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The Top 3 Most Popular DIY E-Juice Questions


E-juice can be expensive, especially if you vape often. If you’re looking for safe, quality, affordable e-juice in any flavor you feel like, you should think about making your own. You can create your own delicious, custom recipes based on your favorite foods and desserts. Here are some of the most common DIY e-juice questions.

1. What Ingredients Are Needed to Make DIY E-Juice?

E-juice usually includes a base liquid, flavor concentrates, and nicotine. The base liquid contains different combinations of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). You can buy many premixed base liquids, or you can buy PG and VG separately and make your own. The most common VG and PG ratios are 70-to-30, 30-to-70, and 50-to-50.

PG is best for diluting flavor concentrates, and it’s an ingredient in many foods and cosmetics. It’s completely flavorless on its own, but some people can develop allergies or experience throat irritation. Vegetable glycerin is also part of many foods, and it’s sweeter and thicker than propylene glycol. You can use it to produce thick clouds of vapor, and it’s less likely to irritate your throat. Nicotine and flavorings are both optional.

You can experiment with different ingredients and ratios to improve your e-juice. A DIY vape juice kit has all the ingredients and equipment you need to start creating your own e-juice. That way, you can make one convenient purchase. Flavor kits with a variety of extracts and lab kits with equipment are available as well.

2. How Can People Make Premium E-Juice?

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Making your own vape juice doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. Like baking a cake, anyone can create a quality product with some practice and experimentation. You can choose premium flavors and other ingredients for the best possible vaping experience. There are thousands of flavor concentrates out there, and you can choose from several concentrations of nicotine.

You’ll need some small bottles for storing your base liquids, test recipes, and prepared e-juices. Graduated cylinders and beakers are useful for making larger amounts. Having plenty of containers also helps you avoid cross-contamination. Make sure to label your containers clearly to prevent mix-ups. You’ll also need some small syringes for adding ingredients by volume and an electronic scale for adding them by weight. Remember that nicotine has its own flavor. Since your skin can absorb it, you should use gloves when you handle it. Also, keep it away from children.  

3. What Are the Best DIY E-Juice Flavors?

According to Heavy, one of the best e-juice flavors is Lava Flow by Naked 100. It’s a blend of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut, and it tastes a lot like a piña colada. You can add additional flavors or the concentration of nicotine you prefer. Other options include coffee, granola, strawberry, watermelon, peppermint, menthol, cookie, and more.

Making your own e-juice might seem complicated, but it’s easy and fun. It’s an excellent way for you to enjoy the flavors of your favorite foods without overeating, and it can help you quit smoking.

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