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Bosarge Divorce: A Billion Dollar Dose of Family Injustice

Getting Divorced Abroad

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Women across Houston won’t like what local billionaire Ed Bosarge is trying to pull off next week in front of a Harris County Family Law judge.

The 81-year old mathematician helped pioneer groundbreaking work in the Houston Medical Center and is trying to divorce his wife of 30 years and leave her homeless.

Ed Bosarge owns mansions across the world, at least two yachts, and an island in the Caribbean called Over Yonder Cay. He profiles his self-proclaimed visionary work on www.edbosarge.com.

When his largest palacial home on Carnovan was put on the market the Houston Chronicle profiled it as the most expensive mansion in Houston at $42 million dollars.

Bosarge has amassed a multi-billion-dollar fortune despite allegations of fraud along the way. In the early 1980’s the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Bosarge with securities fraud and market manipulation. The case was settled. Former business partners have accused Bosarge of a “tyrannical coup” in a legal fight over Houston based Quantlab, called one of the world’s most secretive and profitable high frequency trading companies. Bosarge is also now deeply invested in stem cell technology.

But it may be his divorce case that raises the most troubling questions about Ed Bosarge.

Court filings claim the Houston billionaire has a young Russian girlfriend – an affair that purportedly started long before the divorce was ever filed. Lawyers for Marie Bosarge claim Ed Bosarge systematically moved assets into South Dakota trusts as part of a scheme to keep the assets from his thirty-year marriage for himself. The Guardian newspaper recently profiled how the mega-rich use South Dakota trust laws to protect and hide their money. Marie’s lawyers say the “sham” trusts were set up to hide his money from his long-time spouse.

“We’ve been married thirty years and he is trying to take everything from me and leave me homeless basically,” Marie Bosarge told Dolcefino Consulting when we saw her outside a Galleria restaurant, “I just want what’s fair.”

Tuesday morning, lawyers for Ed Bosarge will ask Judge Chip Wells of the 312th District Court to dismiss Marie’s claims that Ed is trying to cheat her. 

Will the billionaire show up to face his wife? Stay tuned.