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Everything You Need To Get Your Home Ready For Summer


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June has just begun, and the hot weather of July and August will soon be upon us. It feels like this winter lasted forever and spring never really got started. So you might only just be starting to come out of hibernation mode! Don’t worry if you think you are slightly behind with getting your home all ready for summer. This guide is here to help you remember everything you need to do.

Test Your Air Conditioning

Before the summer heat really kicks in, you will need to check your air conditioning system. If you wait until it gets too hot and find that it doesn’t work, you could be in for a sweaty few days until a repairman can make it! You don’t have to do anything too complicated to test it. Simply switch it on and leave it for an hour or two. If it seems to be doing the job, then everything should be just fine. However, if there are any unexplained noises or it does not cool down your home sufficiently, you may need to install a new air conditioner. If the problem is small, you might be ok fixing it yourself. You will also need to remember that some air conditioning units will need servicing every couple of years. This will keep them free from many common issues. Do you think it is time to upgrade to a new unit or system? Check on consumer websites before you buy one to see their excellent product reviews.

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Pest-Proof Your Home

Summer will see an increase in the pest and creepy crawly population outside. Under no circumstance should they make it into your home! There are a few ways you can make your home pest-proof. Before the weather turns for the better, check your doors, windows, and any other entry ways into your house. If you notice any gaps or cracks, they will need to be filled in. Otherwise, they are the perfect opening for little insects to crawl through. Cracks in the wall can be blocked up with some filler. If you notice a gap in a door or window, you may have to replace the frames so that everything fits tightly. Another way to prevent any insects squatting your property is to double check your plumbing. Leaky pipes can create a water source that pests can use to survive. Fix leaks and clean up puddles and pools of water so that there is nothing in your home keeping pests alive. Remember to clean up straight away after cooking and baking. If you need to leave food out to cool down, don’t leave it out long enough to attract vermin.

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Air Out The House

You probably won’t have opened your windows at all through the winter. That means your home will be full of a lot of stale air. If it stays in your house while the weather gets hotter, it can create quite an unpleasant atmosphere. It can increase the temperature of your home too. To make your home fresh in time for summer, air it out. Check the weather forecast and see when the next bright day will be. When it comes, open all your windows to get a load of fresh air into your rooms. It’s not only great for your home, but it can help your health as fresh air isn’t so full of dust and particles!

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Defrost Your Freezer

The freezer needs to be ready to be filled with ice cream and popsicles! Take a look through all the food that is in there and see if there is anything that needs to be thrown out. If you have portions of leftover meals that have been in there more than a couple of months, they will be past their best. Check the use by dates on any packaged food. Generally speaking, nothing should be frozen for more than a few months. If you can remember putting something in there last summer, it needs to go in the bin, unfortunately. Once you have cleared out old food, defrost it to get rid of any excess ice. Once you have made some room in your freezer, you can fill it with lots of summer treats!

Smarten Your Garden

Not many people take care of their garden and other outdoor areas through the winter. So by the time summer rolls around, there is a chance your flowerbeds and lawns might be looking a bit tatty. So before you can invite anyone over for garden parties and outdoor playdates, you’ll need to smarten up your garden. Mow the lawn so that it looks neat and trim. Go around your flowerbeds and take out any weeds. If you have any patches of soil that are completely empty, dig them to turn the soil over. It can also be worth adding fresh compost to it before you sow any seeds. Once the soil is ready, plant seeds and bulbs. If you have any wooden garden furniture, give it a coating of wood stain so that it will be able to survive any rain showers.

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Bring Your Garden Inside

Bringing some plants and flowers from your garden into your home will make it feel extremely summery indeed! You can keep it simple and just pick some flowers to arrange in a vase. This would make a fantastic centerpiece for your dining room table. If you feel very green-fingered, you can add pot-plants to all your rooms. Once you have the windows open, and a light breeze makes the plants’ leaves rustle, you’ll feel like you’re outside in a park! If you want something to do with your kids, have a go at drying flowers to make pretty decorations.

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Use Light, Bright Colors And Fabrics

Take down heavy drapes from your windows as these can trap hot air in your rooms. This is great when you need to stay warm through winter, but it can quickly make your home turn stuffy through the summer months. Instead, replace them with some thin drapes made from soft cotton or silk. If they are in light pastel shades, they will look extra summery. Summer is also the perfect time to paint your home as the warm air will help the paint dry quickly. Think about the rooms you use most often in summer. For example, conservatories and summer rooms. Paint these in light colors to make them feel extra summery. Buy some bright tea and bath towels so you can add some color throughout your home. The brighter your home is, the more summery you’ll feel!

Buy Summer Necessities

Summer means lots of bees and wasps, so get stocked up on lots of anti-sting medication. Insect repellant will also come in very handy as well, especially if you are planning on lots of barbecues and outdoor dining. One of the most important products to stock up on is sunscreen. If you have young children in your family, make sure you have plenty of high SPF brands. Remember to also buy lots of aloe vera in case someone gets sunburnt. It’s not just medical stuff you need to stock up on, though! Buy some disposable plates and cutlery in case you decide to have a spontaneous picnic. Getting fresh towels and blankets ready now will also help if you decide to head to the beach for a day out. And kids will really appreciate a garage full of cricket sets, frisbees, and balls!

Now is the time to get your home ready for summer. Otherwise, it’ll already be time to start the winter preparations!