aren’t many who wouldn’t benefit from this treatment!

Not only is egg donation an optimal solution for those who haven’t been successful during traditional IVF or IUI cycles, but it can also be a helpful alternative for people battling conditions and symptoms like:

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Irregular periods
  • Low ovarian reserves
  • People with genetic conditions
  • Early onset menopause
  • Poor egg quality
  • Unexplained infertility

Can You Trust Frozen Egg Donors?

One reason prospective parents may lean towards using a fresh egg donor instead of frozen is wanting a personal connection with their donor. They believe they’ll have more trust if they can meet their donor in person.

On the contrary, there’s nothing to fear when using quality donor eggs from a respected frozen egg bank.

Before a potential donor can begin their egg collection process, they’ll undergo a comprehensive screening examination. This includes various tests like background checks, psychological evaluations, drug screenings, and general health tests.

During this evaluation stage, clinics also collect information regarding the donor’s educational, family, and professional background.

Many of the results obtained during this process are made available to hopeful parents. In this way, they have an abundance of facts to help them make their decision and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their potential donor underwent detailed screenings before their eggs were collected.

The Benefits of a Frozen Donor Egg Cycle

Some individuals might ask – “Why would I choose a frozen egg donor if a fresh donation is possible?”

There are several reasons why selecting frozen donor eggs instead of fresh is an advantageous fertility treatment decision. Some of these include:

Low Costs

Unfortunately, overcoming infertility often comes with high costs which aren’t usually covered by insurance.

In the argument between fresh vs. frozen donor eggs, many people appreciate how much less they’ll spend on a frozen egg donation cycle than a fresh cycle. In fact, they often save thousands of dollars in comparison.

Further, reputable donor egg companies like Donor Egg Bank USA also provide various financial payment plans to suit the unique needs of all families, including LGBTQIA+.

High Success Rates

In decades past, fresh donor eggs were the optimal choice regarding egg donation success rates. Today, the success rates of fresh and frozen donor eggs nearly equal each other.

This leap in the reliability of frozen eggs is mainly due to a flash-freezing technology known as vitrification.

While labs previously froze collected eggs using slow-freeze technology which often led to ice crystal formation and cellular damage, vitrified eggs are exposed to advanced cryoprotectants before freezing to protect them during storage and thawing.

Flexible Start Times

During a fresh donor egg cycle, the donor and recipient’s reproductive cycles must be synchronized to ensure correct timing for collection and transfer. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge which sometimes leads to cycle cancellations.

Alternatively, since frozen donor eggs have already been collected, prospective parents have more flexibility when choosing a cycle start date.

Creating New Opportunities to Build a Family with Egg Donation

When you dream of having a baby, but your faced with one negative pregnancy test after another, don’t lose hope. Even if the situation seems impossible, other options – like frozen egg donation – are always available.

No matter how hard things might seem, remember your answer could be right around the corner.