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How to Design and Build a Golf Course In Your Back Yard


If you are an avid golfer, chances are you have thought of setting up a little mashie course in your back yard. Designing and building a mini golf course in your back yard is easier than you think. All you need is a little imagination, a plan, and a few materials to build the course of your dreams.

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Make A List Of Materials You Will Need

Make a list of everything you may need to create your mini golf course. You will need grass (if you do not have) for the greens, sand for golf bunkers, materials for pathways, and plants to create a scenic course.

For an authentic feel, add flags and yard measurementsto your list too. Perhaps a small water feature to create the water hazard for your course?

Invest in proper measuring tools and gardening equipment that will make your course a reality. In addition to the tools needed, consider which months will be better to build your course; rainy and wet seasons will be more frustrating to work in than warmer and drier months.

Designing Your Home Golf Course

You will need to design your backyard golf course with a few things in mind besides just the cost involved.

Firstly, the lay of your land; how will you adapt your garden to include your course? Secondly, measure your yard, this will make designing it a lot quicker and easier. Finally, consider what impact the golf course will have on the fauna and flora that currently exists in your garden.

You can use many eco-friendly materials that will enhance your golf course and last for years to come. Sustainability is cost-efficient when planned properly. Think of using recycled materials or composite structures for any walkways, fences or supporting materials for the bunkers.  

Drought-resistant grasses and plants that are indigenous to the area you live in are another great way to introduce sustainability. If you have a greywater system, hook that up to the irrigation for a greener green throughout the year. Use solar-powered walkway lights to brighten up your course as a feature at night.

Designing Software

When planning out your course, you will need to figure out where you want the holes, which obstructions should be included and where, and how long the course will be. This seems daunting but luckily technology is available to help you design the golf course you envision.

Golf course architecture and design software will take your design from paper to the computer to the garden effortlessly. When using the software, you can alter your designs or measure distances accurately according to the lay of your garden.

If you are new to the software, you will need to spend a few hours online getting to know the design program and going through some tutorials. You will be building and designing your golf course virtually, which can be a lot of fun and a gratifying way to see what your end product will look like.