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How to Stick With a New Workout Routine


Everyone knows that getting into a new routine is challenging. Trying to make healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables daily and working out regularly is especially difficult. It is important to remember that going from eating junk food everyday to a completely healthy and vegan diet is very challenging and is often destined for future failure. Instead, it is more effective to start making changes gradually and change your routine incrementally. This allows your mind and body to adapt to the change over time, rather than shocking it by changing all at once. For more advice, here are a few key ways to add a new workout routine into your weekly or daily habits:

Choose Activities You Enjoy

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. Taking your dog on a walk or going for a swim are both great ways to get healthy exercise. By choosing workouts that you enjoy, you increase the chances of you sticking with them for a long time. Working out with friends or family can also make your workouts more enjoyable. Alternatively, hiring a personal trainer can help you stay motivated and on track to meet your goals.

Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to build healthy habits is to reward yourself for each time you workout or get exercise. This can include anything from buying yourself a new album or video game to going to your favorite restaurant. However, it is important to avoid choices like ice cream or fast food because these can hinder your weight loss or fitness success. Treating yourself every other week is more acceptable.

Pick New Activities Each Week

When you first start working out regularly, it can be beneficial to do the same exercises each time so that you get into a rhythm of working out. However, as you pass the one to three week mark, you will likely find yourself getting bored or burnt out. Therefore, it is important to change up your workout routine with different exercises or activities to keep each session fun and unique.

Collaborate with Your Doctor

Making a plan with your doctor for weight loss or getting into shape can help you create the right workout routine for you. The experts at RCMC Medical Center offer medical weight loss programs, nutrition counseling, and an individualized weight loss plan to help support your healthy habits. Doctor-approved appetite suppressants and medical HCG injections can also aid in weight loss.     


Overall, getting into a new workout routine doesn’t have to be miserable and painful. By encouraging exercises you enjoy, rewarding yourself for your efforts, and adding variety to your workout routine, you can help make exercising a long-term habit. Working with your doctor for weight loss planning can also help guide your routines and eating habits.