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Wearing the Right Clothing Post Surgery

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Surgeries are often planned ahead by at least a month, and because of that, many of us try to be as prepared as possible.  We stockpile food and snacks, ask loved ones to agree to check in on us twice daily to ensure that we’re okay, and work to make post-surgery easier, and it can change how we experience it.

Post-surgery comfort and photos aren’t only affected by food and comfort, though!  The clothing you wear after surgery changes your level of mobility and can make it so that you feel some level of normalcy afterward.

Here are some must-haves in the post-surgery closet.

Button-Front Shirts

Whether you had your appendix removed or you’re getting a breast reduction, shirts that don’t require you to lift your arms over your head can be priceless.  Talk locally and try to gather as many front buttoning shirts as you can get.  The buttons mean you don’t have to reach up to pull on the shirt, and you can clothe yourself with a little ease.

Easy Shorts

The last thing you need after surgery is to have to lean down to pull on heavy and restrictive jeans. So put the denim aside and instead put money into getting comfy shorts for summer.  If you have someone who can help you after surgery and who will do your laundry, there’s less to worry about, but try to purchase at least ten cheap pairs of shorts if you are alone.  This will keep you more comfortable, more mobile, and less stressed about the steps of getting changed after surgery.


Easy shirts and shorts aren’t the other things you’ll be wearing after surgery!  If your surgery is particularly invasive, it may be a good time to look at post-surgery undergarments as well.  An excellent option for some is a post-op shoulder surgery bra, giving freedom of movement without worrying about hurting yourself more.


The main thing you should be wearing after surgery is flip-flops. However, you can also get away with slides or crocs, anything that doesn’t require you to lean fully over and secure or unbuckle a pair of shoes.  Although most people don’t go out or spend a lot of time away from the house, having the option available may help convince you into motion, which is a necessary part of healing.

Avoid At All Costs

There are some items of clothing you should avoid at all costs after surgery.  These rewire too much motion and can detriment your safety and your body’s ability to heal.  These range from button-down shirts to clothing with a lot of straps or pieces to it, to even high heels and boots with a lot of laces.  Although it may seem attractive, and you want to keep up what feels good to you while you heal, try to avoid anything that could actively harm you or make your life harder. 

Surgery is one of the most frustrating things to come out of in life. But, be good to yourself and plan thoroughly for how you’ll heal, and you’ll be back to health in no time.