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Top 4 Skills That a Certified Power BI Professional Can Use to Woo Recruiters


Things seemed to be quite simple and categorized in the early decades of the technology boom. When it came to any kind of product or service offering, there was a business side to it as well as a technological side. Both of them had a minimal overlap since governance was usually a one-way street. Everything changed with the advent of the 21st century, propelling us into an age where everything was interconnected, including these two aspects as well.

Today, recruitments still happen for a lot of job roles that have traditionally existed for the longest time. These will rarely go out of style, which is why you will still see a lot of applicants for those roles since they bring in the standard skill set that is required to fulfill those responsibilities. But an urgent need today is to have a person who can harness technology to empower smarter and more intelligent business decisions. Someone who can use technology to process data and transform it into information that is relevant to the business. This is where Power BI professionals come into play. This has also led to the steady rise in the number of people enrolling for the Power BI course in recent years.

Once you are done with the course, here are some top skills that you acquire which are in high demand in the market today.

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1.Ability to collaborate and congregate data

Most systems in various corporations and enterprises today are disparate. Sure, they might be connected better than before and interfaced with numerous software that can talk to each other. But the data that seemingly has some level of interdependency to it lies in different silos. In order to recognize patterns between them and chart out insights, they need to be brought together.

Power BI professionals excel at this task. They have the skillset to make use of Power BI and create reports and viewing boards easily. No matter what platform or person needs to view them, they can be provided access with no hassles. As for data congregation, even large enterprises that store data in numerous databases such as PostgreSQL, Salesforce, Adobe, Excel, and so on can reap the benefits of Power BI without trouble.

2.Ability to perceive reports as per business needs

Power BI professionals are not hired as a mule horse to just operate the software just because business leaders don’t have the time to learn and operate it themselves. Knowing the business aspect of things, which is what led to the conception of Power BI itself, plays a vital role as a major skill to look out for as well.

When trained in Power BI, not only would you be able to pull together data, but you would be able to read the business reports it generates and predict if anything else might be required. Additional functionalities or safeguards can be added to charts that allow restricted user visibility or metric tweaking to see different insights within a singular dashboard. All of this is possible only if you are able to understand business needs beforehand.

3.Ability to stay in pace with evolution

Just like any other technology, the uses and techniques of operating Power BI do keep improving on a daily basis. Thanks to a prevalent community of users and experts out there, you can always have access to the latest and smartest ways to use the tool in various scenarios.

As a professional, you can keep adding to your skill set by adopting these techniques and understanding whether they bring value to the current business needs of the company. If so, be ready to impress your leaders with a report or a dashboard that provides them with something magnificent that they never thought would be possible.

4.Ability to redesign aspects quickly

Business needs and perceptions rarely stay consistent throughout the time period. Since they are highly dependent on a market that’s constantly volatile, even the smallest changes out there could cause a tectonic shift within the company, leading to rethinking some major decisions and requiring new information or insights from a different perspective.

Power BI users are well-prepared for this. Since dashboards and reports are configurable, these can be redesigned to suit the new needs in minimal time. What matters is you already have access to all the data. Knowing which ones to pull in for the revised requirements is a smart skill to have.

Most business leaders still tend to rely on Excel as the messiah that provides them with information and insights. Power BI provides that level of interfacing and coordination as well, helping ease the change to a smarter tool gradually.

With the right Power BI certification, you can be the professional who turns out to be the harbinger of change for a business, and usher in a new era of informed decision-making with great insights.