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What to Do After a Truck Accident? 5 Important Steps People Forget


Have you gotten into a truck accident today? It can be stressful. Especially if you got hurt. Here are a few steps you should take next to get compensation.

How deadly are accidents involving trucks? According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 4,000 Americans died as a result of large truck crashes in 2018. Of those, the majority — 67 percent — were drivers or passengers in automobiles. 

Do you know what to do in the event that you are a victim of a truck accident today? Read on to refresh your memory about the essential steps to take.

1. Stay Calm and Keep Quiet

An accident can rattle even the calmest, most laid back person. However, it’s important to keep your wits about you. First, assess the safety of the situation and determine if you or one of your passengers are injured. Then take a few moments to breathe deeply and center yourself before exiting the vehicle.

It’s human nature to place blame on the other driver, but whatever you do, do not come out swinging. Antagonizing them could cause the situation to go from bad to worse. Conversely, if you admit responsibility or apologize, they might use that against you when it comes to assigning fault.

In the event that the other driver is shouting or swearing at you, lock your car door, call 911, and wait for the authorities to arrive.

2. Call for Help

Even if there don’t seem to be any serious injuries or damage to the vehicles, you need to call 911. Filing an accident report is the law, for starters. 

Moreover, it’s simply smart to have the incident documented. You may develop injuries later on that can be traced back to the accident. One of the most common delayed injuries is whiplash, but there are many other issues that can develop long after the dust settles. 

There is also the possibility that other people involved may decide to bring legal action against you.

3. Use Your Cell Phone to Capture Evidence

As you are waiting for police and paramedics to arrive, take out your smartphone and start snapping pics. You can also record video. Make sure to capture any damage to the vehicles as well as road conditions or weather that may have led to the accident.

If there are witnesses, take down their contact information so police can follow up with them if necessary. Of course, you should also exchange info with the other driver, including the details of their insurance.

4. Seek Medical Attention ASAP

Often, the 911 dispatcher will send an ambulance to the accident scene, just as a precautionary measure. If you are not seen by EMTs or paramedics then and there, however, go get checked out by your doctor. You can also visit an urgent care clinic.

Don’t delay; seek medical attention no later than the day after the crash. Again, having this documentation could prove essential to a favorable legal outcome.

5. Secure the Services of an Attorney

Speaking of favorable legal outcomes, another important step in the wake of an accident is contacting an attorney. Accident attorneys offer complimentary consultations to determine whether their services are necessary.

Getting a truck accident lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to file a lawsuit. They can help you in negotiations with insurance companies as well, to guarantee that you get a fair shake.

A Truck Accident Today Can Result in Heartache Tomorrow

In the aftermath of a serious crash, it’s common for a person’s common sense to fly out the window! You can never be too prepared to deal with a truck accident today, tomorrow, or next year. Keep your head, document everything you can, and enlist the assistance of law enforcement, medical personnel, and attorneys.

Have you ever been in a serious crash with a truck? Do you have any tips for dealing with the pain or other problems that accidents cause? Leave a comment below.