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Do I Need An Attorney? 9 Times to Always Lawyer Up


There are 1.35 million practicing lawyers across the United States as of 2019. 

In a highly litigious society, these lawyers help maintain law and order by assisting their clients to seek for justice. Additionally, there are many circumstances where you need to know your rights and the responsibilities the law has set out for you.

However, you need to ask yourself, “Do I need an attorney?” to get the best legal service that can help your situation.

Here are a few scenarios where you might have to consult a lawyer. 

1. Starting a Business

Starting a business without consulting a lawyer is not only foolhardy but can also place you at risk in some instances. 

Whenever you decide to form a firm legally, the structure that can best work for you becomes a concern. Since there are several types of business structures you can use, talking to a lawyer can help you understand which one makes the best sense for your firm.

If you decide to make your business a corporation, you will have to draft some internal documents that govern the organization. Consulting a lawyer at this stage is essential to ensure that you create bylaws that help your new firm achieve its potential and avoid legal difficulties down the road. 

2. Operating Businesses

It’s not just new businesses that need a lawyer’s services. Firms that have been in operation also require a lawyer’s skill since there is a myriad of operational issues that call for legal advice.

For creative businesses, intellectual property (IP) is a critical asset that must be protected at all costs. Before you register your products or services for federal copyright and trademark protection, it’s wise to talk to a lawyer. They can help you identify any potential issues with your IP that you hadn’t considered so that you avoid future complications. 

Another area where consulting a lawyer is essential is in human resources (HR). As you develop programs and services to help your employees flourish, a lawyer can help you identify and resolve potential legal issues that can affect your operations. 

A lawyer who is experienced in marketing and advertising can help you manage the legal aspects of your firm’s campaigns. Thus, you can sidestep common mistakes that might drive your powerful campaign into the ground and waste valuable company resources. 

3. A DUI Charge

Nowadays being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious issue that calls for a lawyer’s skills. The law governing DUI cases is continually evolving, but a lawyer can fight for you with the latest legal knowledge at their fingertips. 

If it’s your first DUI charge the prosecutor will offer a first-time plea offer. If you have valid defenses for your case, you won’t need to take on the offer.

But how can you judge the strengths and weaknesses of your case to identify the best path to take? Unless you bring an experienced DUI lawyer in, you’re likely to make a mistake that can cost you dearly. 

4. Personal Injury

Severe personal injury cases are complex, and thus you ought to involve a lawyer. 

For example, some injuries can lead to you or a loved one being permanently disabled or injured in the long-term. Determining compensation for such an injury is a complicated process. You’ll need a lawyer’s experience to help you get the most out of your claim.

Since a personal injury lawyer is critical to your future well-being, you should only settle for the best. Pay attention to reviews from previous clients (check out this link for an example) as they are an accurate indicator of what to expect. 

5. Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney is critical in helping you negotiate with your creditors to help you save your house in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example. If you are facing a chapter 13 bankruptcy, your attorney can help you negotiate a reasonable repayment plan with the court.

Additionally, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you fill out all the paperwork correctly and on time. Thus, you don’t fail to make the right disclosures that can cause problems. 

6. Foreclosure

Losing your house is a challenging experience, and at times, you need an attorney to help you through it. If you have a strong defense for your case, you can’t do without an attorney in defending your claim. 

For any military member, you will need an attorney to help you deal with the foreclosure under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Furthermore, a lawyer can help answer any questions you have on your state’s foreclosure laws and regulations. 

7. Drug Charge

When you’re facing drug charges, your chances of a favorable outcome hinge on the kind of representation you have. Defendants who hire lawyers tend to fare better compared to those who don’t retain an attorney or have to rely on a public defender. 

Public defenders always have an overflowing caseload and will, on many occasions, favor a plea deal. That plea deal is typically worse than what a private attorney can deliver for you. 

8. Planning Your Estate

Setting your estate in order is a document-heavy process, and hiring a lawyer is critical to getting all the intricate pieces in place. Your state has very particular laws and regulations surrounding your will. 

Who can and can’t be your representative, what can and can’t be on your will are just some of the issues state law dictates.  An estate planning lawyer with experience can help you draft a will that abides by the latest regulations so that you can care for your loved ones. 

9. Divorce

A contested divorce is a minefield that you ought not to navigate without an attorney. An experienced, local divorce lawyer is familiar with your state’s laws and regulations concerning divorce. Thus, they can help you understand your rights and responsibilities when facing a divorce.

If you find out that your spouse has hired an attorney, you should also get a lawyer to secure a fair deal. 

Do I Need an Attorney? In These Situations, Yes

Lawyers have become an increasingly inevitable part of our society. No matter if you are facing criminal charges or need to learn your responsibilities in the eyes of the law, you need to identify an excellent attorney to consult. Begin by asking yourself, “Do I need an attorney?” to determine the best lawyer for your case. 

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